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Simmons Bryan, J. Bryan, L. Jules, J. Rew, S. Shine, J. Graves, T. Johnston Brinson Rutgers' Cavalry




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1750s Militia Companies

The information on this page is taken from the transcriptions of the microfilmed muster rolls by Joel S. Russell, with some standardization of format and additional notes. (Mr. Russell's versions appears truer to the originals.)  List order has been preserved, but columns rearranged to fit this format.

Craven County

Craven County seems to have had 9 or 10 militia companies of infantry ("foot") and one of cavalry ("horse"). Infantry companies were organized by geographical district and the cavalry was county-wide.

Note that some men are noted as reporting "without arms". Militiamen were required to supply their own weapons.

Captain: Daniel Simmons

Captain: Jos. Bryan

Captain: Cason Brinson Sener

This company may be the same as Joseph Bryan's of 1754, but with a different captain. The possibility is suggested by the presence of Joseph King Senior & Junior in both companies. Mr. Russell denotes this roll as 1758 on his index, but his transcription has a 1753 date.

Captain: Lewis Bryan

Captain: John Jules

Captain: Abner Neale

Captain: Solomon Rew

In 1755, Captain Rew had resigned and the company was commanded by Frederick Jones.

Captain: John Shine

This company appears to cover part of the north shore of the Neuse River.

Captain: Thomas Graves

This company appears to cover most of northwest Craven,

Captain: Arthur Johnston

Captain: Peter Rutgers


Regimental Officers, January 1755. Captains listed:

  1. John Shine, with 70 officers & enlisted
  2. John Isler, with 72 officers & enlisted
  3. Lewis Bryan, with 97 officers & enlisted
  4. Cason Brinson, number obscured
  5. Thomas Graves, with 94 officers & enlisted
  6. Joseph Bryan, with 67 officers & enlisted
  7. Abner Neale, no number given
  8. Frederick Jones for Sol. Rew Decd., no number given
  9. Arthur Johnston, with 50 officers & enlisted
  10. <remainder of page is torn, next name might be J. Carruthers>

Dobbs County

The 1774 "regimental returns" lists captains of 15 infantry companies and 1 cavalry troop. However, we have only two muster rolls from Dobbs County: Whitfield & Sherrard.

1774 was a year of agitation against British rule in the colonies and North Carolina was one of the hotbeds of this sentiment. We might expect that the militia was preparing for the expected battles and, therefore, at greater strength.

Captain: William Whittfield

Captain: John Shearrard

Johnston County

Johnston included area that later became Dobbs County.

Pitt County


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