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Craven Taylor Deeds

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CRAVEN COUNTY, NC - DEEDS - Index and Abstracts of Taylor Deeds, 1744-1880 This file was contributed for use in the North Carolina USGenWeb Archives by: Gloria Taylor. Transcription of abstracts contributed by: Martha Marble and Gloria Taylor {We refer to this as the "Marble-Taylor Collection".}

RECORD OF DEEDS, Index and Abstracts Books 1-88 LIST OF GRANTORS and GRANTEES: 1744-1880

By Location & Date

Author's Notes:

Links are to "GNIS in Google" maps. "Topo" (topographic) view is recommended in order to see feature names; "Map" shows modern roads; "Satellite" shows terrain; "Hybrid" superimposes "Map" & "Satellite". Adjust scale to show sufficient detail.
Spelling: Any who have studied old documents know that spelling is variable in the 18th & 19th centuries, as exemplified in the multiple spellings of "Absalom". We have retained the original spellings as we found them and left it to the viewer to determine their "correctness". However, we use modern standardized spellings in our notes & headings.

Dates: County clerks record deeds more or less in the order they're presented. However, years or decades may have lapsed before a deed is brought to the courthouse for recording. Thus the recording order doesn't always follow the chronological sequence of transactions. We present these deeds in order of execution within the area.

New Bern

map of New Bern

Bk 1, Pg 267 - 1729/33? - Walter LANE & William HANCOCK, Comrs. Town of New Bern to Abraham TAYLOR from Baltimore Co. of State of Maryland. Purchased lot # 11?, 41? (film light, difficult to read; original light). Wit: none.

 Bk 1, pg 129 - 22 Sept 1742 - Abraham (x) TAYLOR sold to John IRONS - microfilm unreadable. Original difficult to read. South side Neuse River called TAYLOR'S LOT, granted to Abraham TAYLOR, 2 Nov 1738; 1/2 of 380 acres. Wit: Walter LANE, Nics ROUTLEDGE. {Perhaps, located Bachelors Creek, rather than New Bern.}

Bk. 25, pg 132 - 21 October 1783 - John TAYLOR & wife, Lecretia TAYLOR sold to Alexander SAUNDERS for 40 pounds a piece, a certain half tract of Land (or acres), in the town of New Bern being part of the lot known in the plan of sd. Town by number 205, which lot was granted by the Commissioners of sd. Town to Robert CARRUTHERS, and by Eunice CARRUTHERS and Lydia RILEU conveyed to Henry DARNELL and by the sd. DARNELL, the sd. Half lott hereby sold to William YARBOROUGH who died without will, after which the sd. Half lot became vested in Captain Obadiah YARBOROUGH, who also died without will or issue, wherby the premesis became the property of sd. Lucretia, sister and heir at law of the said Obediah YARBOROUGH. Wit: Christopher NEAL, Recorded by oath of Evan JONES. {This is probably the same John & Lecretia Taylor of Slocum Creek.}

Bk 30, pg 73 - 1792 - Isaac TAYLOR purchased from Nicholas ROMAGE, and Susan his wife of NYC, lot in New Bern. {This Isaac Taylor thought to be the successful New Bern merchant.}

Bk 33, pg 263 - John TAYLOR purchased form William PAXTON - Lot # 279 on Middle Street in town of New Bern formerly owned by William & Mary JOHNSTON dated 16 March 1792. Signed William PAXTON. Wit: F. WEVVER?, Thos MASLEN/MASDEN.

Bk 32, pg 760 - 1 Jan 1797 - Isaac TAYLOR purchased from James DAVIS for 50 pds lot in town of New Bern water front ES of Front St.

Bk 32, Pg 826 - 1797 - Isaac TAYLOR, merchant purchased from Mary STEPHENS, widow lot in New Bern. Lot # 50. Wit:

Bk 33, pg 345 - 4 March 1799 - John TAYLOR of town of New Bern sold to Levin CLARK lot number 179 for $100, land in New Bern town. Wit Jesse DOWNS, Both ? MARTIN.

Bk 33, pg 403 - 10 March 1799 - Isaac TAYLOR purchased from State of N.C. By virtue of John H Council Bryan, William Johnston, Lewis Bryan & James Coner Commissioners appointed to sell palace lotts in New Bern for use of the State --?? At Raleigh 1798 - lot #618 on George St at Richard Dobbs Spaights corner. Wit: Bryan Whitfield, Edward Kean.

Bk 33, pg 44 - 1799 - Isaac Taylor purchased from State of N. C. Same as above, different lot.

Bk 36, pg 408, Shf D - 1804 - Isaac TAYLOR purchased from Matther ROSS - judgement by Isaac TAYLOR against John PRESCOTT & Ellison his wife, Rachael DUNN, Polly ROSE, John ROSE - heirs of Matthew ROSE - Ann ROSE was administrator - lot in New Bern.

Bk 36, pg 760 - 1805 - James TAYLOR & wife (Ann) sold to John STANLEY, - Lot # 280 Middle street. Formerly property of John Wright STANLEY dec'd and Ann TAYLOR'S portion. {This James Taylor thought to be later the customs collector at Ocracoke.}

Bk 36, pg 761 - 21 Nov 1805 - Isaac TAYLOR of New Bern purchased from Benjamin SMITH and wife Sarah Dry SMITH.

Bk 36, pg 766. - 1802/6 - James TAYLOR & wife of New Bern sold to John COLEBY.

Bk 38, pg 331 - 17 March 1812 - James TAYLOR, Collector of Port of Ocrocoke, bond to John SEARS and Robert HUNT for $2000 to secure duties as collector which land was executed by the sd John and Robert . By deed James TAYLOR dated 7 October 1810 convey unto William Shephard of New Bern land in Carteret on Portsmouth Banks known by the name of Main Treaton etc. Wit: Abner PASTEUR. {AKA, Core Bank, Endesoakes, Salvage Island, Portsmouth Bank. While the land is in Carteret, the parties are New Bern residents.}

Bk 38, pg 350. - 1811/14 - Charlotte Ann TAYLOR of New Bern sold to Wm~ BLACKLEDGE - slave for benefit of James TAYLOR.

Bk 43, pg 224. - 15 May 1823 - William TAYLOR of New Bern sold to John JUSTICE & Moses JARVIS of said town promissory note $400 payable to Pres & directors of bank 90 days.

South of New Bern

Bk 2, Pg 137 - 22 Feb 1759 - Thomas STEVENS and Jacob TAYLOR, planters, sold to John SMITH -that each of them had granted by patent bearing date March 3, 1759, a tract of land containing 200 acres beginning at a pine near the lower end of the round percosin, to a gum, to the beginning. The other bearing date Sept. 14, 1759, a tract containing 80 acres, beginning at Thomas STEVENS corner hickory in JONES line, along JONES line to a red oak, at head of a branch near Moors Road, to a pine, to STEVENS line along line to the first station as by the said patent. Two tracts containing 180 acres, one being part of the land above mentioned. Witnesses: Samuel COLLINS, John GRANADE. Recorded Oct 1761. {Thought to be the Jacob Taylor of Slocum Crk.}

Bk 2, Pg 219 - 1760 - Jacob TAYLOR sold to John FLYBUS -160 acres land patented by Robert JONES to John JONES to Jacob TAYLOR to John FLIBUS to Bazell SMITH land formerly known as Pumpkin Neck. (can't read well).

Bk 28, pg 110 - 7 October 1784 Absalom TAYLOR sold to James HANDCOCK 100 acres for 75 pounds cash.. S. side of Neuse River on the N. Side, main road from New Bern to Beaufort, George LAVENDER (or LOVICKS) corner, MATTHEWS line, LOVICKS line, SIKES patened line, which said land was pattened by Bazell SMITH in 1772. Witnesses: Henry SIKES, Roger HANDCOCK.

Bk 5, Pg 184, 185, 186 - 1856 - Wallace TAYLOR Grant - SE of Neuse in Rattan Bay known as Rattan Hams Creek. {Neither bay nor creek found.}

Adams Creek, South River, etc. -- now Carteret County?

map of Adams Creek

Note the county line running through the middle of Adams Creek. Some of these deeds may concern land in Carteret County after 1722.

Bk 2, Pg 120. - 26 September 1760 - Jeramiah TAYLOR purchased from Abner NEAL - 50 acres of land on West side South River. Wit: Stephen Wallis, Christopher Neal.

Bk. 11, Pg 214 - 17 June 1762 - Jeramiah TAYLOR sold to Stephen WALLACE - Adams Creek, West side South River.

Bk 14, pg 223 - 30 July 1767 - Jeramiah TAYLOR purchased from Ebenezer (x) CULLEN - land on Adams Creek. 3 pds for 50 acres. Wit: Peter Duke, Henry Lawly, James (x) Duke.

Bk 11, Pg. 218 - Jeremiah TAYLOR sold to Stephen WALLACE. 30 acres for 20 pds - Savannah Creek on SS of South River making out of the Neuse. Wit: William Davis, Solomon W. Davis, Robt R. (x) Wallis, Jr.

Bk 14, pg 230. - June 1768 - Jeramiah TAYLOR sold to Solomon NORTHERN 75 acres for 8 pounds. Western branch of Keilings Creek being part of TAYLORS patent. Begins at TAYLORS Corner of his Patent near the path leading from Adams Creek to Cypress Bridge, westward of sd. Bridge, main swamp of west prong, Robert HALLS, West to Adam FORGUSONS. Witnesses: Christopher NEALE, John TOMLINSON.

Bk 16, pg 219 - 17 Jan 1769 - Jeramiah TAYLOR sold to Thomas McLIN 50 acres for 12 pounds. W. side of Adams Creek, Millers Gutt, main branch. Part of a tract of land Patented by_______(no name given), purchased by TAYLOR from Ebeneza CULLEN, which was given to him by his father Edmond CULLEN. Witnesses: John BISHOP JR., Luke ROE, Thomas BRATCHER.

Bk 17, pg 127 - 8 January 1769 Jeramiah TAYLOR sold to Bazel SMITH 100 acres for 35 pounds. W. side of South River on N. side of Keilings Creek, MACKEYS corner of his 60 acre Patent, main branch, small branch, Cypress Bridge. Witnesses: Rawlings WILLIAMS, Thomas McLIN, John BISHOP JR.

{Gap of 50 years.}

Bk 43, pg 207 - 2 Dec 1819 - Isaach TAYLOR sold to Stephen FOWLER $300 for 92 acres on SS Bay River & WS of Trant Creek in a patent granted to Nathaniel DRAPER. Beginning at corner in John LEWIS line Avery & Mary HARRIS'S corner then with their division line in back line of the patent then with the said patent line to John HARRIS corner, then with his line to John LEWIS line then to his corner then a direct course to the beginning. Signed Isaach TAYLOR. Wit Abraham TAYLOR, Thomas BORDEN.

Bk 48, pg 28. - 1832 - Abraham TAYLOR & wife Sarah sold to Edward CARY - SS Bay River - land that fell to us by the death of Elizabeth JEWELL and Foster JEWELL.

Clubfoot Creek

map of Clubfoot Creek

Bk 5, pg 114 - 1845 - Elijah TAYLOR Grant - Clubfoot

Bk 5, Pg 273 - 1860 - Elijah TAYLOR Grant - Clubfoot.

Slocum Creek

large-scal map of Slocum Creek  map of upper portion Slocum Creek  map of lower portion Slocum Creek

Much of the land in these deeds is now part of the Cherry Point Naval Air Station military reservation.

Bk 19, pg 214 - 21 March 1751 - Jacob TAYLOR, Gentleman, purchased from John JONES, Planter - 100 acres on West side of Slocombs Creek, beginning at Dennis ODIERS corner Red Oak , to a pine, to a Glenn, to a pine, to a pine then to first station. Known by the name of Pumpkin neck. Witnesses: John SMITH, Sammuel COLLINS. Recorded: March 1772. {"Gentleman" probably connoting a man born into a family of high social standing or a man of independent means who needs not work for a living. This would contrast with the man of the same name described below as a carpenter.}

Bk 1, Pg 582 - Oct 3, 1761- Jacob TAYLOR sold to Benjamin RIGGS - 120 acres (70 of old purchase & 50 of new); 25 pds; Land on Slocumb Ck . being part of the land I now live on beginning at the line between PRAT and the said TAYLOR & with said line to the Creek, along the Creek to the mouth of a branch, then by a line of marked trees to the beginning. Wit: John BEMBRIDGE & James Heath.(Keath?) Registered Oct. 1761.

Bk 11, Pg 378 - 24 Dec 1763 - Joshua TAYLOR sold to Frederick ACREMAN 225 acres for 30 pounds. Main fork of Slocumbs Creek, beginning at a white oak on the point in the fork, running up the Eastermost creek to a white oak on the side of the sd. Creek, down the several courses of the Westermost Creek to the beginning. Witnesses: Jacob TAYLOR, Joseph GATLIN.

Bk.12/13, pg. 120 - 21 Oct 1765- Jacob TAYLOR & Benjamin RIGGS sold to George Phenney LOVICK - 120 acres on West side of Slocumbs Creek, beginning at the mouth of a small branch between Thomas MOSS and sd. Benjamin RIGGS & running up the branch by a line of marked trees to the sd. LOVICKS land , along his line down to a large Cave that makes out of Glovers Creek, then by various water courses to the beginning. 70 acres old purchase & 50 acres at new purchase. Witnesses: Thomas MOSS, Samuel COLLINS. Reg. April 1767.

Bk 21, pg 199 - 7 November 1774 - Absolem TAYLOR sold to James GARD & Joshua GARD 100 acres for 16 pounds. S. side of Neuse on the Head of the West Prong of Slocumbs Creek, called Black Swamp, Oaky land. Annual quit rents of 4 shillings per hundred acres in the patent 30 January 1773. Witnesses: Bazell SMITH, John TAYLOR. {The Southwest Prong of Slocum Creek flows through Black Swamp.}

Bk. 22, pg 496 - 9 March 1776 - Absalom TAYLOR purchased from Daniel ROYAL & James ROYAL 3 tracts of land, 400 acres for 70 pounds. (1) 100 acres, granted by patent to Bazell SMITH in 1767. (2) 100 acres granted by patent to Bazel SMITH date 1773 above 200 acres claim by Will and Heirs to Brothers Thomas and Francis ROYAL which was conveyed by deed from Bazel SMITH to Thomas ROYAL. (3) 200 acres granted by patent to Father Thomas ROYAL deceased, date 14 November 1771. Witnesses: Bazell SMITH and Phebe ROYAL. 15 feet square of ground is excepted for Grave Yard, including the graves that now on the said land which was excepted before signed {No location named.}

Bk 12/13, pg 126 - 16 Jan 1767 - John TAYLOR gift to Absolem TAYLOR 50 acres to his heirs lawfully begotten of his body and if the sd. Absalom TAYLOR dies without heir, then his wife as long as she remains a widow to live on the sd. Plantation, but if she marry, then the said land to go to the Heir. Plantation part of a Deed given by James DAVIS, Printer out of Peter SMITH'S Patent. Witnesses: John JAMES, John IVES, John WRIGHT. {Absalom son of John?}

Bk 14, Pg 122 - 16 Feb 1767 - Joshua TAYLOR (Carpenter) purchased from Bazel SMITH & wife GRACE - 150 acres on head of Sandy Run, S side Neuse River beginning at white oak in FLYBUS'S line, to a pine in the Pocosson, to a gum, to a pine on the Road from New Bern To Core Sound near the east end Core Casway, to the first station. Part of 200 acre Patent 16 Nov 1764. Wit: Acton BRICE, James HALL. {Joshua perhaps son of Jacob the carpenter?}

Bk 18, pg 225 - 13 June 1769 - Absolem TAYLOR sold to Bazel SMITH 220 acres for 37 pounds. S. side Neuse River, W. side Slocumb Ck., Colmans upper corner on Colemons Creek, out of sd Slocumbs Ck., Colomons line. Granted to Dennis ODEAS by Lord Proprietors 1700. Annual quit rents of 6 pence. Witnesses: John TAYLOR, Lecretia TAYLOR, John TAYLOR JR. {Witnesses are Absalom's father, mother & brother?}

Bk 23, pg 53 - 13 July 1777 - Absolem TAYLOR sold to James HANDCOCK 3 tracts of land (400 acres) for 65 pounds. (1) 100 acres South side of Neuse River, on head of Slocumbs Creek, beginning on East side of Slocumbs Ck, in William HERITAGES line, Richard SPEIGHTS line. (2) Also, on head of sd creek, beginning on the Westermost side of Black Swamp, ROYALS line, containing 100 acres which sd two tracts were granted to Capt. Bazell SMITH by Patent dated 26 October 1760., and 4 February 1773. (3) beginning at sd Smiths corner, E. side of the Westermost Branch of Slocumbs Creek, 200 acres granted by patent to Thomas Royal 114 November 1771. Witnesses: Evan JONES, William HANCOCK.

Bk 24, pg.237 - 12 June 1782 Absalom TAYLOR purchased from Bazell SMITH 100 acres for 10 pounds which sd SMITH acquired by Patent granted by Joshea MARTIN Esquire, Governor, 4 February 1773. Witnesses: John ALLEN, Joshua FULSHER. {Thought to be roughly Slocum Crk. area.}

Bk 24, pg 137 - 4 September 1778 - Absolem TAYLOR sold to Roger BRATCHER 50 acres for 46 pounds. Head of Slocumbs Creek, beginning at a Sweet gum near the Run side, west to a Pine, along line of marked trees to a small branch, down sd. Branch to aforesaid run, then with the run to the first station. Land patented by Peter SMITH. Witnesses: William HURSE and Adam TOOLEY.

Bk 30, pg 36 - 31 March 1786 - Absalom TAYLOR purchased from Bazel SMITH land patent 22 July 1774 (425 acres). 100 acres Beginning at a sm. White oak at SMITH'S own patent corner on the East side of the Road leading from Newbern to Beaufort on the south side of Neuse, on the north side of Sandy run, along SMITH'S line, to John KNOX'S line . now HAMILTONS line or corner a small white ok in a small branch, then along his line, to George LOVICKS line, along his line, to Thomas McLIN'S line, then with his line to Sandy run, then up the run to SMITH'S own Patent line now said Absalom TAYLOR'S line, to first station. Witnesses: Henry PIERSE & Eliha HIBBARD. Reg. Dec. 1792.

Bk. 28, pg 465 - 29 December 1787 - Joshua TAYLOR to Benjamin(sp) BRITTAIN, 150 acres on head of Sandy Run, beginning in FLYBUS line on the ___? Side from Newbern to Beaufort and near the East of Coar Causway being part of tract pattened by Bazel SMITH 16 November 1764.

Bk 36, pg. 654. - 20 September 1789 - James TAYLOR purchased from Joshua GUARD 100 acres for 20 pounds. On the head of the West Prong of Slocumbs Creek, called Black Swamp. Beginning at a white Oak on the South West side of the head of the sd. Swamp at the upper end of the Oakey land, thence running to a holly, then to a pine , then to a pine near black swamp, thence up the swamp to the first station. Witnesses: William AANDERSON and John TOLSEN. Filed Sept Term 1805. {Possibly, the Ocracoke port collector.}

Bk 36, pg. 213 - 11 June 1803 - John TAYLOR of the State of Georgia sold to Jonathan BALEY, 100 acres for $100. Part of land patented by Bazel SMITH 16 November 1764. Beginning at a white oak on East side of the road that leads from Newbern to Beaufort on the South side of Neuse river on the N. side of Sandy Run, thence running west to a pine then west to a branch, thence with the branch to the road to a white oak, HAMBLETON, to first station. Witnesses: Nathan SMITH and Chas. IVEY.

Bk 39, pg 422 - 11 November 1815 - Asa TAYLOR sold to Philimon HOLLAND 100 acres for $50. On South side of Neuse River & head of the West prong of Slocombs Creek, called Swamp. Witness Amos ROWE.

Otter Creek

map showing Otter Creek

Bk 6, Pg 26 - 3/17/1753 - Jacob TAYLOR sold to John JONES - 140 acres S. side Neuse River, head of Otter Creek. Beginning at a hickory on the creek side, to red oak, down Creek to the first station. Recorded August 1753. Witnesses Nathan SMITH, John IVES.

Bk 11, Pg 253 - 1 September 1762 - Jacob TAYLOR (a Carpenter) sold to Benjamin TOLSON (a Cooper) 300 acres for 15 pounds on S. side Neuse River, opposite head of Otter Creek, beginning at a Gum in a small branch at Beards Creek., to a branch, to a Gum, to a pine to first station. Witnesses: John JONES JR, Rebecca JONES. Registered October 1762. {Apparently, a different Jacob Taylor than the one described as a "gentleman" above.}

Bk 11, Pg 354 - 26 Dec 1763 - Jacob TAYLOR gift to Son Joshua TAYLOR - 80 acres S. side Neuse River, W. side Otter Creek, beginning at my lower corner tree, & running up the creek to the mouth of a branch, up the sd. Branch to a valley, along the valley to a small pond, then to the corner. Witness: Bazell SMITH, Abram TAYLOR. Registered April 1764.

Bk. 12/13, Pg 445 - 13 Sept. 1765 - Jacob TAYLOR gift to Joshua TAYLOR 75 acres. S. Side Neuse River, W. side of Auther [Otters] Creek, branch, small pond, Quit rents of 4 shillings per hundred acres. Witnesses: John IVES, Benjamin TOLSON. {Joshua son of Jacob?}

Bk 23, pg 309. - 30 January 1779 - Absalom TAYLOR purchased from Thomas LOVICK - 75 acres on the head of Otter Creek. Beginning at Thomas LOVICK upper corner on sd. Creek running down the remainders of the gut to the head, with a line of marked trees to the head of a small branch, down the branch to sd. Thomas LOVICK line, with his line to the first station. Said 75 acres being part of a deed from Joseph HALL to George Phenney LOVICK. Witnesses: James HANDCOCK, JR., Littleton DAVIS, Evan HANDCOCK. Recorded March 1779.

Colemans Creek

{This feature — apparently re-named — can not be found on modern maps, nor is it listed by USGNIS as a variant name. Associated features -- Glovers Creek, Broad Creek, Riggs Landing -- have also disappeared or been renamed. Note the very early 1707 patent date for Robert Coleman.}

map of possible location Colemans Creek

{Analysis of associated locations shows it to possibly be what is now called Tucker Creek, or another tributary of Slocum Creek. We are looking for 250 acres (about 3/8 of a square mile) somewhere on Slocum Creek meeting these criteria:
  • Encompassing the mouth of one creek, the head of another and part of a third, as well as a small branch;
  • Flowing out of a swamp.
  • One would associate a cave with relatively steep terrain, which occurs on the banks of Slocum & its tributaries.
Tucker Creek seems to meet these criteria as well as any; this land is now within the Cherry Point Naval Reservation. Other possibilities include the East & Southwest Prongs of Slocum Creek.}

Bk 2, Pg 325 - 7 Oct 1757 - John TAYLOR purchased from James DAVIS 100 acres for 5 pounds. Lying on the head of Colemans Creek. Beginning at a gum standing on the side of the Swamp thence North 120 pole to a pine thence ET 140 poles to the beginning. Part of patent to Peter SMITH. Witnesses: John SMITH, Solomon SMITH.

Bk 1, pg. 608 - 10 Oct 1758 - John TAYLOR for love & affection to my beloved son Absolom TAYLOR (50 acres) land on the head of Colemans Creek. Beginning at a Sweet gum standing at the mouth of a small bottom and running to a pine tree, to black gum in the swamp, then N. along the back line to the head of a Small branch, then down the said branch to the swamp and thence to the beginning. Witnesses: George BARBER, Veasley AUSTIN, Joshua TAYLOR.

Bk 12/13, Pg 61 - 2 October 1765 - Jacob TAYLOR, Carpenter, purchased from Samuel COLLINS & Joseph COLLINS - 250 acres on Slocumb Ck. Beginning at mouth of Colemans Ck, running along the water courses to a Cave in Glovers Creek, by a line of marked trees to George LOVICK'S line, along sd LOVICK'S line to to the head of Broad Creek, then down sd. Broad Creek to the mouth, along Colemans Creek to the beginning. Being 200 acres old patent land and 50 new Patent land, patented by Robert COLEMAN, dated 10 Sept. 1707 and Samuel COLLINS Patent bearing date_{blank}. Witnesses: John GRANADE, Joseph GRANADE. Reg. January 1767. {Note also the patent date of 1707, predating the founding of New Bern. From the reference to Slocumb Creek, this is a different Broad Creek than the one on the north side of the Neuse River. this deed also gives clues to the location of Colemans Creek, since renamed & apparently a tributary of Slocum Crk.}

Bk 12, p. 65 - 28 October 1765 - Jacob TAYLOR sold to Thomas MOSS - 150 acres Originally Robert COLEMAN'S land, patented 1707. On Slocumb Creek beginning at Coleman's Creek, running up courses by the water to the mouth of a small branch by RIGGS Landing, along a line of marked trees to Mr. LOVICKS line, along his line to a tree opposite the head of Broad Creek, down Broad Creek to the mouth, then down Collmans Creek to the beginning. Witnesses: Benjamin RIGGS, Susannah RIGGS. {See note above.}

Bk 14, pg 49 - 14 Jan 1767 - Absolem TAYLOR sold to John TAYLOR 50 acres for 25 pounds. Part of a deed by James DAVIS, Printer out of Peter SMITH'S Patent. On Colmans Creek, S. side, Swamp side running S. a little East, then near West, to a little branch, to Main Branch. In the 6th year of the Reign of King George III, by the grace of God of Great Britain, France, Ireland, King defender of the faith and the year of our Lord God. Witnesses John JAMES, John IVES, John WRIGHT.

Bk 14, pg 214 - 14 Jan 1767 - Absalom TAYLOR purchased from James TUCKER 220 acres for 25 pounds. N. side of Colomons Ck. sd. Colemons land, at the fork, up the fork, Colemons line. Witnesses: Jacob SIKES, Elizabeth RIGGS, Abagel TAYLOR.

Bk 24, pg. 126. - 10 June 1780 - John TAYLOR purchased from Thomas McLIN - 100 acres lying on Coleman's Creek, beginning at a corner pine, back to the sd pine, west, south, north. 100 acres except the use of the pines and lightwood for 4 years from this date. Witnesses: Jacob SIKES, Henry SIKES, Joshua TAYLOR. Recorded Sept. 1780.

Bk 27, pg. 274 - 30 June 1790 - Absalom TAYLOR sold to John TAYLOR 65 acres for 15 pounds. S. side of Neuse River on head of Colemans Creek , branch of Solocumbs Creek, James DAVISES line, S. side of the pond, John PHYSIOC line, Lydia GUARDS line. Part of a tract granted by patent to sd. Absalom TAYLOR. Witnesses: Thomas IVES, Michael ELLIS.

Bk 37, pg 133. - 3 Sept 1806 - James TAYLOR sold to Lewis CAVENDER - 100 acres on Coleman's Creek, beginning at a corner pine, then S 30 Et 70 poles, then N.W. ____, then S. 20 E. 180 poles, then N 45 E 124 poles. All my right and title it being a parcel of land which came by decent under the right of my father John TAYLOR. Witnesses Samuel POTTER, W. HOLLAND. Reg. June 1807

Bk 38, pg. 131 - 22 July 1811 - Margaret TAYLOR sold to John M. IVES 115 acres for the sum of $57.50, 2 tracts / 60 acres. S. side of Neuse River, on the East prong of Colemans Creek, James DAVISES corner, that pond, FULLSHERS line, Lydia GUARDS line, sd DAVISES line. Granted by patent to Absalom TAYLOR. Also 2nd tract 50 acres situated aforesaid, sd. TAYLORS line, DAVISES line, FULLSHERS line, sd.DAVISES line being land patent to John TAYLOR and from him by decent to his son James TAYLOR and by the James TAYLOR devised to the said Margaret TAYLOR and by those present doth convey, transfer and set over to John M. IVES. Witnesses: William IVES, Moza H. STEPHENS.

Brice or Brices Creek

map of  Brice Creek where enters Trent River  map of lower Brice Creek

Bk 12, Pg. 287 - 1765 - Affidavit - John Taylor - Sometime in November 1745, he was requested by Thomas and James SMITH of Brices Creek to see a certain division of lands Thomas intended to make with Thomas, James, and John SMITH. Some time in December 1746, Thomas came to the house of this Deformant and urged him to go to New Bern Court in order to firm the division, but was prevented by bad weather, therefore the division was neglected to be recorded according to the earlier land agreement of both parties. Reg July Term 1765.

Bk 23, pg. 161 - 21 August 1777 - Absalom TAYLOR purchased from Bazell SMITH, 1) 50 acres (part of 100 acres granted by patent to Matthias REASONOVER and conveyed by deed to Daniel GRANADE 17th of September 1745 and conveyed by deed from Daniel GRANADE to Bazell SMITH. Situated on South side of Neuse River, East side of Brices Creek called the Reedy Neck. Further description referred to said patent and deed. 2) 120 acres joining the above Col~n Joseph LEECHES, Benjamin TOULSONS, Pritchard, WILLIAMS and other lines . Being part of a patent granted by William Tryon, Governor to Bazell SMITH for 300 acres. Witnesses: John MORGAIN, James HANCOCK, JR.

Bk 25, pg 97. - 22 October 1783 - Absalom TAYLOR sold to John TOLSEN and Benjamin TOLSON 2 tracts, Total 170 acres. One tract 50 acres, other 120 acres for 25 pounds. 50 acre tract part of 100 acres granted by patent to Matthew REASONOVER known by the name of "Red neck". Also one tract, 120 acres, joining the above tract above Col. Joseph TUCKER, Benjamin TOLSIN, Pritchard WILLIAMS being part of Patent by William TRYON to Bazell SMITH for 300 acres. Quit rents are included. Witnesses: Thomas SMITH, Daves SMITH.

Bk 27, pg .331 - 10 November 1789 - Abaslom TAYLOR sold to Benjamin TOLSON 75 acres for 25 pounds. Beginning at George LOVICKS upper corner, swamp, small branch, to Thomas LOVICKS line. Land being part of a tract of land conveyed by deed from Joseph HALL to George LOVICK and conveyed by deed from Thomas LOVICK to Absalom TAYLOR and from sd. TAYLOR to Benjamin TOLSON. Witnesses: John TOLSON, Sally BELL..

Bk 30, pg. 41- 17 July 1789 - Absalom TAYLOR purchased from Benjamin BRITTAIN, 150 acres for 50 pounds. Beginning at a white oak in McLINS line, running south to the Pocoson, then to a gum, then to a pine on the road side from New Bern to Beaufort and near the east end of Coors Savannah , then South to the first station. Lands patented by Bazel SMITH, Esquire, 16 November 1764 and by him transferred to Joshua TAYLOR and the sd Joshua TAYLOR transferred to Benjamin BRITTAIN. Wit: John BLANKS, Edmund KINGSLAND. {Perhaps, in the area of the present Craven County Regional Airport.}

Bk 30, pg 188, 29 November 1790 - John TAYLOR JR. purchased from William HAMPTON - 150 acres on the east side of Brices Creek, beginning at a pine in Henry WOOFS line in the head of a bottom near Henry STYRONS house, with a line of marked trees to MILLERS back line where it crops the hososen Branch, with patent line patented by John Lutcher MILLER then with the sd patent line to the great Branch as lies between Jacob TAYLOR & John IVES, down the great Branch to IVES old goving(sp) in place then along a line of marked trees to the first station. Part of land patented by John Lutcher MILLER. Witnesses: John WHITEHEAD, Betsy FISHER. Registered March 1793. {The use of "junior" indicates an elder John Taylor was then living.}

Bk 32, pg 98, 14 December 1792, John TAYLOR sold to Michael ARONS 50 acres for 15 pounds. South side of Neuse River, East side of Brices Creek. Beginning in the great branch of a gum running with a line of marked trees to John Lecher MILLERS back line, thence with the sd. MILLERS back line to the great branch, thence the various courses of the great branch, thence to the beginning. Land part of patent by John Lutcher MILLER. Witnesses: Thomas P. IVES and Robert JOHNSON.

Bk 32, pg 470 - 16 October 1795 - John TAYLOR JUNIOR sold to Nathan SMITH 100 acres for 50 pounds. On S. side of Neuse River, on the E. side of Brices Creek, beginning at a pine in Henry WOOFS line in the head of small bottom nea, running to a gum in the horsepon branch to a blai? ?ai?, thence S. to a gum in the great branch then down the great branch to IVES going over place thence N8 East to the first station. Part of land patented by John Lutcher MILLER. Witnesses Benjamin DOTSUN and Thomas KIRKMAN.

Bk 48, pg 492 - 4 February 1832 - James TAYLOR of town of New Bern sold to Thomas McLIN of town of Newbern - 100 acres lying & being in the fork of Brice's Creek, beginning at the second corner of sd. McLIN patent, running south, then north, to the beginning. Witness: Henry C. JONES. Registered 6 Feb 1832.

Bk 49, pg 369. - 4 February 1833 - Asa TAYLOR purchased from Heneritta SMITH 150 acres for $75. Located on The South side of Neuse River on the East side of Brice's Creek and South side of Beaufort road bounded as follows. Beginning at the mouth of the great branch & running up the various courses to the mouth of the hossen branch, and running up the various courses of said hossen branch to the Beaufort road, up the road to Owen CHESTNUTS line, then with his line to the patent line of the above land and with patent line to Brice's Creek, & up the various courses of said creek to the beginning. Witnesses: Joseph PITMAN.

Bk 58, pg 444. - 3 May 1838 - Asa TAYLOR purchased from Hampton WILLIAMS 66 acres for $50. Located on the South side of Neuse River & East side of Brices creek. Beginning at the foot of Brices creek bridge and running down the various courses of the main Beaufort road to said Asa TAYLORS own line and then with the line to the creek South , then down said creek to the first station. Witness: Isreal HOWARD & Stephen F. HARDISON.

Bk 64, pg 147 - 14 May 1857 - JAMES R. TAYLOR sold to Alexander MITCHELL of 230 acres of land for $250. Located on South side of Neuse river and East side of Brices creek and South side of the Beaufort road bounded and described as beginning on the Eastern side of Brices creek running thence East to Beaufort road, then Westward along Beauford road to Brices creek bridge, then up said Brices creek with its various courses to the beginning. Lands being one half of the lands of the late Asa TAYLOR deceased and assigned by the last will and testement of the said Asa TAYLOR to James R. TAYLOR surveyed and divided by William H. MARSHALL June 2, 1854. Signed by James R. TAYLOR. Witnessed by Thomas J. MITCHELL & Henry S. HALL (sp). Annexed deed registered in Court October 31, 1857. {James R. son of Asa?}

Bk 64, pg 147 - 25 May 1857 BENJAMIN R. TAYLOR sold to Alexander MITCHELL of 230 acres of land for $201. Located on South side of Neuse River, East side of Brices Creek and on the South side of the road to Beaufort beginning at the mouth of the Great branch and running up the various courses of the said branch to the mouth of Horusond (or Horsepound) branch to the Beaufort road, then West to a tree on the East side of Brices creek, along various courses of the creek to the beginning. Land being the Southern half of the lands of the late Asa TAYLOR devised and assigned by his last will and testment to Benjamin R. TAYLOR surveyed and divided by William H. MARSHALL June 22, 1854. Witnessed by Thomas J. MITCHELL & Henry HALL. {Benajmin R. son of Asa?}

Bk 88, Pg 393 - 7 December 1880 - Mary E. TAYLOR et al. by Guardian George W. HARDISON to James H. HUNTER. An indenture of 2 parts made between Edward W. Carpenter, Clerk of Superior Court of Craven County of the first part and James H. Hunter of 2nd. Part. Whereas a petition was filed, Fall Term 1869, in Court of Equity of sd County by Mary E. TAYLOR and others, by their Guardian George W. HARDISON to sell the lands hereinafter described and whereas sd lands were duly sold, and a final decree made at the Fall Term 1880 confirming the sale and directing title to be made to the purchaser when the purchase money is paid. And whereas sd purchase money has been paid by sd James H. HUNTER to whom Charles HARDISON the original purchaser transferred his bid; now therefore, for 325 dollars a certain tract of land situated in sd County on Brice's Creek adjoining the lands of Simpson HEATH and others containing about 100 acres, formerly the property of Benjamin R. TAYLOR, now deceased. Signed E. W. CARPENTER, Clerk Superior Court Craven Co, NC. Wit: Chas. C. CLARK Registered January 16th 1884.

Bk 88, pg 393 - 7 December 1880 - James H. HUNTER sold to Henry C. WOOD for $325 land on Brice's Creek & adjoining the lands of Simpson Heath and others, containing about 100 acres and formerly the property of Benjamin R. TAYLOR now deceased. Signed James H. Hunter. Wit: Chas. C. Clark.

Hancock Creek

map of Hancock Creek

Bk 2, pg 101 - 19 April 1760 - Jacob TAYLOR, Carpenter, sold to Henry WOLF of Catrick Co. - 90 acres on West side of Handcock Creek, beginning at the mouth of a sm. Gut or branch running up the main Creek to a pine at the mouth of another gutt or branch, up the gutt or branch to a gum, to a white Oak at the head of the land, then along the head line to John WESTS line then down WESTS line to the beginning. .Witnesses: Thomas MOSS, Joshua TAYLOR. Document difficult to read.

Bk 28, pg 405. - 16 September 1787 John & wife Lecretia TAYLOR sold to John TURNER 170 acres for 40 pounds by patent granted Obediah YARBOROUGH 23 April 1761. S. side Neuse River, S. side of Handcock Creek, Jones corner, WICKLIFFS corner. By death of sd. Obediah YARBOROUGH, pateke (sp) the said land became invested to Obediah YARBOROUGH being son and heir at law of the sd Obediah YARBOROUGH deed and by the death of Obediah YARBOROUGH son & heir of the sd. Obediah YARBOROUGH decd, the said land became invested in the hands of the sd. John TAYLOR in right of his wife Lucretia TAYLOR as being heir at law of her brother Obediah YARBOROUGH deed of 170 acres by the patent. No witnesses named.

Bk 34, pg 144 - 12 December 1800 - James TAYLOR sold to Philip TURNER 170 acres for 10 pounds conveyed my rights as title on South side of Neuse River, West of Hancock Creek, joining HOLTON and COX, agreeable to a former deed conveyed from my father John TAYLOR to John TURNER deceased. Witnesses Jeramiah PARSONS, J. CELLOWAY (sp).

North of New Bern

Bachelors Creek, AKA Batchelor Crk. & Batchelder Crk.

map of Bachelors Creek

Bk 2, Pg 449 - 1764 - John TAYLOR purchased from W. Brice FONVILLE - 100 acres on South side of Batchelors Ck, place called Limbo. Wit: James GREEN, Frances FONVILLE.

Bk 16, pg 124 - 15 March 1769 - John TAYLOR sold to James COOR 300 acres for 15 pounds Both sides of S. prong of Bathelor Creek, , Lovetts Corner, Land granted by patent dated 8 April 1768?. Witnesses: James ARTHUR, Cornelius GROENENDEYH.

We wonder if this James Coor is the man Core Creek was named after.

Bk 16, pg 126 -15th __1769 John TAYLOR and Ruth R. TAYLOR sold to Matthew MOORE (No acres given) for 35 pounds. On S. side Neuse River, S. side of a branch of Batchelors Creek, in a place called Limbo. Land was granted to Benjamin FORDAM 9 October 1716. Witnesses: John MOORE, Hannah MOORE.

Bk 22, pg 392 - 13 Mar 1775 - Abraham TAYLOR & wife Margaret sold to Matthew MOORE, SS Neuse, Batchelor Creek. 12 pds - 13 acs part of a patent of 28 April 1768 - both used mark - WIT John FONVILLE, Stephen TILGHMAN.

Bk 23, pg 82 - 1775 - Abraham TAYLOR, JR. sold to Matthew MOORE & wife MERRIAN, land on SS Neuse, Batchelors Creek Prong called Limbo 100 & ???? acres, part of patent of 22 Nov 1771 - WIT John FONVILLE, Stephen TILGHMAN.

 Bk 27, Pg. 253 - 29 April 1790 - Abraham TAYLOR, JR. Sold to Abraham TAYLOR, SR. Typed book - 5 pds, NS Batchelors Creek, adj Blackledge, dividing line between TAYLOR and James CIVILS, back line of patent. Abraham TAYLOR signed, Nancy (x) TAYLOR. Wit: Abel CIVIL & James CIVIL. {Neither Abraham the one died 1751.}

Bk 27, pg 277 - 10 April 1790 - Abraham & Nancy TAYLOR sold to James SEVILLS, 40 pds, 170 acs on N prong of Batchellars Creek, dividing line between Abraham TAYLOR, Jr. and Abraham TAYLOR SR., patent of 21 Sept 1785. Abraham signed, Nancy (x). Wit Abel (x) TAYLOR, Abraham (x) TAYLOR.

Bk 32, pg 308 - 27 July 1793 - Abraham TAYLOR purchased from Levi MOORE, bricklayer - 100 acres, 65 pds. Beginning at a pine in a branch side & runs to a pine; 1747 patent; 2nd tract SS Batchelors Creek in Abraham TAYLORS line runs to a pine, to his corner, at the creek, TAYLOR'S other line, then up the creek to the beginning. 13 acres. Wit: J B BEDSCOTT (??) JR; Andrew Richardson.

Bk 32, pg 688 - 20 April 1796 - Abraham TAYLOR sold to Solomon WITHERINGTON 98 acres for 90 pds & 10 shillings SS Neuse & on both sides Batchelors Creek begin in Benjamin FORDHAM 1st line where it crosses Bryery Branch in the run, with run of the creek to Fordhams given line where it crosses said creek then south along the swamp to the Bryery Branch then with the green ?? of said branch to beg. Signed Abraham TAYLOR. Wit: Lewis FONVILLE, David (L) HUDLER.

Bk 33, pg 446 - 3 Sept 1798 - Abraham TAYLOR sold to Andrew RICHARDSON.65 pds by virtue of a title which he received of Mathew MOORE and a patent of 50 acres granted to sd. Abraham, & to a certain tracts of land one contain 150 acres the other 100 acres deeded lying and being on both sides of Batchelors Creek, limbo prong, adj Mathew MOORE upper corner, his other corner, to his other corner, to a pine in Coors line then along sd line COOKS upper corner to the beg. Also 50 acres of patent by sd TAYLOR as follows: begins at a maple on the SS of the run or swamp of sd creek, to a pine, to a Swamp lorel in the edge of hurat?? In that branch then to beginning. signed. Wit: Solomon WITHERINGTON, John MACKELROY.

Bk 33, pg 833 - 1798 - Abel TAYLOR purchased from Thomas WITHERINGTON

Bk 33, pg 379 - 6 June 1799 - Abraham TAYLOR JR. sold to Josiah TAYLOR 5 pds, 160 acs Batchelors Creek near head of Creek, ES Branch, line of patent, be the same more or less with all land singular the ways water courses except the said Abraham TAYLOR life & his wife life in the said land. Signed with mark (A). Wit: Andrew RICHARDSON, Abel (A) TAYLOR. .

Bk 33, pg 380. - 6 June 1799 - Abraham TAYLOR JR. sold to Abel TAYLOR Batchelors Creek, 158 acres except for his and wife's life estate in the old plantation & timber to support the plantation. signed with (A). Wit: And. RICHARDSON, Josiah TAYLOR.

Bk 33, pg 442 - 3 Sept 1799 - Abraham TAYLOR sold to Andrew RICHARDSON 25 pds, 150 acres on SS Nuse between Batchelors Creek & Jumping Run adj BLACKLEDGE, edge of Sisves??? Savannah & runs with his own line. Wit Solomon WITHERINGTON, John MACKELROY.

Bk 36, pg 114. - 5 April 1802 - Abel TAYLOR sold to Andrew RICHARDSON, $315 - Batchelors Creek adj Abraham TAYLOR JR's. 640 acre patent - Old Tar Kiln Bed, John TAYLOR, Bease Branch - near Bridge where William WITHERINGTON now lives - 150 acres. Signed with Mark; Wit: Josiah TAYLOR, John SEVILLE.

Bk 36, pg 212 - 17 May 1800 or 1803 - Alexander TAYLOR purchased from Thomas SIMMONS 120 pds - SS Batchelors Creek - 126 acres. Wit: A. RICHARDSON, Solomon WETHERINGTON.

Bk 36, pg 805 - 1800 - Josiah TAYLOR sold to Wm WITHERINGTON for 10 pds on head of Batchelors Creek - mouth of Pocosin Branch - adj. Andrew RICHARDSON - 143 acres. Wit: Solomon and James WITHERINGTON.

Bk 44, pg 405. - 1822/24 Alex~ Taylor sold to John Fonville.

Bk 43, pg 466 - 1822/24 Alex~ Taylor sold to Abejah Davis.

Bk 57, pg 96. - 1844 Alexander Taylor sold to Jermiah Fonville.

Bk 58, pages 109, 111, 113, 115, 117, 119, 122, 124 QCD - 1846
Catherine, Hannah, Frances, Phebe sold to Alexander Taylor

Bk 59, pg 461 - 1849 Alexander Taylor sold to Wm~ Seville.

Core Creek & Flat Swamp

map of Core Creek & Flat Swamp
Core Creek is the crooked stream on the right, running north. Flat Swamp is on the left. they join at Core Creek Landing

Bk 2, Pg 18 - 9 May 1759 - Moses TAYLOR purchased from James GREEN JR. - 100 acres on West side of Flat Swamp being James GREEN'S full part of the patent to James GREEN & Robert TAYLOR. Wit: SLADES.

Bk 2, Pg 279 - 1769 Robert TAYLOR of Craven sold to John MITCHELL, of Johnston Co. - 10 pds 80 acres - SS Nuce - Core Creek - part of a larger survey of Joseph Bryan, former owner George Stringer. Wit: Samuel Lane, Absolam Taylor

Bk 6, pg 360 - 1753 - Abraham TAYLOR sold to Michael BECTON - 185 acres 40 lbs - South side Neuse "& the great glade". Part of survey of 1738 - signed by mark - WIT Hardy BRYAN, George METTS.

Bk 12/13, pg 96 - 21 Oct. 1766 - Absolem TAYLOR, blacksmith, sold to Moses TAYLOR 100 pounds for 100 acres. Lying on the South side of Neuse River on the East side of Flat Swamp. Beginning at George LOVICKS upper corner various courses of the run, to the beginning. being part of a greater tract of land granted to Robert and James GREEN JR. on 29 September 1756 an by Patent doth appear which land I do hereby acknowledge to be my full part of that patent. Witnesses: Robert TAYLOR and Aaron TAYLOR. {Has the earmarks of an intra-family transaction: one brother sells to another or to uncle, witnessed by father & another brother or nephew.}

Bk 12/13, pg 99 - 10 Oct 1756 - Absalom TAYLOR, son gift from Robert TAYLOR, Blacksmith 100 acres S. side Neuse River, E. side of Flat Swamp. Part of a greater tract granted to Robert TAYLOR and Robert GREEN JR. 9/29/1756. Witnesses: Moses TAYLOR, Aaron TAYLOR. {More intra-family: gift from father to son witnessed by son's brothers.}

Bk 20, pg 156 - 20 May 1772 - Robert TAYLOR sold to Owen DAUGHITY 80 acres plus 127 acres for 40 pounds. 127 acres by Patent granted Robert TAYLOR and Ebenezer SLADE it being his full part of the patent on S. side Neuse River, lower side of Core Creek, gutt. 80 acres part of a larger survey formerly belonging to George (STRINGER) HORINGER. Beginning at Samuel SLADES Corner on S. side of sd branch, runs several courses of the patent to contain the one half of the Patent. Witnesses: Moses TAYLOR, James TAYLOR. {Moses & James brothers & sons of Robert.}

Bk 21, pg. 249 - 25 Sept 1774 - John TAYLOR & James TAYLOR purchased from Elisha BEASLEY, land on Core Creek - 2 pds - 100 acres - mouth of Rattlesnake on Core Creek called Walnut Point - WIT: Moses TAYLOR & Abraham TAYLOR.

Bk 21, Pg 255 - 1774 - James TAYLOR purchased from Elisha BEASLEY, Core Creek - 100 pds - 100 acres known as Hooting {Shooting?} Ponds on SS Neuse, NS Core Creek adj Great Glade - signed Elisha (x) BEASLEY, Fearnot (x) BEASLEY. WIT Brice FONVILLE, James CARMACK, David CIVILL. {Note: The "Great Glade" may now be the site of a small airport between Flat Swamp & Core Creek.}

Bk 22, pg 253 - 9 December 1775 - James TAYLOR and Elizabeth TAILOR sold to Elisha BEASLEY - 100 acres for 100 pounds. Known as Walnot point. S. side of Neuse River, North side Core Creek, and upper side of Rattle Snake branch. Witnesses: William Brice FONVILLE. {Elizabeth believed to be the first wife of James & her maiden name believed to be Beasley.}

Book 23, pg. 149 - 15 April 1780 - Robert TAYLOR, planter, sold to Moses TAYLOR, cooper, 200 acres being all the land granted to Robert TAYLOR on the NS of Bryan's Mill Branch on March 29, 1739; March 29, 1749; and Aug 3, 1771. {This is believed to be either of two tributaries of Core Crk. -- both now called "Mill Branch", one to the east, the other to the west}

Bk 23, pg 255 - 26 January 1775 - James Taylor purchased from Elisha Beasley, et. al. Core Creek. 100 acres for 100 pds known as Shooting Ponds, SS Neuse River, NS Core Creek adj Great Glades. Elisha (X) BEASLEY & Fearnot (x) BEASLEY. WIT: Brice FONVILLE, James CARMACK, David CIVILL.

Bk 23, pg 270. - 26 Jan 1779 - Moses TAYLOR, carpenter sold to John CALTON, wheelwright, 78 pds, 30 acres, N prong of Susannah, adj Ephraim LANE, part of greater patent to Moses TAYLOR in 1762. WIT: Richard CARLTON, William LANE. {Not necessarily a different Moses than below -- a cooper makes barrels and could also be a carpenter.}

Bk.24, pg 149 - 15 April 1780 - Robert TAYLOR planter sold to Moses TAYLOR, cooper - 2000 pds (sic) - 200 acres - NS Bryan's Mill Branch - adj. George STRINGER - being part of 3 survey's of 29 March 1739, 6 March 1749, and 1 Aug. 1771.Wit: John Slade, Abraham (A) Taylor.

Bk 24, pg 148 - 15 April 1780 - Robert TAYLOR sold to Abraham TAYLOR, 100 pds - 150 acres - SS Bryans Mill Branch on George Bryan's line. Wit: John Slade, Moses Taylor.

Bk. 26, pg. 9 - 1784 - Dorcus & John TAYLOR sold to Charles ACLIN - N. side Core Ck. 100 acres 60 pds, part of tract granted to John FONVILLE in 1744 -- 1/2 of the patent of 200 acres, lower side of Rattlesnake Branch, Both signed by mark. Wit: Edmund PERKINS, William (x) MELONY. {We have not tied John in.}

Bk 28, pg. 9 - 28 January 1786, James Taylor, planter purchased from Elisha (x) Beasly, 34 pds for 100 acres on West side of Core Creek beginning at a pine near Fearnot Beasley, Solomon Beasley's line, near the great glade branch to beg. Wit: Ebenezer Slade, Elizabeth Slade.

Bk 29, pg. 493 - 12 May 1792 - James TAYLOR sold to David WHITE, 50 acres for 20 pounds. South side Neuse River, West side of Core Creek it being part of a large tract granted to Jeremiah SLADE. Beginning at the creek run, with courses of the patent near the lands now in the possession of the James TAYLOR, then North, East to the Creek run, up the creek to the beginning. WIT John BEASLEY and Samuel WHITE.

Bk 30, pg. 121, 1 Feb 1791, Moses TAYLOR SR. sold to Joseph LOFTEN, planter for 139 pds, 246 acres, part of 2 patents, one granted to Robert TAYLOR and James GREEN, JR. and the other to Moses TAYLOR, Savannah Branch adj Frederick LANE, Flatt Swamp where Moses patent line crosses Flatt Swamp. Wit: Frederick LANE, James TAYLOR.

Bk 32, pg 445. - 1794 - Moses TAYLOR sold to George BRYAN, 200 acres, 250 pds; part of 3 surveys NS Bryan Mill Branch (1) Robert TAYLOR patent Mar 27 or 29 1739; (2) granted 6 March 1749; (3) granted 1 Aug 1771. {Moses may already have left for Kentucky.}

Bk 32, pg. 446 - 12 May 1794 - Moses TAYLOR sold to George BRYAN, 150 acres for 250 pds previous grant or purchase of land granted to Moses TAYLOR by patent dated_____( blank) Wit: Robert & Daniel DAUGHERTY [Note by GT: does not make sense, best I could read it. ] {May be Southwest Creek.}

Bk 32, pg 624.- 21 April 1794 - Moses TAYLOR sold to Christopher HEATH for 160 pds beg at a red oak in SS of Flatt Swamp the beg tree of a patent granted to Robert TAYLOR & James GREEN, JR. then runs with the sd pat. Line to the corner, a pine, then with Moses TAYLOR patent line to the Flatt Swamp run to the beg. Being part of 2 patent, one granted to Robert TAYLOR & James GREEN, JR. & the other granted to Moses TAYLOR, SR. concluding all the land belonging to Moses TAYLOR on SS of Flatt Swamp 200 acres. Signed Moses TAYLOR. Wit: Thomas PYROR, Moses TAYLOR, JR.

Bk 34, pg 372.- 1801 - James TAYLOR purchased from Willis McCOY, for 250 pounds in Craven Co. SS Neuse, WS Core Creek beg at an ash in the Creek, to a pine, along the back line of the patent (?) to the RATTLE SNAKE branch, then down the run of the branch to the creek and down to beg. 200 acres. includes all known yards (?) orchards, gardens and other apperentures. Signed Willis McCOY. Wit: John McCOY and Lewis MCCOY.

Bk 36, pg 276 (Bind Minor). - 1802 - James TAYLOR sold to Christopher ACLIN, Core Creek 295 pds - part of a tract granted to John FONVILLE of 1747 - NS Core Creek - land mentioned in deed - Willis McCOY mentioned. Wit: Hardy McCOY, Absolom (x) TAYLOR.

Bk 36, pg. 318 - 1802 - James Taylor sold to Christopher Aclin

Bk 37, pg 232. - 1806 - James TAYLOR JR. sold to James TAYLOR SR., $150 - all right to land I got from my mother or I ever shall get after his (sic) death - mother not named. Wit: James BEASLEY, Austin PRESCOTT. {Note: James Junior's mother was probably Elizabeth Beasley.}

Bk 37, pg 250 - 1806 - James TAYLOR SR. & JR. sold to Thomas JONES, several tracts - adj Chris ACLIN - Core Creek - 100 acres adj patent of Willis McCOY, Solomon BEASLEY, Great Glade Branch, James' patent, George BRYAN, 100 acres part of Jeremiah SLADES patent - total of 350 acres - $1000. Sr. used a mark, Jr. signed. Wit: James BEASLEY, Austin PRESCOTT. {Jameses preparing to leave Craven County for Rutherford Co., TN?}

Bk 37, pg 282. - 1806/11 - Stephen TAYLOR sold to Abram TAYLOR, $150 - 150 acres SS Bryans Mill branch - adj. Robert TAYLOR, George BRYAN, being all land holdins(?) by Robert TAYLOR on SS Mill Branch. Wit: Fedk and George BRYAN, James BEASLEY. {This adjacent Robert Taylor may be "Junior". We have not tied in Stephen.}

Southwest Creek

map of Southwest Creek where enters Neuse River

Bk 5, pg 262. - 1751 - Abraham TAYLOR SR. to Jacob TAYLOR et al / WILL: Daughter Prudence, plantation where I now live (and other items), if no issue plantation to granddaughter Dinah, daughter of son Joseph and if she dies without heirs then to grandson Abraham TAYLOR, JR, son of Abraham TAYLOR, JR. - Daughter Prudence. Wife Ede. Son-in-law George Marshall - all children except Prudence to divide the rest - Robert, Ann Colton, Jacob, Rachel Beergley (Beesley), Joseph and Abraham. Exec: Son Joseph TAYLOR. WIT: Henry ROBERTS, Sarah (x) PREVAT. Proved Johnston Co. Dec 1751.

Bk 1, pg 592 - Oct 12, 1761 Abraham TAYLOR, Dobbs Co planter sold to Jacob TAYLOR brother of Abraham TAYLOR of Craven Co., planter 20 pds., 238 acres land on south side Southwest, next to Abraham. Granted to sd Abraham TAYLOR 10 Apr 1761. Wit: William WILLIAMS, John DELLAHUNTY. Reg. Jan Ct. 1762. [Note: Abraham Taylor grant of 10 April 1761 gives description (from Hoffman): in the Fork between SW Creek and Turkey Branch, joining said Taylor, the Branch, and the Creek. Martha Marble notes from Bill Murphy - Turkey Branch rises on state road 1125 to flow a short distance NW across State road 1127 to enter Deep Run at State Road 1141 in Lenoir Co.- not on Martha's map but this would be within walking distance of Edwin Taylor land of Lenoir Co - gst]. .{Further note: We have two Abraham Taylors mentioned, one of Craven, another of Dobbs.}

Bk 1, pg 594 - 1762 - Abraham TAYLOR, planter sold to Thomas HAYS - land on E side of South West Ck. Land granted to sd Abraham TAYLOR, 29 Sept 1756. Witness: Armwell HEARON, John TAYLOR, Jan Ct. 1762. [Note: Abraham Taylor grant of 29 Sept 1756 gives this description (from Hoffman): on E. side of S. W. Creek including the place where he now lives, joining the Great Swamp, the Meadow near the sd Creek, side of sd Creek and the mouth and side of the Great Branch. Bill Murphy said Great Swamp is not exactly known but probably a tributary of either Tuckahow Swamp or Beaverdam near the Jones Co. line which would be SE of where Martha's Edwin lived - gst].

Bk 1, Pg 610. - 1761 - Jacob TAYLOR of Onslow Co. purchased from William COLE of Craven Co. L30 200 acres - SW creek; Land next to Wm. COLE'S. Land granted to sd William COLE 1 Sept 1759. . Witnesses: Abraham TAYLOR, & William WILLIAMS. April Ct. 1762.. {We're not sure this is the same Southwest Creek -- it may be the Southwest Prong of Slocum Creek.}

Bk 9/10, Pg 333. QCD - 8 Jan 1757 - James TAYLOR purchased from Thomas JARMIN 40 acres for 40 pounds On the South side of Neuse River called by the name of Brooked Run, patented by Abraham BUSSETT, beginning at the road side, John FREDERICK'S line, joinng William AKINGS line.

Bk 9/10, Pg 139 (Q,C,D) - 8 August 1757 - John TAYLOR, JR. sold to Abraham TAYLOR 150 acres (1/2 of a 300 acre tract). E. side of South West Creek;, E. side Clarks branch, savannah, side or path which lies on the N. side of Blacks Branch. Witnesses Frances NAUENN(sp), Christian GEORGE.

Bk 9/10, pg 423, QCD - 8 Aug 1757 - Abraham TAYLOR purchased from John TAYLOR, JR. land on Southwest Creek-Clarks branch; of 300 acre tract. Wit: Frances NUNN, Christian GEORGE.

Bk 2, pg 164 - 1760 - John TAYLOR sold to Nathan WARD - Difficult to read. Land on East side Southwest Ck. 130 acres - ES of SW Creek - Hays Branch - 16 pds. Henry ROBERTS, mouth of Hays branch being a tract granted to TAYLOR on 3 Mar 1759 - WIT Armwell HERRING, JURAT, John (x) LINSEY.

[Note: John Taylor grant in Hoffmans patents gives description as: on E. side of (South) West Creek, joining Hays Branch below Taylor's Plantation, Henry Roberts and the sd. Creek to the Mouth of Hay's Branch. In Bill Murphys: In 1768, Richard Caswell on SE side of SW Creek - near head of Miller's pocoson, Henry Roberts now Nathan Ward, both sides of Mill Branch, Armwell Hearon near Crooked Johnny's Branch, his land called Woodington and lands Caswell bought of JOHN TAYLOR. According to Bill, Crooked Johnny Creek was in the Woodington area, across state road 1140 and into SW Creek, which means it flows north into SW Creek. So, it appears that Hays Branch became Crooked Johnny's Creek or Mill Branch, and this land was never in Craven Co after Johnston Co formed in 1746 and is today in Lenoir County. from MM - gst]

Bk 11, Pg 245. Gift D - 1 Sept 1762 - Jacob TAYLOR, planter, gift to Son William TAYLOR 200 acres on S. E. side of Main branch of South West Creek, in swamp. Witnesses Thos. HAYES, Christian JUDGE.

Bk 12/13, pg 489 - 8 July 1766 - Absalom TAYLOR purchased from James CALDWELL, 140 pounds for 162 acres on the South side of Neuse River, East side of South West Creek purchased formerly by Thomas LIN (Sin?) and from John TAYLOR of said county as by deed of sale thereof dated April ?4, 1746 vide Record 1738 November the 18. Witness: Farnifold GREEN, John GREEN.

Bk 16, pg 69. - 13 March 1769 - Absolem TAYLOR sold to Owen DAUGHTRY 162 acres for 140 pounds. S. side Neuse River, E. side S.W. Creek, swamp, sd. Creek, (land purchases by Thomas LOW, John TAYLOR). To pay his Majesty the yearly reserved quit rents of 4 shillings per hundred acres. William EASTERLIN, James CAMACK.

Bk 5, Pg 180 - 1794 - Moses TAYLOR Grant; {Possibly Southwest Crk. this would be a third Moses Taylor}

Bk 85, pg 471 - 1 Nov 1881 - Walter E. TAYLOR & George A. TAYLOR his wife & John Hawkins of Craven Co & A. J. Grady & Mary Grady his wife of Lenoir Co sold to Joseph E. KORNEGAY of sd Craven for $72 tract of land in Craven on SS of Neuse and NS of Green Swamp & running East to Asa HAWKINS back line then to Green Swamp, then swamp sied. 100 acres. By Asa HAWKINS to George HAWKINS by deed 2 Aug 1852. Wit: John W. ROUSE, T J HAWKINS, FN HAWKINS, J D SULON ? {The present Tracey Swamp (flows into Mosely Crk.) is on the Craven/Lenoir/Jones border. }

Swift Creek

Bk 2, Pg 69 - 1760 James TAYLOR purchased from William BEASLEY - can't read but on E. side Swift Ck

Bk 5, Pg 210 - Richard TAYLOR Grant - N side Neuse between Neuse & Swift

Bk 6, Pg 289 - 1753 - Jacob TAYLOR & wife Ann sold to Catherine TAYLOR, daughter - 200 acres Swift Ck. Part of Daniel COCKES patent & sold to Jacob - adj. Daniel COX. - Wit: Lewis BRYAN & Absalom JUTEN (sp).

Bk 7, Pg 347 - 16 March 1750 - Jacob TAYLOR purchased from Daniel COX - 200 acres on Swift Ck.40 Shillings - beginning at a Red Oak below Mulberry & runs South , a pine, BEASLEY'S line of marked trees, along dividing line to a pine at the creek. Part of a greater patent to Daniel COX 1749. Signed Daneil (O) COX. WIT: Vernon ??? William BARBER

Bk 11, Pg 366. - 22 March 1764 - Jacob TAYLOR sold to Stephen TILGHMAN of Maryland, County of Somersett, Planter 238 acres for 30 pounds. In fork between Swift Creek and Turkey branch on S. side of Swift Ck. (being granted by patent to Abram TAYLOR 10 April 1761, 230 acres. Pay quit rents yearly due to his Majesty. Witnesses: Thomas WILLSON, Christian LERGE, John TILGHMAN.

Bk 11, Pg 435 - 5 Oct 1763 - James TAYLOR purchased from Joseph BRYAN (Merchant) 100 acres for 70 pounds. N. side of Swift Creek, Palmette Swamp, branch. Part of Joseph BRYANT'S patent 10/1748. To pay quit rents. Witnesses: Thomas BARTLETT, William MURPHY.

Bk 32, pg 90 - 20 August 1794, John TAYLOR sold to John MILLS, 150 acres for 70 pounds. Tract of land patented by John TAYLOR, Pollard Swamp, Swift Creek 24 October 1782. Witnesses: Charles ROACH and Charles ROACH.

Bk 37, pg 128 - 1805 - Charles TAYLOR, SR sold to Wm~ TAYLOR 100 pds - NS Neuse SS Swift Creek being the part of the land not deeded to Solomon PATRICK. Signed with a mark. Wit: Solomon PATRICK, Levi GASKINS.

Bk 40, pg 323. - 1817 Nancy, Louis, Sally Taylor sold to Jesse Taylor, NS Neuse - WS Swift Creek - land of Charles Taylor deceased.

Bk 40, pg 323. QCD - 1817 Jesse Taylor purchased from Nancy, Sally, Lewis.

Bk.48, pg. 282 - 24 October 1782 - John Taylor, Grant.. 100 acres on the East side of Swifts Creek on the North side of Pollards Swamp.

North Bank of the Neuse

Bk 2, pg 450 - 7 June 1764 - Benjamin TAYLOR of Dobbs Co sold to John DIXON 100 acres on N. side of Neuse River at William DAVISES corner of his lower Patten on the river side along DAVESES line, Benjamin TAYLOR patent 01 Sept 1759.

Bk 5, Pg 10 - 1819 - Isaac TAYLOR Grant- N. side Neuse; N. Bever Prong; Little Swift Ck.

Bk 5, Pg 198 - 1856 - John A. TAYLOR Grant - N side Neuse; head of Savannah Creek. {Creek not found.}

Bk 36, pg 398 - 11 March 1803 - William TAYLOR & Patsy, Amy CHALTON, James KNOX & Elizabeth his wife, and Sarah WILLIS - one part of County of Beaufort and one part of Craven Co sold to Cierer WILLIS of Craven Co., 12 pds. 10 shilling - 50 acres - NS Neuse part of 100 acres sold by Lazarous GATLIN to Joseph WILLIS. All signed by mark.

Bk 40, pg 227. - 11 March 1818 Asa and Gatsy TAYLOR & James and Betsy RYDAN sold to James CATON - 100 acres for $130 dollars. On North Side of Neuse River & on West side of Upper Broad Creek (above the old plantation). Beginning at SPIGHT timber landing nearly opposite James WHITINGS house , etc. It being before granted to Wm.SPIGHT. Witnesses: Carson BRINSON & Jesse FREDRICK.

Trent River

mao of Trent River mouth

Bk 11, Pg 315 - 17 September 1762 - Jacob TAYLOR purchased from John TILGHMAN, land on Swift Creek. 10 pds Proc Money for 300 acres lying & being on SS Trent River & part of a tract patented by John Tilghman 28 October 1761. Wit: Thomas Hays, C. Ruggs. {This is apparently a different Swift Creek from that named before -- on the north side of the Neuse.}

Bk 21, pg. 245 - 26 January 1775 - Joseph TAYLOR (by Constable) sold to Coleman JOHNSON; By virtue of act of Parliament for indebetness; Lands & tenements which were of Joseph TAYLOR the one of which at the suit of Robert ORME, Esq for the sum of 4 pds 13 shillings & the other at the suit of Tho. COLLINS for 4 pds 19 shillings. Required constable MORAN to sell house, negroes and certain pieces or parcels of land in posession of sd TAYLOR by virtue of a Tax base for a term of year granted to Orvin Weens by Thomas POLLACK, 100 acres known by the name of "Arringtons Place" on SS Trent subject yearly Rent of 20 shillings sold a public venue Collinson JOHNSON highest bidder to satisfy Robert ORMES 70 pds 18 shillings. Signed John MORAN, Constable. Wit: Robert GRIMES, John (H) WATERS, Robert ORME.

Bk 22, pg 182 - 1 July 1775 - Cornelius TAYLOR purchased from Sam HILL, 120 acres for 40 pds; On ES of Crooked Run {or see SE of Brice Crk.} beginning at a lightwood stake, to a pine, to a swet gum, Bussett SIMMONS line, with SIMMONS corner, Davis D VENTERS corner. Wit: Arther (x) STOKES, Mary (x) FOOKS.

Bk 1, pg 63 - 1782 - John TAYLOR Grant (unable to locate in this book).

Unidentified Location

We have been unable to definitively pin the following deeds down to a specific location.

Bk 2, Pg 146 - 1757 - John TAYLOR purchased from Henry ROBERTS of Johnston County 170 acres for 10 pounds. South side of the South Creek. Beginning at the creek, etc. plat bearing date March 15, 1750. Witnesses: John (x) TAYLOR JURAT., Christian ZEARGE. {South Creek not found.}

Bk 18, pg 102 - 1770 - William L. TAYLOR purchased from Samuel WHITE.

Bk 5, Pg 279 - 1793 - Abraham TAYLOR Grant

Bk 5, Pg 98 - 1844 - Joshua TAYLOR Grant - S. side Neuse {Insufficient description}

Bk 6, Pg 6. - 31 March 1753 - John TAYLOR purchased from Patrick STANALAND 100 acres for 20 pounds. On the North side of the Branch that is called Brash. beginning at a pine runs S. 185 pole thence West 120, south up the branch. Witnesses: John FRANCK, Stephen SWILLEY. {Brash Branch not found}

Bk 11, Pg 215 - 20 JAN 1763 - John TAYLOR sold to Thomas WILSON, 40 pounds ?70 acres. granted by patent to Henry ROBERTS 1736 . Typed copy. Words left blank. Information incomplete. Wit: Thomas HAYS, JR., Christian LEARY. {Insufficient description}

Bk 20, pg 331 - 1774 - Thomas TAYLOR sold to John HARDISON - 200 acres granted to David RAMSEY. Beginning at at Black jack Oak in Robert TREASUES patent line, refers reader to patent for description. (no patent date). Difficult to read. Wit: John EVANS, Samuel JACKSON.

Bk 20, pg 405 - 1773 - Rachael TAYLOR purchased from John OLIVER - (No name of location) - butting & bound with James M. DANIEL corner, James OLIVER bought from Abraham BUSSET patent 10 May 1756. Wit: Daniel PARLEY, Cornelius TAYLOR.

Bk 24, pg 23 - 10 April 1767 - Thomas TAYLOR sold to John HALL 30 pds for 200 acres granted to Daniel Ransey beginning at a Black Jack in Robert Seares patent line, description more fully by patent. Wit: Frederick Bates, Henry Gebin.

Bk 2, Pg 124 or 125 - 1785 - Abraham TAYLOR, JR. Grant; [not there]. (Need to check Patent Book 3 & 5).

Bk 29, pg 307 - 19 July 1791 - Abraham TAYLOR & Nancy sold to Edmond KEEF, 35 pds, dividing line between TAYLOR and James SIVELLS and with patent line of TAYLOR, then other patent line, then other patent line, residue of his patent of 640 acres of 1785, this part is 220 acres. Abraham signed, Nancy (x). WIT Andrew RICHARDSON. {Bachelor's Creek?}

Bk 34, pg 228 - 1798 - John Louis TAYLOR purchased from Fx. MARTAIN - slaves.

Bk 34, pg 163 - 25 Oct 1797 - James TAYLOR sold to Joseph LOFTIN, 70 pds - Negro boy named Jacob between 10 & 13 years of age. Wit: Hanah ARTHUR, Wm. HERITAGE. {New Bern? Bachelor Creek?}

Bk 37, pg 188 - 1805 - Charles TAYLOR purchased from Wm~ TAYLOR

Bk 36, pg 673 - ?? Nov. 1805 - John Lewis TAYLOR purchased from Benjamin SMITH and Sarah Dry SMITH of Brunswick Co.

Bk 37, pg 234 - 1807 - Wm~ TAYLOR JR. sold to Wm~ BARROT.

Bk 37, pg 609. - 1806/11 - Wm~ TAYLOR sold to Church LINDSAY.

Bk 38, p 127, 1808 - Isaach TAYLOR et al purchased from John SMITH et al

Bk 37, pg 854. - 1810 - James TAYLOR sold to William SHEPPARD, slaves. {New Bern?}

Bk 38, pg 145. - 1810 - Alex~ TAYLOR sold to And~w RICHARDSON,  {Bachelor's Creek?}

Bk 38, pg 467 - 1811 Alex~ TAYLOR sold to And~w RICHARDSON  {Bachelor's Creek?}

Bk 38, pg. 255 - 1811/14 Isaac TAYLOR sold to Wm~ HANDCOCK {Hancock Creek?}

Bk 38, pg 395 - 1812 John L. TAYLOR sold to Asa JONES,

Bk.38, pg 406 - 1812 Alex~ TAYLOR sold to Rich FONVILLE  {Bachelor's Creek?}

Bk 39, pg 99 - 1812 James TAYLOR (by Shf) sold to John C. STANLY {Stanly was a New Bern merchant.}

Bk 39, pg 96 - 1814 James TAYLOR & wife Ann sold to Elijah CLARK

Bk 39, pg 515 - 1814 Isaach TAYLOR purchased from Nathan TISDALE et al

Bk 39, pg 275. - 1815 Alex~ TAYLOR sold to Richard FONVILLE,  {Bachelor's Creek?}

Bk 39, pg 235 - 1815 John Louis TAYLOR sold to Edw.~d PASTEUR,  {Pasteur: 1820 census, page 4, line 3}

Bk 39, pg 235 - John L. TAYLOR purchased from Benjamin SMITH

Bk 39, pg 441 - 1815 Isaac TAYLOR et al sold to Marcus C. STEPHENS (Tr),

Bk 39, pg 555. - 1815 John L. TAYLOR sold to Edw PASTEUR

Bk 41, pg 87. - 1815 Alex~ Taylor sold to Wm~ Fife  {Bachelor's Creek?}

Bk 39, pg 805. - 1816 Isaiah TAYLOR sold to Tho~s JONES.

Bk 40, pg 299.- 1817 Chas. Taylor sold to Solm~ Patrick

Bk 41, pg 86. - 1818 Isaiah Taylor sold to John Haris

Bk 41, pg 204. - 1817 Jesse Taylor sold to Samuel Street,  {Swift Creek?}

Bk 41, pg 377. - 1818/20 Wm~ Taylor sold to John Deverux,

Bk 41, pg 378 - 1818/20 Wm~ Taylor sold to John Harvey,

Bk 66, pg. 391 - 1821 Alexander Taylor sold to John Jones

Bk 43, pg 192. - Feb Term 1823 - Isaiah TAYLOR sold to Benjamin TILLMAN, for value received, we do hereby bargain & sell to Benj. TILLMAN all right & title in & to a Negro woman named Tamer formerly the prop of Booz SQUIRES deceased & to any of her children and descendants & also all our rights title & interest as next of kin of Braz SQUIRES and David SQUIRES his son in & to the sd Negros. Signed: Sabarenath ??? (x) LEWIS, Isaach TAYLOR.

Bk 43, pg 250 - 1822/24 - Sally Taylor sold to Darius Hnyett

Bk 43, pg 285. - 1822 James T. Taylor & wife Eliza sold to Charles Stewart,

Bk 43, pg 326. - 1822/24 Wm~ Taylor sold to Wiley M. Nelson,

Bk 44, pg 350 - 1824 Isaac Taylor purchased from Benjamin Smith

Bk 44, pg 430 - 1825 Isaac Taylor sold to Wm~ Stringer

Bk 44, pg 499 Shf D - 1826 Alexander Taylor sold to Bennett Flanders  {Bachelor's Creek?}

Bk 45, pg 317 Shf D - 1826 Alexander Taylor sold to Wm~ Clark.  {Bachelor's Creek?}

Bk 44, pg 512 - 1823 Isaiah Taylor sold to Robert Jones.

Bk 45, pg 384 - James Taylor purchased from Cannon Smith.

Bk 46, pg 40 - James Taylor purchased from Andrew H. Richardson

Bk 46, pg 309. - 1829 James Taylor sold to Bennet Flanners (Tr),

Bk 46, pg 426 - 10 July 1829 - Asa TAYLOR sold 1/6th rights of a slave named Lana and her infant male child to Elizabeth RYDEN. Witness: John W. GUION.

Bk 46, Pg 493 - 1829 Issac Taylor sold to John C. Stanly,

Bk 47, Pg 17. - 1822 Isaac Taylor sold to Nathan Cahoon

Bk 47, pg 20. - 1832 - Abraham TAYLOR purchased from Jos S. FOWLER of a negro man Isaac - no clue who got the other or where Isaac came from.

Bk 49, pg 20. - 1832 Abraham Taylor sold to George Bryan.

Bk 49, pg 224. - 1832 Elijah Taylor purchased from Elx~th C Dixon, marriage agmt.

Bk 49, pg 224. - 1832 Elijah et al sold to Abner Neale (Tr).

Bk 49, bk 49 - 1831 Joshua Taylor Jr purchased from William H. Borden,et al

Bk 49, pg 413. - 1832 Abraham Taylor sold to Johnston Bryan

Bk 50, pg 11 - 1833 Elijah Taylor sold to Joshua Taylor

Bk 50, pg 59 - 1833 James Taylor (Bond) sold to Governor of North Carolina. {New Bern?}

Bk 50, pg 333 - 1834 James Taylor sold to John L. Durand,

Bk 50, pg 376. - 1834 James Taylor et al (Bond) sold to State of N.C. {New Bern?}

Bk 50, pg 377 - 1834 James Taylor et al sold to State of N.C. {New Bern?}

Bk 50, pg 422. - 1832 James Taylor sold to Andrew R. Richardson,

Bk 50, pg 423 - 1832 James Taylor sold to Andrew R. Richardson

Bk 50, pg 301 - 1835 James Taylor et al (Bond) sold to State of N.C.  {New Bern?}

Bk 50, pg.219. - 1836 James Taylor & others sold to State of N.C.  {New Bern?}

Bk 52, pg 113 - 1837 Elijah Taylor purch from R. Smith,

Bk 52, pg 308. - 1836 Elijah Taylor & Joshua purch from Michael N. Fisher

Bk 52, pg 375 - 1836 Elijah Taylor & Joshua Jr. sold to Michael N. Fisher,

Bk 52, pg 345 & 376 - 1837 Joshua Taylor purchased from Elijah Taylor.

Bk 52, pg 382 - 1837 Elijah Taylor sold to R. Smith,

Bk 52, pg 382 - 1836 Abraham Taylor purch from Henry Shute

Bk 53, pg. 34 1837 William Taylor et al sold to John Blackwell

Bk 53, pg 41., 1836 Abraham Taylor sold to Ann Foscue.

Bk 53, pg 389 - 1839 Abraham Taylor sold to Fredrick Bryan

Bk 54, pg 300 - 1840 Abraham Taylor sold to Fredrick Bryan

Bk 54, pg 308 - 1839/40 Abraham Taylor sold to John Harris.

Bk 54, pg 367. - 1840 Isaac Taylor sold to Robert Primrose,

Bk 54, pg 382. - 1839/40 Elijah Taylor d/c trust sold to Isaac W. Hughes.

Bk 55, pg 50. - 1840/41 Wm~ Taylor sold to Lewis Fife,

Bk 56, pg 367. - 1841 Lewis Taylor sold to John Avery,

Bk 56, pg 461 - 1844 Lewis Taylor sold to Mary Riggs

Bk.57, pg 36. - 1844 George Taylor sold to Henry Lovick

Bk 57, pg 38. - 1844 Gaston Taylor & wife Elizabeth sold to Elijah Taylor, {1840 census, Elijah on p.5, line16; So. side of Neuse}

Bk 57, pg 40 - 1844 Gaston Taylor & wife Elizabeth sold to Jacob Taylor. {1840 census, 3 Jacob Taylors: Carteret, Duplin & Jones.}

Bk 57, pg 260 - 1845 William H. Taylor sold to James Ellison

Bk 57, pg. 394 - 1846 George W. sold to John Jones.

Bk 57, pg. ? - 18-- William G. Taylor sold to William H. Taylor {1840 census, William G. Taylor in New Bern.}

Bk 57, pg 397 - 1846 George Taylor sold to Henry J. Lovick.

Bk 58, pg 7 - 1846 William H. Taylor sold to Frances F. Preats (Tr

Bk 58, pg 97, 1846 Jacob Taylor sold to John C. Washington.

Bk 58, pg 466 - 1845 Elijah Taylor sold to Alfred Casey.

Bk 60, pg 28 - 1847 Elijah Taylor sold to Oscar P. Dudley,

Bk 59, pg 255 - 1848 Richard Taylor sold to Thomas Jerkins.

Bk. 61, pg 356 - 1849 George W. Taylor sold to Elijah Taylor

Bk. 61, pg. 345 - 1853 George W. sold to W W Ormsbee

Bk 62, pg 340. - 1855 Elijah Taylor sold to Joshua Taylor (Tr),

Bk 62, pg 391. - 1855 James Taylor sold to William H. Washington (Tr)

Bk. 63, pg. 113 - 1854 - G. W. Taylor sold to David W. Bell.

Bk 63, pg 201 - 1852 Fryman Taylor purchased from David W. Bell.

Bk 63, pg 204 - 1856 Mary Taylor purchased from Hibbard Taylor (by Tr)

Bk 63, pg 362 - 1853 George W. Taylor purchased from Philemon Holland.

Bk 64, pg 116.- 1856 Elijah Taylor sold to John Wade.

Bk 64, pg 128 - 1853 T J Taylor purchased from R B Burney.

Bk 64, pg 232 - 1847 Elijah Taylor sold to Gaston Taylor.

Bk 64, pg 367. - 1848 John Taylor sold to Hezekiah Davis (Tr).

Bk 64, pg 373. - 1856 James Taylor et al sold to Edward R. Stanley.

Bk 64, pg 375. - 1856 James Taylor (by Shf) sold to Edward R. Stanley

Bk 64, pg. 406 - 1858 Elijah Taylor sold to Joseph Hoover.

Bk 64, pg 428 - 1856 Mary Taylor purchased from Neuse River Navigation Co. (by Sherif).

Bk 65, pg. 145 - 1858 Joshua Taylor Sr. Sold to Peter F. Carraway.

Bk 65, pg. 557 Mtg. - 1859 Elijah Taylor sold to Joseph N. Mason.

Bk 65, pg. 567 - 1860 John Taylor sold to Henry T. Hawkins

Bk 66, pg. 196 - 1860 Elijah Taylor sold to Joshua L. Taylor

Bk 66, pg. 232 - 1860 Elizabeth Taylor sold to Joshua L. Taylor.

Bk 66, pg. 349 - 1861 Sylvester Taylor sold to Philemon Holland

Bk 66, pg 441 - 10 January 1862 - Benjamin TAYLOR and wife Nancy H. and Gabriel HARDISON and wife Elizabeth sold to Vine Allen TOLSON 75 acres of land for $75 each or $150 total. South side of Neuse River on the head of great or IVES branch adjoining the lands of John WILLIAMS and the said Vine Allen TOLSEN and being the same which descended to them from their grandfather George TOLSON and from Thomas George TOLSON. Witness: H. C. JONES. Registered January 10, 1862. {"Ives Branch" is not found on modern maps. There are features named "Great Branch" in Craven (south of Brice Crk.), Duplin (near Herrings Crossroads, flows from Rouse & Hussey Ponds into Cape Fear River ), & Lenoir (near Pink Hill, flows into Tuckahoe Swamp). }

Bk 69, pg 479 - James Taylor sold to Haywood Rhem.

Bk 69, pg. 307 - 1869 Charlotte G. & Joshua L. sold to Caroline E Croom.

Bk 70, pg 4. - 1852 James Taylor sold to Frederick Taylor.

Bk 70, pg 6 & 7 - Jabez Taylor purchased from Needham White.

Bk 70, pg 226 - Mary Taylor (by Exec.) sold to John Osgood

Bk 70, pg 237 - Mary Taylor (by CSC)

Bk 70, pg. 183 - 1870 Jacob B & Eleanor sold to Eleanor Gdles

Bk 71, pg 511. - 1858 John Taylor et al sold to Daniel Davis.

Bk 72, pg. 50 - 1871 George W. Jr. & Rachael F. sold to Ambros Boid

Bk. 74, pg.484 - 1871 Elijah & Elizabeth C. Taylor sold to James H. Smith.

Bk 75, pg 263 - 1873 Phebe Taylor purchased from Alexander Mitchell.

Bk 76, pg 418 - 1875 Lewis G. Taylor sold to Alexander Mitchell.

Bk 76, pg 421 - 1875 Sarah A. Taylor sold to Nancy Stanly.

Bk 77, pg 19 - 1876 - A.J. (by Sherf) sold to Caroline Taylor.

Bk 77, pg184 Tax Rept - 1876 John A. (by Sheriff) sold to George D. Pate.

Bk 81, pg189 - 1879 James O. Taylor & Margaret sold to Bryant Cummings.

Bk 82, pg 435 - 1877 A. {Abraham Taylor?} & heirs sold to Caroline Taylor.

Bk 84, pg 278 - 1882 George Taylor sold to A. B. Dawson.

Bk 86, Pg 33 - 1882 George Taylor sold to Gilbert Joiner.

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