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East-Central North Carolina Counties

Due to county re-structuring & changes in border alignments, it's possible that a family might have lived in four different counties from 1740 through 1800 without moving.

The initial definition of "Carolina" granted to the Lords Proprietor extended as far west as the "South Seas" (to the Pacific and beyond). However, the European settlers lived mostly along the Atlantic coast and most of those in what was to become North Carolina were concentrated in the Albemarle area. After North Carolina became a Royal Colony, the white settlers grew in number and spread.

Twenty-year Snapshot Progression

1740: No northwestern border

1760: Dobbs, Pitt, Johnston & Duplin created.

1780: Jones created from southern Craven & Wayne from western Dobbs

1800: Greene & Lenoir created from Dobbs

Apparently, the boundaries in the corner between Craven, Lenoir & Jones were not well-defined nor accurately surveyed until recent times. There was, therefore, some confusion as to just which land was in which county. Even today, the US Geological Service says that some of these boundaries are "indefinite".

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Townships of Craven, Greene,
Lenoir & Pitt Counties

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