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spouse: 1. Susan Wheeler 2. Nancy 

NAME.................... Elijah BELL               
BIRTH/PLACE/RECORDS.....        1814-5 Dallas Co Alabama          
DIED/PLACE/RECORDS...... 11 MAY 1877 At his home on Big Barren-Ripley Co MO
BURIAL..................             At the Buffalo Church     of Pneumonia      

>WIFE................... 1. Susan WHEELER              2. Nancy 
BORN/PLACE/RECORDS......                                         1817 North Carolina
MARRIAGE/PLACE/RECORDS..    30 Aug 1832 Adams Co MS       
DIED/PLACE/BURIAL.......       abt 1839                      abt 1878

CHILDREN..............9. 2 by Susan                    7 by Nancy

1870 Ripley Co MO Kelly Twp Doniphan Roll M593 P:664 D:497 F:497  
     Elijah:56 Farmer 1000/500 AL Nancy:53 NC Jason:20 TN Margaret:18 
1860 Ripley Co MO Kelly Twp Doniphan Roll M653 P:89 D:599 F:589 5 SEP L:29-38 
     Elijah:45 AL Farmer 500/700 Nancy:43 NC G.F.:22 James:21 E.W.:17 N.L.:13 
     J.W.:10 M.E.:8 W.L.:9/12
1850 Gibson Co TN  Civil Dist No.2 Call No.432-878 P:137 D:198 7 SEP 
     Elijah:35 Nancy:32 George:11 James:10 Alexander:8 Eliza:7 Mary:5 Neill:3 Jonah:4/12
1840 Lawrence Co TN  2 Children under 5 1 Free White Male 20-30 1 FWF 20-30
[Children 1-2 Children of Susan Wheeler]
* CHILD 1............... George F            BELL b       1838 TN
* CHILD 2............... James               BELL b       1839 TN
[Children 3-9 Children of Nancy]
* CHILD 3............... Valentine Alexander BELL b07 NOV 1841 TN d19 DEC 1919
MARRIED.................        1859-60 Louisa Simoline CAVACY b06 OCT 1841
CHILD 3 CHILDREN........ 11 (1900 Census) 8 Living             d17 APR 1915

1900 Ripley Co MO D:50 F:54 Valentine A:58 TN AL GA Blacksmith Marr:40y 11/10 
     kids Louisa S:58 AR France AR William:18 MO TN AR
1880 Valentine:38 1870 Alexander:32 1860 V.A.:19 1850 Alexander:
* CHILD 4............... Elijah W            BELL b       1843 TN
MARRIED..Ripley Co MO P6 17 NOV 1867 Cyntha M PRUET b
* CHILD 5............... Mary                BELL b       1845 TN
* CHILD 6............... Neill L             BELL b       1848 TN
* CHILD 7............... Jason Wilson        BELL b   MAY 1850 Tn d27 SEP 1880
MARRIED.Ripley Co MO P15 18 DEC 1873 Nancy J KELLY b       1858
CHILD 7 CHILDREN........ 3  1. M.F.(f)  2. A.T.(f)  3.       
NOTE: After Jasons death, Nancy married James CAMP
-------------------------------b1875-------b1878------b1880--------19 NOV 1880-----
* CHILD 8............... Margaret E          BELL b   MAY 1852 TN d1 NOV 1937 
MARRIED.Ripley Co MO P12 12 AUG 1872 Morgan White COTTON b   MAY 1847 MO   
CHILD 8 CHILDREN..5/2... 1. James W COTTON bSEP 1876         (Lived Kansas City MO)
                 CHILD------1. Bertran COTTON b              (Lived Houston TX)
                            2. Etta B  COTTON bOCT 1884
                 MARRIED                  THOMAS b
                 CHILD------1. Lindsey Cotton THOMAS b       (Lived LR AR)     
* CHILD 9............... William L           BELL b       1859 MO-Ripley Co
MARRIED................. 17 NOV 1867

I have much more information about the descendants of Elijah Bell's children.
MARRIAGE BOOK I: 1818 - 1845 
      Bell, Elijah      Nancy Ann Jones         31 Dec 1840 pg 251 
      Bell, Emily       Dr. Robert Westmoreland 10 Jul 1844 pg 297 
      Bell, John C.     Louisa Dorman           10 Jan 1842 pg 214 
      Bell, Jonathan L. Louisianna Blann        26 Sep 1842 pg 237 
      Bell, Julia       John White              19 Jan 1842 pg 252 
      Bell, Manerva     Levi Smith              11 Jan 1819 pg   7 
      Bell, William T.  Mary Averyt             16 Feb 1841 pg 252
1840 Census:
The 1840 Census of Lawrence and Polk Counties, Tennessee have an ELIJAH BELL and family listed. Either could 
be this ELIJAH BELL since both had two sons under five and the two Elijah's were listed in the 20 and under 
30 age group, as were their wives.  No evidence at this time to determine if or which one is our Elijah.

1850 Census:
The printed index to Tennessee Census for 1850 shows a "B" for Bedford County for the ELIJAH and NANCY BELL 
family, but the microfilm of the Bedford County Census does not have the household or page number or the  
ELIJAH BELL  family listed as the index indicated.  It appears the index should have printed a "G" for 
Gibson County, since the ELIJAH BELL and family were found in the 1850 Census in Gibson County, with the 
household and page number which was indicated for Bedford County.

The 1850 Census of Gibson County, Tennessee, Dwelling Number 198, Page 137 (another page number 273 is 
listed on the same microfilm page) shows ELIJAH BELL to be 35 at the time of the census and being born in 
Alabama.  This indicates he was born during 1814-15.  It shows his occupation as a farmer.  
His wife, NANCY, is listed as 32 and being born in North Carolina.  This Indicates she was born during 
1817-18.  This census list seven children at home on 1 JUN 1850.  All the children were listed as being 
born in Tennessee.  

1850 Gibson Co TN
BELL, George    11 M TN
BELL, James     10 M TN
BELL, Alexander  8 M TN
BELL, Eliza      7 F TN
BELL, Mary       5 F TN
BELL, Neill      3 M TN
BELL, Jason   4/12 M TN
BELL, ???               (Later census indicated this child was probably named Elijah and was male)

1860 Census
The 1860 Census of Doniphan, Kelly Township, Ripley County, Missouri shows this BELL family as residents 
on page 87.  Place of birth for children would indicate they moved from Tennessee to Missouri sometime 
betweem 1852 and September 1859.  This census shows ELIJAH BELL as a Farmer and his sons as Farmers or 
farm laborers.  It is noted that ALEXANDER (must be Valentine Alexander BELL) is not listed as being in 
the household for this census.
However, he is listed as married within the year and head of his own household in the same township and 
county.  In addition, MARY BELL who was listed in the 1850 Census is not listed as a member of ELIJAH 
BELL's household for this census.  She was five years of age at time of 1850 census.  Must have died 
some time after the 1850 census.  Most of the 1860 census for this township listed individuals with 
initials instead of given name.  Two children were added between 1850 and 1860.  <See 1860 Census>


During the period of 1860 - 1900, I found that five BELL Families, apparently not related, and an 
individual with no family by the name of BELL, settled in Ripley County, Missouri.

I did not find any BELL'S in Ripley County reported on the 1840 and 1850 Census.

The First two families with the surname of BELL arrived in Ripley County some-time between 1852 and 
1860.  The family of ELIJAH and NANCY BELL arrived in Ripley County from Tennessee sometime between 1852 
and September 1859.  The family of JAMES and LUCINDA (Lucy) BELL arrived from Illinois sometime between 
1852 and 1860.

The family of ELIJAH and NANCY BELL are shown in the 1860 Census as residing in Kelly Township of Ripley 
County with Post Office as Doniphan.  The census shows the last child born in Tennessee as M.E. BELL, 
age 8, and their last child as W.L. BELL, age 9/12, being born in Missouri.  So I have to assume that 
this family arrived in Ripley County sometime between 1852 and September 1859.

1860: Missouri-Ripley Co MO-Kelly Twp-P.O.:Doniphan Roll:643 P:99-588/589                                       
BELL, E       45 M Farmer      500/700 AL
BELL, Nancy   43 F Domestic            NC
BELL, G.F.    22 M Farmer              TN
BELL, Jas     21 M Farm Laborer        TN
BELL, E.W.    17 M Farm Laborer        TN
BELL, N.L.    13 M                     TN
BELL, J.W.    10 M                     TN
BELL, M.E.     8 F                     TN
BELL, W.L.  9/12 M                     MO
DECKER, R.    17 F Domestic            MO

The Family of JAMES and Lucy BELL are shown in the 1860 Census as residing in Washington Township with 
Post Office being Little Black.  James was born in Massachusetts and Lucy in Ohio.  Their last child 
is listed as being born in Illinois and was five or eight years of age at the time of census.  So I 
assume this family arrived in Ripley County between 1852 and 1860.

1860: Missouri-Ripley Co MO-Washington Twp-P.O.:L.Black-Roll:643 P:23-150/140
BELL, Jas     61 M  Farmer    600/500  Mass
BELL, Lucy    41 F  Domestic           Ohio
BELL, Charles 17 M  Farming            Iowa
BELL, E.L.    14 F                     Iowa
BELL, S.W.    10 M                     Iowa
BELL, N.J.  5or8 F                     Ill
The 1860 Census also shows a newlywed family in Ripley County.  This is ELIJAH and NANCY BELL's son, 
Valentine Alexander BELL  and his new wife, Louisa Simoline CAVACY Bell.

1860: Missouri-Ripley Co MO-Kelly Twp-P.O.:Doniphan-Roll:643 P:491-602/592
BELL, V.A.    19 M Farmer       0/100  Tenn (Valentine Alexander Bell)
BELL, L.S.    19 F Domestic            Ark  (Louisa Simoline Cavacy Bell)

1870: Missouri-Ripley Co MO
The 1870 Census shows three families with the surname of BELL residing in Ripley County.  The ELIJAH 
and NANCY BELL Family which was in the 1860 Census are still listed, but with only two children in the 
household. It shows he is still a farmer with real real estate value of $1,000 and personal property of 
$500.  The family is listed on page 664, household 497/497, as follows:

1870: Missouri-Ripley Co MO-Kelly Twp-P.O.:Doniphan-Roll:803 P:664-497/497                                       
BELL, Elijah       56 M Farmer      1000/500  AL
BELL, Nancy        53 F Housekeeper           NC
BELL, Jason Wilson 20 M                       TN
BELL, Margaret     18 F                       TN

NOTE: BELL, W.L. (William) probably died between the 1860 and 1870 census.


A publication titled "Ripley County (Missouri) Records - Obituaries: 1874-1910 compiled and indexed by 
Mrs. Thelma S. McManus, CGRS, 507 Vine Street, Doniphan, Missouri 63935 and printed at Doniphan, Mo, 
May 1979, on Page 9 shows:

1877 - 18 MAY Died on Friday 11 May of Pneumonia at his home on Big Barren - ELIJAH BELL, age @ 70 years, 
leaves widow, 1 daughter and 2 sons

Page 12 has this story:
1878 - 09 AUG Funeral sermon of Mr & MRS. ELIJAH BELL, long time residents on Big Barren, will be 
preached by Rev. Timothy Reeves at the Buffalo Church next Sunday.  <See 18 MAY 1877 for notice of death 

A family with the head of household listed as Alexander BELL is listed in the 1870 Census as residing in 
Kelly Township.  This is V.A. Bell listed in the 1860 Census, however, Louisa Simoline is called Caroline, 
and the age and place of birth does not correspond with what is shown for 1860 Census.

1870: Missouri-Ripley Co MO-Kelly Twp-P.O.:Doniphan-Roll:803 P:490/490                                       
BELL, Alexander 32 M Farmer      150/300 Mo
BELL, Caroline  30 F Housekeeper         Mo
BELL, Isabel     9 F                     Mo
BELL, Victoria   7 F                     Mo

The third family listed is headed by Lucinda BELL which I believe to be the same Lucy BELL in the 1860 
Census.  However, her husband, James, and two children, Charles and E.L. are no longer in the household.

1870: Missouri-Ripley Co MO-Union Twp-P.O.:Gatewood-Roll:    P:                                       
BELL, Lucinda  50 F              100/100 Ohio
BELL, Solomon  20 M                      Iowa
BELL, Nancy J  18 F                      Ill

The 1880 Census reveals that a new family arrived in Ripley County during the period June 1870 and June 
1880.  It also shows a new individual arrived during this period and it shows him as a boarder in the 
Sheriff's home.  He was Joseph W. BELL, a salon keeper, and the new family was the Franklin and Sarah 
BELL family from Pennsylvania.

1880: Missouri-Ripley Co MO--Doniphan Village-P:553-11/12
BELL, Joseph W 23 M Keeping Salon    KY

1880: Missouri-Ripley Co MO--Doniphan Village-P:573
BELL, Franklin  70? M Farmer Penn
BELL, Sarah C   68? F Wife   Penn
BELL, Harrett A 20  F Dau    Penn
BELL, Harry M   15  M Son    Penn
BELL, Mary A    15  F Dau    Penn
BELL, Charley M  9  M Son    Penn

The 1880 Census does not contain a listing for the  ELIJAH and NANCY BELL family.  They died during the 
1870-1880 period.  However, two sons from this marriage are listed with their families.  They are 
VALENTINE A. BELL and J.W. (Jason) BELL.  Lucinda BELL is still listed as head of her household, with a 
daughter and two grandchildren residing with her.  Lucinda's son, Solomon, married between census' and 
is listed with his family.


Book:Q Page:228-29 Warranty Deed
ELIJAH BELL and Wife to Sarah J. BELL, Winfield L. BELL, Eldorado BELL and ELIJAH W. BELL 90 acres 
19 SEP 1874 Filed:27 OCT 1883

Book:P Page:406-7 Deed
ELIJAH BELL bought land for $425.00 from Henry and Casandra Rangey. Dated:25 APR 1859 Filed:6 AUG 1859 
E½ of all 29 sec Twp 25 R1E

Book:H Page:415-16 Quit Claim  Indenture
12 JUL 1870 Filed:12 JUL 1870 Sarah Waller to Valentine A BELL $50.00 26.90 ac–

Book:P Page:510-13 Sheriff's Deed in Partition  
ELIJAH BELL Deceased, Estate to Morgan W. COTTON, Winfield Scott BELL, Morgan E. COTTON  OCT Term 1880 
Seal affixed 28 OCT 1882 230 acres SE NE South of Big Barren Creek Sec:29 Twp:25 Range:

								    BK   PG
Elijah W        BELL  to Cyntha M     PRUET             17 NOV 1867       6
Margaret E      BELL  to Morgan White COTTON            12 AUG 1872      12
Jason Wilson    BELL  to Nancy Jane   KELLY             18 DEC 1873      15
Solomon         BELL  to Mrs Amanda   FASHEE Tucker     07 JUN 1874      16
Louisa Isabel   BELL  to John C       LEWIS             18 JUL 1879      31
Nancy Jane      BELL  to James        CAMP              18 NOV 1880      39
Robert Winfield BELL  to Sarah J      STEPP             31 MAY 1890 B:2 147
James Elidge    BELL  to Cassie       FLOOD             12 NOV 1892 B:2 276
Martha Alice    BELL  to H C          MATHIS            31 DEC 1888 B:2  58
Mary            BELL  to William F    SIMPSON           12 OCT 1889 B:2 108
Annie           BELL  to Newton       WIGGINSTON        29 JAN 1890 B:2 124
Fannie          BELL  to J B          SHAHAN            23 MAR 1892 B:2 250
J A             BELL  to Margaret     OSBURN            14 NOV 1893 B:3  13
Coalman         BELL  to Millie Ann   WEATHERSPOON      18 MAY 1895 B:3 116
Rutha           BELL  to F M          JACKSON           23 MAR 1892 B:2 251
Ida L           BELL  to J L          PONDER            03 NOV 1894 B:3  75
Bee             BELL  to A P          GLORE             24 JAN 1895 B:3  91
F W             BELL  to Minnie D     BUBB              16 APR 1898 
Drusie E        BELL  to Jeff M       SANDLIN           29 SEP 1896
M S             BELL  to J A          CAMP              07 MAY 1898 B:4   1
Wm Franklin     BELL  to Ethel Rose   PARRISH           31 OCT 1900 B:4 220
Robert Winfield BELL  to Ethel M      NEILL             19 MAY 1906 B:5 218
James A         BELL  to Ruth         STONE             21 DEC 1909
Robert Lester   BELL  to Leta L       GREGORY           05 MAR 1910 B:6  38
James F         BELL  to Ethel        YOUNG             14 SEP 1912 B:6 221
H E             BELL  to Arta         WHITWELL          10 SEP 1914 
J R             BELL  to Marth        PETTERSON         26 JAN 1915
Emmert Elijah   BELL  to Lauretta May WHITWELL          29 MAY 1915
Robert Winfield BELL  to Mrs. Lillie May SHIPMAN Brown  09 JUN 1917
John            BELL  to Ruth         LEWIS             17 JUL 1918 B:7 241
Emma            BELL  to W E          CREWSE            30 DEC 1919 B:7 332
Orvel L         BELL  to Ruby C       DRANE             31 MAY 1930
Eulalia         BELL  to Wallace      MEADOWS           15 JUL 1933 
Mary Ellen      BELL  to Arch R       PONDER            02 JUL 1938
Nancy Emma      BELL  to George W     MISSICK           01 FEB 1885
Victoria E      BELL  to Newton       MATHEWS           09 MAR 1887
Andrew J       LEWIS  to Martha E     McMERTREY         16 JAN 1876      19
Joab           LEWIS  to Jane         HARRIS            20 AUG 1879      30
Ellen          LEWIS  to John         WRIGHT            18 AUG 1880      37
Martha E       LEWIS  to Sylvenina    CROPSON           31 MAR 1881      42
John Allen     LEWIS  to Margarett    DUNN              28 JUN 1888 B:2  32
John           LEWIS  to Ida          LANE              17 NOV 1888 B:2  54
John E         LEWIS  to Effie        POPE              03 JAN 1902 B:4 324
Bessie S       LEWIS  to Horace H     MORRIS            26 MAR 1904 B:5  46
John           LEWIS  to Myrtle       CRABTREE          20 MAY 1907 B:5 297
John           LEWIS  to Ana          HODO              26 NOV 1909 B:6  19

Compiled and submitted by Charlotte Ramsey

Charlotte Curlee Ramsey

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