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The Payne Family
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     Joseph John Payne was born in 1813, Laurens County, Georgia. He was the son of George Payne (born 1785, Wilkes Co., Ga.; died in 1830, Laurens Co., Ga.) and Sara (Smith) Payne (born 1787 in Ga., daughter of William Smith, born 1757, Va., died in N. Carolina).

     Joseph married about 1832 Martha Henrietta Smith, born 1815, Georgia, daughter of William Smith (born 1786, Franklin Co., Va.) and Mary (Ellis) Smith (born 1788, Va.).

     The Payne family was listed in the 1850 census of Laurens County. In the early 1850s, the Paynes moved to Jasper, Hamilton County, Florida where Joseph was a farmer and also served as a justice of the peace in 1855 and 1858. In the 1860 census of Hamilton County, dated 18 June, Jasper, the Payne family of Joseph, Henrietta, Ira, Joseph, Martha, Margaret, Frances, Lucinda, Dorinda, William D., Susan, were enumerated in household 139. Joseph had real estate of $2,500 and personal property of $5,520. Neighbors included Robert and Zilla Hendry, George and Mary Jennings, William and Caroline Sutton, Augustus and Virginia Polhill, James and Mary Ann Farnell.

     Joseph Payne died in 1861. "Inventory of the Property of the Estate of Joseph Payne made Oct. 1861," steel file 13 B, Estate, Jasper, Hamilton County Court House, included in part: 1 harness and chains, 1 gin and gin barrel, 1 old wagon and cart, 1 bay mare, 1 grey horse, 1 mill, 1 drawing knife, 36 head stock cattle, 33 head stock hogs, notes on P. A. Ashley, William Gill and Alexander Bell, accounts of Robert Hendry & James M. Hendry, 230 bushels corn, 900 lbs. of pork, 320 acres of land. His estate was appraised at $2,053.79. Sales of his personal property was filed 28 July 1862 with John Mizell, Judge of Probate.

     Henrietta Payne died on 29 August 1870.

     Issue of Joseph and Henrietta Payne:

     1. Ira Payne, born 1833. He enlisted as a private on 28 Jul 1862 in Georgia in the Confederate Army and was captured at Marietta, Ga. 18 Jun 1864 and died of measles at Camp Morton, Indiana 20 Jul 1864. He apparently never married.

     2. Sarah Payne, born 16 Nov 1835; died on 20 Dec 1897; married on 12 Nov 1857 in Hamilton Co., John Wright Hendry, son of Robert Hendry & Zilla Ann (Moody) Hendry. John was born 23 Sep 1836, Thomasville, Ga.; died 4 Feb 1907, Wauchula. They are buried in New Zion Cemetery, Ona, Fla. John was a Baptist minister.
     a. Amanda Lugenia Hendry, born 29 Sep 1858, Hamilton Co., Fla.; died 24 Sep 1941; married (1) 22 Aug 1875 James Archibald Strickland, divorced; (2) 8 Dec 1881 Edward Floyd Bostick, born 17 Sep 1858; died 14 Aug 1920. "Jeannie" and E. F. Bostick are buried in Wauchula Cemetery.
     Issue of Jeannie & (1) James A. Strickland:
     a1. Cornelia “Cornie” Catherine Strickland, born 14 Aug 1876; died 30 May 1969; buried Myrtle Hill Memorial Park, Tampa, Fla.; married 30 Apr 1896 Albert William (Ab W.) Carlton (1875-1925), son of Albert Carlton & Martha (McEwen) Carlton; divorced.
     Issue of Jeannie and (2) E. F. Bostick:
     b1. Ezra Casper Bostick, born 7 Nov 1883; died 22 Nov 1945, Lakeland, Fla.; married Myrtle Purviance. He was a Baptist minister.
     c1. Ceylon Robert Bostick, born 23 Oct 1896; died on 4 Jun 1961; married 27 Oct 1923 in New Orleans, La., Katherine Davenport Hayden. She was born 18 Oct 1896, Russum, Miss. and died 11 Apr 1996, Wauchula, Fla. They are buried in the Wauchula Cemetery.

     3. Robert T. Payne, born 1839. He enlisted as a private 28 Apr 1862 in the Confederate Army in Georgia, was appointed corporal, captured at Franklin, Tennessee 17 Dec 1864, paroled at Camp Chase, Ohio on 2 May 1865, was received at Vicksburg, Mississippi via New Orleans, Louisiana for exchange 12 May 1865. He went west after release.

     4. Joseph John Payne, Jr., born 1841. He enlisted as a private on 27 May 1861 in Georgia in the Confederate Army, was wounded at Salem Church, Virginia 3 May 1863 and died from his wounds on 6 May 1863. He apparently never married.

     5. Mary Jane Payne, born 3 Jun 1842; died 3 May 1899; married on 22 Dec 1858 in Hamilton Co., James Madison Hendry, son of Robert Hendry and Zilla Ann (Moody) Hendry. They are buried in New Zion Cemetery, Ona, Fla.
     a. Robert Hendry, born 4 Oct 1860; died 13 Jul 1862; buried Fort Green Baptist Cemetery.
     b. Alice Lee Hendry, born 10 Jan 1863; died 30 Jan 1942, Pine Level, Fla.; married 13 Jun 1878 in Manatee Co., Fla. Daniel Webster Hull.
     c. Euliff Lardner Hendry, born 2 Oct 1866; died 12 Aug 1914, Ona, Fla.; married 2 Apr 1888 in DeSoto Co., Fla. Clara Abigail Miller.
     d. Samuel Enoch Hendry, born 10 Jun 1869; died 29 March 1923, Ona, Fla.; married 10 Nov 1898 Anna Walton.
     e. Albert J. Hendry, born 12 Aug 1871; died 12 Nov 1873; buried Fort Green Baptist Cemetery.
     f. Henrietta Angelia Hendry, born 17 April 1874; died 10 July 1954, Bowling Green, Fla.; married 4 July 1889 Burrell Fiveash Roberts.
     g. Calvin Eugene Hendry, born 14 Jan 1877; died 6 May 1946, Tampa, Fla.; married 30 Dec 1909 Mary Ethel Hull.
     h. Charles Boardman Hendry, born 13 Mar 1879; died 14 Oct 1914, Ona, Fla.; married 26 Feb 1905 Delia Viola Boyd.
     i. John Newell Hendry, born 7 Nov 1881; died 19 Dec 1968, Wauchula, Fla.; married (1) 15 Mar 1903, Emma Alice (2) 1942 Essie Shuman.
     j. Barnabas Binney Hendry, born 17 Feb 1885; died 15 Feb1958, Florence, SC; married Elizabeth Young, 1910.
     k. Emery Diaz Hendry, born 17 Aug 1890; died 14 Aug 1891; buried New Zion Cemetery.

     6. Martha Payne, born 1844.

     7. Margaret Payne, born 1846; married ______ Lindsey.

     8. Elizabeth Frances Payne, born Dec 1848; died 11 Apr 1913; married 8 Mar 1868 in Polk Co., Fla., James H. Rich, son of ______ and Sarah Rich. He was born 29 May 1849, Ga., and died 25 Mar 1902. They are buried in New Zion Cemetery, Ona, Fla.
     a. William Rich, born 1870.
     b. James Rich, born 1873.
     c. Flossie Rich, born 1881; died 1954.

     9. Lucinda Payne, born Mar 1850; died 1919, Arcadia, Fla.; married 7 Jan 1868 in Manatee Co., Fla., Alderman Carlton (1849-1940), son of Daniel Wilson Carlton and Sallie Ann (Murphy) Carlton. They are buried in Joshua Creek Cemetery, DeSoto Co., Fla.
     Issue of Lucinda (Payne) and Alderman Carlton:
     a. Callie Etta Carlton, born 15 Feb 1870; died 1942; married 19 May 1895 Jerry Harvey Mathews. He was born 7 Nov 1869 and died 22 Mar 1960. They are buried in Joshua Creek Cemetery.
     b. Sidney Alderman Carlton, born 19 Nov 1871; died in 1937; married Lillie Hancock. Lillie was born 26 Sep 1879 and died 23 Sep 1911. They are buried in Joshua Creek Cemetery.
     Known male issue of Sidney Alderman Carlton:
     b1. Royce Carlton, born Jan 1898; died 1940.
     b2. Doyle Carlton, born Dec 1899; died 1952; buried Joshua Creek Cemetery.
     b3. Ewell Carlton.
     b4. Hugh Carlton.
     c. Tomsie T. Carlton, born 19 Sep 1873; married D. B. Walker on 18 Feb 1892.
     d. Walter Kirby Carlton, born 21 Nov 1875; died 24 Sept 1878; buried Joshua Creek Cemetery.
     e. Robert F. Carlton, born 24 Oct 1879; died 1953; married on 4 Jun 1905 Jennie Green, born ca. 1888.

      10. Dorinda Payne, born 11 Apr 1853; died 4 Apr 1926; married on 7 Jan 1869 in Manatee Co., Fla., Benjamin Alderman, son of Matthew and Caroline (Sloan) Alderman. He was born 7 Dec 1847 and died 2 Jun 1914. They are buried in Fort Green Methodist Cemetery, Fort Green.
      Benjamin served in Lesley's Co., Fla., CSA. He was a farmer, fruit grower and cattleman, with about 100 head of cattle. Benjamin and Dorinda were members of the Baptist church.
      a. Bethel Alderman, born 14 Jul 1871; died 2 Jun 1914; married on 6 Oct 1901 Allie Parker.
      b. Jesse Alderman, born 15 Nov 1872; died 22 Feb 1932; married on 24 Sep 1892 Julia DeVane.
      c. Matthew Alderman, born 4 Sep 1879; married on 25 Apr 1900 Jennie Main.
      d. Leon Alderman, born 14 Mar 1882; married on 25 Jun 1905 Florence Stewart.
      e. William Vergil Alderman, born 13 Mar 1887; died 1964; married Dora Gill.
      f. Robert C. Alderman, born 2 May 1889; married 8 Dec 1912 Edna K. Davies.
      g. Melvin Alderman, born 10 Dec 1897; married 24 Dec 1921 Ethel Durrance.

     11. William Daniel Payne, commonly known as "Buddy," born 22 Mar 1854, near Jasper, Hamilton Co., Florida; died near noon on 14 June 1931. In Manatee County on 16 May 1875, he married Martha Almittie Rich, daughter of Alfred and Martha (Phillips) Rich. Rev. John W. Hendry officiated. Martha was born 14 April 1858 and died 21 Sep 1937. They lived in the Horse Creek section, southwest of Ona, near the Hardee-Manatee counties line, just across the Manatee County line. They are buried in New Zion Cemetery.
     After the death of his mother, Buddy went to live with his sister and brother-in-law, Sarah and Rev. John W. Hendry, in Chicora, Polk County, Florida. In 1871 the Rev. Hendry resettled on Brushy Creek in the New Zion settlement of Manatee County.
     Buddy was greatly influenced by his brother-in-law, and, like him, became a Baptist minister. Known churches Rev. Payne served included: Oak Grove Baptist (1895-96, 1899), First Baptist Church of Wauchula (1897-98), Union Baptist Church (Lily) from November of 1897-October 1898, and New Zion Baptist Church 1897-1901.
     W. D. Payne was also a farmer, notary public, and writer. He wrote two short biographies, commissioned by New Zion Church in memory of two of the church's most prominent members, Rev. John W. Hendry and Robert Roberts. The first, A Brief Sketch of the Life and Work of John W. Hendry A Pioneer Baptist Preacher of South Florida, was published in 1907 by the Advocate Press, Wauchula. It provided, not only an insight into the Rev. Hendry's life, but also an interesting glimpse of pioneer days. A Short Sketch of Robert Roberts Embracing a Story of his Military Life in the War Between the States , Payne's second work, contained a brief biography of Robert Roberts (1842-1912) by Payne and an account of Roberts' Confederate service told to Payne.
     a. Sarah Edna Payne, born 8 Apr 1876; died 8 Oct 1907; married 1897 Jesse W. Taylor, son of Clayborn and Sallie (Albritton) Taylor. He was born 28 Jun 1870; died 1 Oct 1907. They are buried in New Zion Cemetery.
     a1. Dessee Taylor.
     a2. William Taylor.
     a3. Alton Taylor.
     a4. Robert Taylor.
     a5. Almittie Taylor.
     b. Seleeta Payne, born June 1882.
     c. Agnes C. "Neat" Payne, born 5 June 1884; died ____; married Noah S. Albritton. In Jan 1946 she lived in Waycross, Ga.
     Issue includes:
     c1. Viola Albritton.
     d. Hollis Virgil Payne, born 4 Jun 1892; died 6 Jan 1946; buried New Zion Cemetery; married Bessie Roberts. He served as a private in 124 Inf., 31 Div., World War I.
     e. John Willingham Payne, born 18 Aug 1899; died 14 Mar 1984; married on 9 Sep 1923 Alphia Lois Jones, born 19 Sep 1906, Georgia, died 24 May 1995, daughter of William Henry Jones and Francis Louise (Barnett) Jones. They are buried in New Zion Cemetery. John lived in Ona and Myakka City, Fla. He was a farmer and school bus driver.
     e1. Fannie Almittie Payne, born 12 Jul 1924, Ona.
     e2. Gloria Leatrice Payne, born 8 Apr 1926, Ona; married James Crawford O'Neal, Jr., born 4 Dec 1921, son of James Crawford, Sr. and Lydia Mae (Walker) Crawford.
     e3. Lois Irene Payne, born 23 Sep 1930, Ona; married Brian Leslie Carlton, born 13 Jun 1923, died 30 Mar 1997, Myakka City, Fla., died 30 Mar 1997; son of John Leslie Carlton and Ida Lee (Carlton) Carlton.
     e3.1. Walter Russell Carlton, born 6 Jan 1950; married Susan Browning.
     e3.2. Daniel Brian Carlton, born 24 Oct 1952; married Bonnie Bray.
     e3.3 Leonard Ronald Carlton, born 3 May 1955; married (1) Carolyn Gilmore; (2) Nancy Cannon Steiner.
     e4. John William Payne, born 14 Nov 1934, Ona; married Marilyn Murphy.
     Issue of John W. and Marilyn (Murphy) Payne:
     e4.1. Ronald Gordon Payne.
     e4.2. Guy Payne.
     e4.3. Jodie Payne.
     e4.4. Tina Payne.
     e5. Ronald Gordon Payne, born 10 Apr 1937, Ona; died 10 Feb 1955 in a car accident; buried New Zion Cemetery.
     f. James B. Payne, born 18 Aug 1899, twin of John; died 9 Feb 1958; married (1) Lena Hall; (2) Margaret Johnson.

     12. Susan Payne, born 1858.

     References: Jean B. Burton, Wauchula, Fla.; Sharon Lokken, 1355 Honeytree Lane W., Lakeland, FL 33801; Maxwell C. Roberts of Zephryhills, Fla.; Roster of the Confederate Soldiers of Georgia 1861-1865; Cora Hinton, A Brief History of Hamilton County, Florida, 1976; estate record of Joseph Payne; "Benjamin Alderman," William Alderman Parker, Aldermans in America, p. 422; "Iron Crosses Placed At Graves," The Herald-Advocate, 3B, 25 May 2006 [On 6 May 2006, the Sons of Confederate Veterans, General David E. Twiggs Camp No. 1462 of Wauchula, along with the Maj. William Footman Camp No. 1950 of Fort Myers, held at Fort Green Methodist Cemetery an Iron Cross Dedication and Memorial Service for Confederate veterans, Benjamin Alderman and John R. Gill (1842-1922).]; Brian Leslie Carlton, Irene Carlton, Roland J. Carlton, Charles Leslie Carlton, In Loving Memory of Uncle Marion And Aunt Ellen Carlton, 1998, p. 5.

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