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Archibald Hendry

By Spessard Stone

Archibald Hendry, a pioneer settler of Fort Pierce, Florida, was a justice of the peace, sheriff, and cattleman.

Archibald Hendry was born February 18, 1820, Liberty County, Georgia. About 1825, he moved with his parents, John Hendry and Catherine (McFail) Hendry to Lowndes County, Georgia. In 1848, he moved near Jasper in Hamilton County, Florida where a deed for land was made to him on October 30, 1848. Archibald, occupation clerk, was enumerated with his brother, Robert Hendry, in the Second District, household # 119 in the 1850 census of Hamilton County.

In Hamilton County on April 10, 1853, he married Mary Ann Clardy, born March 8, 1835, daughter of Thomas T. and Anner (Gore) Clardy. James N. Hendry, a justice of the peace and brother of Archibald, officiated. The Hendrys were involved in several land transactions. On March 27, 1852 Archibald purchased from the U. S. government 40.04 acres, i.e., the NE1/4 of SE1/4 of Section 17, Township 2 N, Range 14 E, for $50.05, which Department of Natural Resources' records, Tallahassee, show that Archibald received a patent on May 1, 1855. On October 27, 1853, Mary Ann Hendry purchased for $106.25 85 acres located in Section 5, Township 1 N, Range 13 E, for which she received a patent on the land on May 1, 1855. On August 28, 1855, Robert Hendry bought a tract of land from Archibald. On May 31, 1857 Archibald sold additional property and, thereafter, moved to Hillsborough County, Florida.

During the Third Seminole War, Archibald enrolled on January 12, 1858 at Fort Brooke (Tampa) in Capt. Wm. H. Kendrick's Company, Florida Volunteers. Archibald Hendry, farrier, appeared on the muster roll from January to June 1858 He was paid for 3 months and 6 days service and discharged by special order at Ft. Brooke, Fla. on April 18, 1858.

Archibald Hendry on December 14, 1860 was commissioned as a justice of the peace of Hillsborough County until the first Monday in October 1861.

Archibald and family were recorded in household # 61/45 in the 1860 census of Hillsborough County, Florida. Judging by his neighbors who included the families of William B. Moody, George W. Hendry (brother), Timothy Bryant, Isaac Carlton, Archibald lived in the Alafia area. In the latter 1860s, he became a resident of Polk County (established 1861) and lived at Chicora.

In July 1868, James D. Green, the Republican State Representative of Manatee County who was also influential in Polk County patronage, recommended James T. Wilson as Polk County Judge, Daniel Waldron as county clerk and tax assessor, Archibald Hendry for sheriff and tax collector, Felix Seward for county treasurer, and as county commissioners John W. Hendry and Albert J. Hendry. (Daniel Waldron, John W. Hendry, and Albert J. Hendry failed to qualify.)

Canter Brown, Jr. in Florida’s Peace River Frontier, p. 208, noted: "By mid-1872, with the appointment of a series of new county commissioners, conservative control of county officers was confirmed, although Archibald Hendry remained for the time as sheriff and tax commissioner and James T. Wilson continued to hold office as a newly appointed county commissioner [May 12, 1872]. Time was running out on Hendry however. On July 9, 1872, the governor appointed Felix J. Seward to succeed him in both offices, and on October 28 of the following year Hendry was indicted in Polk County on a charge of embezzlement. The fact that the indictment was never prosecuted suggests that politics may have lain behind it, but Hendry took the hint and soon moved to Fort Pierce where his wife and children had lived since January 1872."

Early in January 1872, the family, driving their herd of cattle before them, had moved to Fort Pierce in Brevard (now St. Lucie) County and settled on the south side of Ten Mile Creek, several miles southwest of Fort Pierce.

On March 17, 1893, Archibald applied for an invalid pension based upon his service in the company of Wm. H. Kendrick. His personal description was as follows: “Age, 73 years; height 6 feet; complexion, fair; hair, black; eyes, blue.” He further stated, “That while a member of the organization aforesaid, in the service and in the line of duty in the state of Florida, on or about the 1st day of Feby 1857, he contracted rheumatism from hardship and exposure incident to the service." He gave his occupation as a farmer and his post office address as Fort Pierce, Brevard County. Reuben Carlton and W. J. Tucker attested to his application.

Archibald Hendry died June 16, 1897 at Fort Pierce, Florida.

On August 5, 1902, Mary A. Hendry, a resident of Ft. Pierce, Brevard County, Florida, applied for an Indian War service pension under the Act of July 27, 1892. She swore that she was the widow of Archibald Hendry, who served in the company of Captain Kendrick in the war with the Seminole Indians in the year 1857. Continuing, she related “that she was married under the name of Mary A. Clardy to her said husband, by James N. Hendry, on or about the 10th day of April A.D. 1853, at Hamilton Co. in the State of Florida, and lived with her said husband from the date of her said marriage until the date of his death, to wit: the 16th day of June, A.D. 1897, when her said husband died at Ft. Pierce, in the State of Florida.” She further stated, “That since the death of her husband she had resided at the following places, to wit: at Ft. Pierce, Fla. and the last year at Cutler, Dade Co., Florida.” She gave her Post Office address as Ft. Pierce, Fla. Daniel S. Carlton and Peter P. Cobb, residing in Ft. Pierce, acted as her witnesses. The pension, certificate no. 6096, was approved, and she was last paid at $12 to Nov. 4, 1920, Ft. Pierce, Fla. Mary A. Hendry died on November 5, 1920.

Issue of Archibald and Mary Ann (Clardy) Hendry:

1. George E. Hendry, born April 20, 1855; died 1897; never married.
2. Archibald A. Hendry, born Aug. 18, 1857; died 1945; married Mrs. Amy Ann (Cone) Hart.
3. Eloise Hendry, born Feb. 27, 1861; died 1946; married on June 9, 1878 John Frank Bell.
4. Celestia Hendry, born Dec. 4, 1862; married James Dickey.
5. Caledonia Hendry, born March 30, 1865; married (1) John Hugh Addison; (2) Lee Morgan.
6. John Hendry, born March 1867; married Jane Alderman.
7. William Argyle Hendry, born April 1869; married Bell Montgomery.
8. Annie Hendry, born April 9, 1873; married Joe Spelock.
9. Jessie Hendry, born March 27, 1875; married William Cotton.

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December 21, 2001 & April 27, 2004; photo, courtesy of Canter Brown, Jr., January 11, 2002