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Lineage Of John Stone, Blockmaker

By Spessard Stone

Chapter 1 - John Stone 1695-1761

     Stone is an ancient surname of England. The Hundred Rolls of England of 1273 listed: Warin de la Stane, County Devonshire; Reginald ad Ston', County Bedfordshire; John de la Stone, County Sussex. The Yorkshire Poll Tax of 1379 recorded: Johannes del Stone and Robertus del Stones. The surname of Stone is today most often found in Somersetshire and is also common in Berkshire, Dorsetshire, Buckingham, Derbyshire, Devonshire, and Surrey.

     Exactly when the first ancestor of our Stones came to America has not been ascertained. John Stone of Boston, Massachusetts, our first proven Stone, was born in 1695 and came to Charles Town (Charleston), South Carolina. There on 13 December 1717, John purchased from Mary Badsen et al lot # 73 on the south side of Tradd Street where he lived the rest of his life and conducted his business of making naval blocks and tackle. Through the wooden blocks, the rope was threaded which pulled the sails on sailing vessels.

     About 1717, John married Martha Jones, and to the couple were born four daughters and a son. Martha Jones Stone died ca. 1726. At Charles Town 14 November 1729, John married (2) Susannah Dassex Marche, born 1700, New York, New York, daughter of Peter and Susannah (Bouquet) Dassex. She married (1) Charles Marche, who died 1718/19. Charles appeared in Charles Town records variously from 2 September 1711 to 14 March 1718/19. On 21 April 1719, Susannah Marche, Charles Franchome, and Mathurin Boigard made bond of 2,000 pounds sterling, with Susannah being named administratrix of the estate of Charles Marche, deceased. John & Susannah had five sons and two daughters.

     Susannah Bouquet (given name also spelled Susanna, hereafter as cited in contemporary records), born ca. 1680, died ca. 1745, was probably the daughter of Francois and Magdalena Bouquet. Francois appeared at her marriage on 22 April 1697 at the French Church, New York, to Pierre Dasserex, who was born ca. 1675; died ca. 1705-1707. Francois Bouquet with his wife and children, according to Baird's Huguenot Emigration to America, fled to England in 1681 from Saint Nazaire or Port des Barques, France.

     Peter Dassex (as spelled in deed) on 27 February 1702, bought 150 acres of land in Berkeley County, South Carolina from Joseph and Joyce Griffen. In his will, dated 8 August 1705, Peter Dassex bequeathed all his estate to his wife, Susannah. Susannah Dassex, widow of Berkeley County, conveyed the 150 acres to Gideon Faucheraud on 17 February 1707.

     Susannah (Bouquet) and Peter Dassex had issue:
     1. Peter Dassex, Jr., born ca. 1698; died after May 1708.
     2. Susannah Dassex, born 1700, New York, New York; died 13 Jun 1756, Charleston; md. (1) Charles Marche (died
        1718/19); (2) John Stone, 14 Nov 1729.

     Susannah (Bouquet) Dassex married (2) Mathurin Guerin in May 1708. On 18 May 1708, Mathurin signed a marriage contract with Susannah Dasserx (also spelled (Dassex-Dasserex). Her children, Peter, Jr. and Susannah Dasserx, were named in the marriage contract. Mathurin in a second part of the contract on 28 May 1708 referred to Susannah as "my now wife."

     Mathurin, Francis and Peter Guerin were brothers from St. Nazaire, Saintonge, France. Guerin, described in Burke's General Armory (1884), as a noble family established at Champaign, Isle of France and Auvergne; arms: "d'or a trois lyons de sable couronnes, lampasses et armes de gueules" was a French Huguenot family, who arrived in the South Carolina Low Country by 1691. Peter Guerin died in 1722, the inventory of his estate dated 22 March 1722, with his widow Charlotte Guerin, the administratrix. The will of Francis Garring [Guerin], dated 6 March 1729 and proved 2 April 1730, described him as a planter and member of the French Protestant Church. It mentioned his nephews, James and Francis, under twenty-one, niece, Charlotte, the children of Peter Guerin; Mathurin Guerin, under twenty-one, and Mary Guerin, daughter of Mrs. Bogar [Boigard]. Francis' wife was Anne Arrine.

     Mathurin Guerin, son of Pierre and Jeanne (Billebaud) Guerin, was born ca. 1665, Saint Nazaire, Saintonge, France. According to tradition, along with other families of Huguenot seamen, he escaped from Saint Nazaire 1681-86 and settled in South Carolina. On 17 March 1691, Mary Brigaud et al sold to Martin (Mathurin) and Francis Guerin for 14 pounds a town lot, plat no. 90, at Charles Town. On 13 September 1695, Francis sold his one-half interest in the lot to Maturin (Mathurin) for 10 pounds sterling. Then on 7 August 1699 Mathurin bought lot no. 106 in Charles Town from John and Rebekah Flavell.

     Mathurin's first wife was Marie Nicholas (Nicollas), daughter of Andre Nicholas & Francoise Dunot. The couple appeared on the St. Julien List of emigrants seeking naturalization, drawn up in 1696/7. There was no known issue. Marie died ca. 1707.

     Susannah (Bouquet) Dassex and Mathurin Guerin had issue:
     3. Mary Guerin, born 1709; died 1772 unmarried.
     4. Mathurin Guerin 11, born 30 Sep 1710; died 3 Nov 1780; md. (1) Elizabeth Sandiford; (2) Mary Peacock.
     5. Frances Guerin, born ca. 1711; died 17 Dec 1752; married 20 Jan 1725/26 William Elliott, Jr., brother of Bernard Elliott.

     Mathurin Guerin died ca. 1712. Susannah (Bouquet) Dassex married (3) Mathurin Boigard on 21 March 1713/4.

     Mathurin and Susannah Boigard had issue:
     6. Elizabeth Boigard, born Feb 1717; died 26 Sep 1768 (aged 51 years 7 months) at Accabee, S. Car.; md. Barnard Elliott.
     His will, dated 16 May 1758, was proved 1 Dec 1758.
     a. Barnard Elliott, Jr., who married (1) 27 Apr 1766 Mary Elizabeth Bellenger; (2) 1 Jan 1776
     Susannah Smith. Lt. Col. Elliott died at the Battle of Ft. Moultrie.
     b. Elizabeth Elliott, who married Richard Bohun Baker.
     c. Mary Elliott, who married William Guerin.
     d. Amarenthia Elliott, never married; died ca. 1822.
     e. Catherine Elliott, who married Rev. William Piercy (Percy).

     Mathurin Boigard, yeoman, of Charles Town, in his will of 1 December 1732, recorded 4 April 1735, named his wife Susanna and step-son-in-law John Stone as executors of his last will and testament. Bequests were made to his wife Susanna, who was to receive real estate during widowhood, and to his daughter Elizabeth, wife of Barnard Elliott, who was to inherit real estate at the death or marriage of her mother. Also named were sons-in-law, Mathurin Guerin, planter, and Barnard Elliott; daughters-in-law, Susanna, wife of John Stone, blockmaker; Mary Guerin; and Frances, wife of William Elliott, Jr., planter. (With the exception of Barnard Elliott, the term in-law was intended to mean stepchild.) Also mentioned was the Rev. Mr. Guichard, minister of the French Calvinist Church in Charles Town, who was to receive 4 pounds yearly, but if no minister there, then to the Presbyterian Church, where Rev. Mr. Nathan Bassett was minister.

     John Stone appeared on a petition to the South Carolina Commons House of Assembly in a reference to the estate of Mathurin Boigard (spelled here as Beaugard). Commons Journal, 16 January 1739 to 7 June 1739, recorded the petition:

     "Read the Petition of Susanna Beaugard and John Stone Executrix and Executor of the last Will and Testament of Mathurin Beaugard deceased and of Bernard Elliott on behalf of himself and Elizabeth his Wife sole Heiress of the said Mathurin Beaugard, praying that the House would be pleased to direct that the vacant Land to be appropriated for the Use of Charles Town may be taken to the Northward of the Land which belonged to the said Mathurin Beaugard, and that his Heirs may have their Part fronting on Queen Street, as mentioned in the Body of the petition and that the Petitioners may be allowed such reasonable Time as the House shall think fit to remove such Improvements as were made, through Mistake, on the said vacant Land by the said Mathurin Beaugard."

     On 10 June 1751 in Berkeley County, South Carolina John Stone received of Barnard Elliott 250 pounds, "the full Legacy left my wife Susannah Stone by her Step Father Matthewrine Boyard." His in-laws William Elliott (for his wife Frances Elliott) on 18 June 1752, Mary Guerin on 8 June 1751, and Mathurin Guerin on 24 June 1752, also received 250 pounds apiece due from their stepfather, Mathurin Boigard, through Barnard Elliott.

     On 29 February 1747 John Stone of Charles Town, Berkley County, deeded to grandchildren, John and Martha Ellicott, "infants, son and daughter of my daughter, Amy Ellicott, wife of Joseph Ellicott," three negro slaves, Beulah, January (her son), and Dinah, and one round mahagonay dining table, one round mahagonay tea table, one square mahagonay dressing table, one feather bed, boulster and two pillows, one suit of red and white flowered calicoe bed curtains, vallances and bases. It was recorded 4 November 1748.

     Susannah Dassex Stone died 13 June 1756, Charles Town. John Stone died before 27 February 1761 at Charles Town. The will of John Stone, dated 25 June 1756, was proved on 27 February 1761.

     The will of John Stone follows:

     “In the name of God Amen, I John Stone of Charles Town in the Province of South Carolina Block Maker, being infirm of Body, but, blessed be God of sound and Disposing Mind and Memory, considering the Uncertainty of This Transitory Life, and the Certainty of Death, Do therefore make publish and Declare these presents to be and Contain my last Will and Testament, and do constitute and Appoint my Friends Messrs. William Elliott Sr. and Maturin Guerin Sr. Executors in Trust, of this my said Last Will and Testament, and I do Also hereby utterly revoke and Disannul all and every other and former Will or Wills, Testament and Testaments whatsover by me at any time or times heretofore made or Declared either by Word or Writing, and Declare and confirm this and no other to be and remain as and for my only Last Will and Testament. Principally I commend my immortal Spirit to God the Author and giver thereof in and through the merits and mediation of my Blessed Savior and Redeemer Jesus Christ on whom I rely for the Pardon and remission of all my sins and for eternal Life and Salvation, and my Body at Death I commit to the Grave to be interred in a decent and Christian like manner at the Descretion of my aforesaid Executors, hoping and believing the Resurrection of the Body. And as to all my Lands and Tenements, Goods and Chattels Monies and Debts due to Me, with all and singular my Estate real and personal whatsover and wheresover, I will and ordain that the same and every part and parcel thereof shall go and be disposed of in manner and Form hereinafter particularly and respectively mentioned, That is to say, First, I will and ordain that all my Just Debts and Funeral Charges shall be duly paid and discharged with all convenient expedition after my Decease.

     Item: I give and bequeath unto my loving daughter Susanna Stone a negro Slave Girl named Present, which was sometime past given by the said Mr. William Elliott to my Late Deceased Wife, mother of my said Daughter Susanna, and with the said Negro Slave Girl Present all her future issue and encrease.

     Item: I give devise and bequeath all the rest and Residue of my Estate Lands Tenements Goods and Chattels whatsover and wheresover unto my said Executors or the Survivor of them, his Executors and Administrators, upon the Special Trust of Confidence nevertheless, and to and for the several and respective, Ends, uses, Interest and purposes hereinafter mentioned limited and declared of, for and concerning the same and every part and parcel thereof respectively and to and for no other end, use Interest or purpose whatsoever, that is to say: That my said executors or the Survivor of them, his Executors or Administrators, shall and do when as soon as he or they shall think fit, absolutely sell and Dispose of and Convey in due form of Law to such person or persons as his, her, and their Heirs, Executors, Admors., and Assigns forever as shall be the highest bidder or bidders respectively and for the most moneys that can be got for the same, and as to my said Executor or Executors shall seem fit and proper, as well all and singular my said Lands, Tenements and Real Estate, as the rest and residue of my said Goods and Chattels, and the monies arising thereby, and all other my monies and dues whatsover, including what I have already furnished such of my Children with as hereinafter mentioned respectively, and deducting out of the whole, what my said Executor or Executors shall judge reasonable to allow a suitable maintenance for my two youngest children until each of them shall come to the age of Twenty-one years respectively, shall equally share divide and allott unto and between all my loving children Subject to and under the several Limitations, Restrictions, provisions and Conditions herein after mentioned limited and declared respectively, that is to say:

     The part or share intended out of my said monies and dues for my loving Daughter Sarah Norman, the wife of John Norman, shall be charged wt. the value of a negro Slave named Boston heretofore put into their hands the price of him then and the value of his use since, According to the Judgement of my said Executors or Executor and accounted as part of my Estate at the time of my said Division. And the part or share intended of my said monies and Dues for my loving daughter Amy Ellicott, the wife of Joseph Ellicott, shall be charged with the value of a negro slave wench named Bella heretofore put into her hands, the price of her then and the value of her use since, and her issue according to the Judgement of my said Executors or Executor, and with the Sum of Sixty Pounds Current money which I heretofore paid Jonathan Scott for the said Ellicott, and the interest of it since, and together shall be accounted as part of my Estate at the time of the said Division. And then in the first place shall be deducted out of the whole (before the said Division) a sum or sums sufficient and reasonable in the Judgement of my said Executors or Executor for a suitable Maintenance to be bestowed upon my two youngest children until they shall respectively come to the age of Twenty-one Years, to be laid out on them during their minorities for the purpose aforesaid, and divide and allot and pay over the surplus and Residue of my said monies and Estate equally amongst and between all my said Children under such limitations and Restrictions as are herein after mentioned and making such Deductions and allowances to and concerning my Two Eldest and two youngest children, as herein before is mentioned and directed, Provided always and I do hereby Declare that it is my Express Will, Mind and Meaning that the respective Balances of the share or parts of my said Two Daughters Sarah and Amy shall be kept and remain in the hands of and be improved by my said Executors and Trustees at Interest or otherwise as they shall see fit during the natural lives of my said Two Daughters Sarah and Amey respectively and the clear profits thereof yearly during the said Term or terms shall be collected and paid over to each of them, my said Daughters Sarah and Amy, respectively, for their sole separate use and Maintenance without the power, controll, or intermedling of their or either of their husbands, and without being subject to their or either of their Debts as my said executors or trustees or either of them shall see proper; and at the decease of my said daughters Sarah and Amy respectively shall equally share and divide the part or share of each of the mothers, Sarah and Amy. With the overplus or profits which shall happen to remain unapplied thereof to and between the several children and issue of their respective Bodies which shall happen to survive said mothers respectively, and pay over such part and shares accordingly for the use and behoof of each of the said Children and Issue. Provided also, that my said Executors or Trustees do and shall likewise improve the respective shares or parts of my said two youngest children for their several uses and behoofs during their minorities respectively after deducting their maintenance, pay over their respective Balances at their respective ages of Twenty-one years, to them respectively or their respective Executors, Administrators and Assigns. And, Provided always that in case of the Decease of any of my children before he or they shall receive his, her, or their respective share or shares, as aforesaid, and leaving lawful issue of his or their bodies surviving. That then the part of share of my Monies or Estate hereby meant or intended for my Child or Children so dying as aforesaid shall go to and be equally shared and Divided between the Children and issue Living of my respective deceased Child or Children, and for want of such children and issue surviving of any of my Children or Child as shall happen to die before he, she, or they shall have received his, her, or their respective share or shares as aforesaid, then to the survivors and survivor of them my said Children in manner herein before mentioned, limited, and directed and not otherwise.

     In Witness whereof I the said John Stone, to this my said Last Will and Testament have hereunto set my hand and seal this Twenty fifth Day of June in the Thirtieth year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord King George the Second, and in the Year of Our Lord, One thousand seven hundred & fifty six.

                                                [Signed] John Stone (LS)

     Sealed, published and Declared by Mr. John Stone as his Last Will and Testament, in the presence of us, who in the Testator's Presence and at his request have hereunto set our Respective names as Witnesses.

                Joseph Moodie
                John Edwards
                Edward Jones”

     The will was proved before the Governor in the Court of Ordinary 27 February 1761. At the same time qualified William Elliott as Executor. The will was recorded in Will Book 1760-1767, p. 54.

     The South Carolina Gazette of 21-28 March 1761 published:

     "TO BE SOLD AT PUBLIC VENDUE. ...real and personal estate of Mr. John Stone, deceased: house and land in Tradd Street now possessed by Mr. Thomas Stone, Jun. conveniently situated for trade with good kitchen and back stores and several valuable negroes (Blockmaker, good cook and washer, and handy house wenches). All persons with demands on the estate bring in their accounts and clear them with Mr. William Guerin, merchant in Tradd Street, next door to Mr. John Gordon's, and make payment to:
                                        William Elliott, Sen. }
                                        Mathurin Guerin, Sen. }

     John and Martha (Jones) Stone had children # 1-5, and John and Susannah (Dassex) Stone had children # 6-12 as follows:

     1. Martha Stone, born 15 Mar 1718; died 12 Jun 1719.

     2. Sarah Stone, born 24 Feb 1719/20; married (1) Francis Corbin of Wilmington, NC; (2) John Norman, marriage settlement 18 Aug 1752. The will of John Norman of Colleton Co., SC was dated 8 Jun 1756 and proved 11 Nov 1757. Bequests of one slave each and other assets were made to Sarah, children John Norman, Richard Norman, Sarah Norman, Rebeckah Norman, and stepchildren Martha and Edmund Corbin.
   Issue of Sarah (Stone) and (1) Francis Corbin:
     a. Martha Corbin.
     b. Edmund Corbin. Dying in New Hanover Co., NC, his will was dated 30 Jan 1781, proved 7 Aug 1782. Bequests included his plantation, 11 slaves, but no
     wife or issue named.

     3. Amey Stone, born 19 Mar 1722/23; married Joseph Ellicott.
     Issue of Amey (Stone) and Joseph Ellicott:
     a. John Ellicott.
     b. Martha Ellicott.

     4. Mary Stone, born 18 Apr 1724; died without issue.

     5. John Stone, born 7 Apr 1726; died 10 Jun 1726.

     6. John Stone, born 11 Aug 1730; died prior to 16 Jul 1772; married 20 Dec 1757, per Register of St. Philip's Parish, Marianne Benoit (also spelled Mary Ann Benoist).
     a. Charles Stone, born 6 Dec 1758.
     It should also be noted that according to the Rev. Dee Graham of St. Petersburg, Florida, John with his slave Regina had a daughter Beatriz, born 1749, who was the first wife of Francisco X. Sanchez.
     7. Susanna Stone, born 25 Dec 1731; died prior to 16 Jul 1772; married 14 Mar 1757 George Barksdale.
     a. George Barksdale.
     b. Susanna Barksdale.

     8. William Stone, born 1 Mar 1734; died without issue.

     9. Thomas Stone, born 10 Jan 1735; died 1806; married (1) Frances Guerin, 3 May 1759; (2) Mrs. Elizabeth (Jackson) Stewart, 19 Aug 1785; (3) Mrs. Elizabeth Clubb, 19 May 1799.

     10. Peter Stone, born 27 Dec 1737; died 1783 without issue.
     A mariner, Peter in his will, dated 16 Feb 1774, proved 8 Mar 1783, left the residue of his estate to Charles Stone, only son of his late brother John Stone. Executrix was his sister-in-law, Marianne Stone, widow of his brother John Stone.

     11. Mary Stone, born 7 Oct 1739; died without issue.

     12. William Stone, born 13 Oct 1742; died without issue.

John Stone's Children

     Acknowledgments: The Stone Family, American Genealogical Research Institute, Washington, D.C., 1977; family records of Edward S. Stone, 9 Princess Anne Road, Mobile, AL 36608, 1980, 1981; family records of Anita V. Eakin, 501 Sunhaven Drive, San Antonio, TX 78239-2540. 1999; Martha Bailey Burns, "Vincent Guerin Of St. Thomas And St. Denis," Transactions of the Huguenot Society of South Carolina, no. 69, pp. 37-45, 1964; Miscellaneous Records, Vol. AAA, pp. 273-275 [vital statistics on the children of John Stone, originally dated 29 September 1783]; miscel. wills and records; Rev. Dee Graham. Of John Stone, Anita Eakin in a letter, dated 17 August 1999, wrote: "I am the source that our John Stone was 'of' Boston, MA. I found this on a microfilm of Trial Charts for SC compiled by Mabel Webber. It was not under Stone, but entered under Boigard. It did not say he was born there, just that he was of there."

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