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    Although Malone is a genuine O name, being in Irish O Maoileoin (meaning descendant of the follower of St. John), it is never met with in English with its prefix (O'Malone).

    The Malones are an ancient sept, associated with the O'Connors of Connacht, and their principal family was for centuries associated with the Abbey of Clonmacnois, to which they furnished many abbots and bishops.

    From The Malone Family Directory


Nathaniel Malone is one of the more prominent of the early southern Malone ancestors. His will is the oldest Virginia will in which children are named and is dated January 1732. Nathaniel was probably born between 1680 and 1685 in Surry County, Virginia.

Nathaniel Malone of Surry County, William Parham and James Grasham of Prince George County "were ordered to be taken into custody and brought before the Governor in Council to "answer their comtempt of the orders of the Government in trading with the Tuscaruro Indians." At court on 26 April 1712, they were put under a 25 Pound bond "for their good behavior, and particularly not to trade with the Tuscaruro Indians until liberty shall be given by the government." Nathaniel's will was written in January 1732 and proved 21 March 1732.

"Malone and Allied Families," second edition, by Randolph Malone, 1996.

The book goes on to state that Nathaniel is most likely a 3rd generation American Malone, but it is not clear who his father and grandfather were.

Nathaniel was married to Mary Wynne and they had children: Amey, Thomas, Mary, Courtney(?), Phoebe(?), William, Nathaniel (Jr.), Drury, Thomas, and Daniel.

The son William, born about 1703, married Ann Booth; Nathaniel (Jr.), born about 1712, married Christian Linnington; Drury, born about 1718, married Penelope Taylor; Thomas, born about 1719, married Millicent Chappelle.


Thomas and Millicent had a son named William, spouse unknown. It is this William who may likely be the father of Cuthbert Williamson Malone, my 4Xgreat-grandfather.


"Malone and Allied Families" lists Cuthbert Williamson as being "a probable son of William Malone" and has him born in VA in about 1774. This book says that in the 1850 census (Monroe County, Kentucky), these children are listed for Cuthbert and Margaret: Biram, Amy, Luane, Jones and Jourdan.

My copy of the 1850 census shows that Biram is not listed as a child of Cuthbert and Margaret, although he certainly could be. He is in a separate household (albiet next door) with his wife, Mina, and children James, Sarah and Peter. (In 1860, Biram has died and it is just Mina, James, Sarah, Peter, Lucretia and David B.) My own personal research goes no farther back than the aforementioned Cuthbert.

Both Doug Moore and Ron Malone are hereby given credit for providing the information about Cuthbert and Margaret Hammer which enabled me to find them in the various censuses to document their life.

I have Cuthbert's year of birth as 1776, based on ages given in various censuses. He and Margaret were listed in the census of 1820, 1830, 1840 and 1850, all in Monroe County, KY. Cuthbert is also on the tax list for 1830.

Margaret Hammer was born in 1779 in Pennsylvania. Her parents were Baltis Hammer, born in Germany, and Elizabeth Medough, born in New Jersey. I have 11 children listed for the couple: Lucrecy, Elizabeth, William, Baltus, Benjamin, Peter, Lois, Amy, Lurany, Jane, and Jourdon.

Williamson Malone's name is in an old Ledger of a store in Tompkinsville, Ky. He had bought groceries and charged them. Williamson bought, among other things, 1 fur hat. (Thanks go to Marcella Hedrick for this information.)

By 1860, Cuthbert has in all likelihood died, and his widow, Margaret, is now living in DeWitt County, Illinois, with her son, Baltus, his wife Hannah (Lisenby) and their childen Daniel and Peter.


Cuthbert's son, Baltus Malone, was born October 26, 1806, in Kentucky. Baltus married Hannah Lisenby in about 1825. Hannah was born about 1809 in Tennessee. No other information about her family is known to me, but you will note that below her photo it says "Cherokee Indian." I cannot confirm this, using various Indian Rolls, and it may be that her mother (who is unknown to me) is the source of her Native American status.

Baltus and Hannah had the following children: Margaret, Ezekiel (m. Sarah M. Lisenby), William (m. Louise Jane Malone), Francis, Daniel, Nancy (m. Elijah B. Stone), Martha and Peter (m. Lucretia Buck).

Hannah died sometime between 1860 and 1863 and Baltus remarried to an Elizabeth Mastin on October 24, 1863. I do not know when Baltus died.

Baltus Malone and Hannah Lisenby Malone

Photo courtesy of Ron Malone.

NOTE: The Hannah B. Lisenby, who was the daughter of Ezekiel Lisenby and Isyphena Marrs, is NOT the same Hannah Lisenby who married Baltus Malone.


Baltus and Hannah's daughter, Nancy Malone, born in 1844 in KY, married Elijah B. Stone on March 12, 1857.

Elijah and Nancy had the following children: Permelia, Marshall, Sarah, Hannah, Russell, Annette, Martha and Mary.

This is where my Malone line ends. Nancy Malone was my 2nd great-grandmother. She died between 1860 and 1875 in Caney, Montgomery County, Kansas.

Elijah, Nancy, and son, Russell.

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