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  Flora Barrett I love it, you did a great job. I'll send you more names ASAP. TTYL Flora
  Karen Groce This looks great, Kay!
  Linda Threadgill linda-s-t I love it. WE have to talk. I see many more surnames that may have a connection to my lines or to lines of someone that I know.
  J. D. Brittingham QUITE ATTRACTIVE! - Like the spiral-notebook look & the turn-around "Email" is so catchy that I'm sending one!
  Doug Hunt Kay, It looks great! Like what you've done with graphics, very professional. I'll certainly come back to visit.
  Rick Ready RREADY-ATLANTA@worldnet Kay, a very nice job. I've only taken a look at the first level information, but I'm looking forward to digging deeper later this evening. Pages like yours are a huge help to those researching the same surnames. Perhaps one day there will be one for Ready. Tell Russ I said that o.k. :-)
  Chris Howard I really love the page Kay! The notebook edges look really neat!
  Russell Lain Ready Professional! And outstanding graphics! Enough variety to intrigue the viewer, but not enough to confuse!! I'll be coming back to visit again!
  Don Hunt Very nice, professional appearance. I'm sure it will help many in the search for our ancestors.
  Ron Moore Nice Page Kay!!, I will also be linking your page to the Mock Home Page. Thanks for letting me know.
  Larry Smith Good Job
  Phyllis Miller Fleming I like your "problem" lists. Just wanted to check out the site -- we have just swapped msgs on QUAKER-ROOTS: HARVEY & Nantucket Friends
  R.E.Kee Well done!
  Jana Molly McGe@aol  
  Ruth Filip Interested in Giles - married to ancestor but don't find information in your lists.
  Col. Sanford B. Hunt USMC Nice work Kathleen. Please provide us a link if you can to the HUNT List- [You might want to look at the Links page. kmc]
  Gerald Helms Great Work-looks good
  Roy Mann great great cus!!!!
  Courtney Looks great, Kay !
  Pam Wiltshire great page
  Ann H. Mack Kay, yes you can put my name down as a(n) Helms researcher. Am a descendant of Peter Helms from Franklin Co. VA c. 1768. Do include me in your page!
  Amy Warren Sanders Great job! Thanks for the plug. BTW Our PUZZLERS is for any area not just GA & Carolinas - note we've been writing about VA for last year. Amy
  Joel S. Mize Kay; I placeing a link to your on my page; excellent formatting; would like link on yours which shows following primary surnames being researched as: MIZE, CAPE, GUEST, YORK, THOMASON, CHAMPION, BATES, CHEEK, ATTAWAY, WHITEHEAD, SMITH, ANTHONY, TIDWELL, CARR, BURLESON, BUTLER, BENNETT, SANFORD, RAMSEY, LEMASTER, PUTNAM, HILL (all from VA>NC>TN/SC>GA>AL
July 17, 1997      
  Robert Nance Neat page
  Christi Shewman Great page!
  Patti Smith Lamb What lovely pages!! I am enjoying the information found here and am sure I will be back. I will put a link from my page to yours!!. Patti
  Dan Sullivan Kay, Your page really looks good. I like the overall look. I went through the Mills info. but didn't find any connections. I also have a Griffin line. Dan
  Joann Gordon Kay, Your page is just wonderful! Very well organized; but that isn't've got all the "normal" information, but it is done in such a way that is so unique. The addition of the lines your friends are researching is so great! I congratulate you on your imaginative inovations!
  Jack M Smith Thank you, very nice and informative
  Wayne Youngblood Kay: This is a GREAT page - I especially love the drop down boxes with names/places -- and the animated ICONs! Thanks a lot.
  pat deese great page
August 4 1997      
  Robert E. Adcock From the North Carolina Adcocks...I found two long lost relatives. Great Work...THANKS!!
  Andy Craig Love your web page. I was looking for some Illinois Smiths (Solomon) born in South Carolina in 1775 that ties in with my Illinois Craigs. Thanks anyway.
  Roy Hunt Great keep up the good work.
  Dianne Magee McCollum  
  PAUL WRIGHT Interesting
  P Delmege cedars@netrover the names Mcgee, Hobbs both occur in my greatgrdma`s ancestry there is also a Cheney/Beacom connexion..catch is..all these people came from Ireland c. 1840 to Upper Canada and there is no known connexion in that generation withe States
  Joe Stegall A very well done web page!
  Kimberly Nash Hello, I am trying to find my husband's family from Anson and Union Co. NC. I have alot of Helms and Stegall's that married into the family and I would love to put them all in order (family groups). I am having problems finding any info on his 3rd ggrandmother who was Elizabeth "Betsy" HOLMES, dau. of James and Susan, sister was S. Adaline. Elizabeth was born in 1826 and she married Joseph Nash, Adaline married his little bro. John Nash. Any help would be wonderful. Kim Nash
  Gail Benson Great page. Am researching Samuel Hobbs (Indiana--Calif.) Will return to your page and really get into it later. It is very well done!
  Brenda Dearman I really like your site and if anyone is researching Byars in AL. I'd like to hear from them.
17 Sep 1997 James W Daly Very Nice.
9-20-97 Tommy Powell pow1tmp nice page!
22.9.1997 Miroslav Saleta Chi cerca ,trova!
09/23/97 Fermon Lindsey  
9/26/97 Linda Doty Didn't find my Helms here. Descended from Leonard Helms, Rev. soldier, Botetourt Co. VA.
9/27/97 John McGowan Veeerry Weeelll Done, Cuz.
2 October 1997 Jim Ryan Good info. AM searching HELMS< CHANEY< COPELAND< MANN in Cullman and Blount County, Alabama
04 Oct 1997 Doris Edwards I am seeking parentage of Mary Harden SMITH(m. William HAM) and her sister, Martha Thomas SMITH(m. John HAM). Both couples m. 1821, Jasper Co., GA. They may have lived earlier in either Wilkes/Elbert Co., GA. Wm. & John HAM were the sons of John Ham and wife, Elizabeth GATEWOOD, from Elbert Co., GA. Any info on the parentage of these two SMITH sisters would be appreciated.
10/5/97 Jeannie Rogers Nice web site. The red & white a crisp and very classy. Especially like the "go to" scroll did you do it?? I have quite a few surnames from Georgia (including Smith)...but we don't connect ;-(
10/6/97, 2;30AM AZ time Carla Jean (Sheets) Henderson I subscribe to Quaker-Roots and noticed one query listed some names that might fill out info on sibling lines. Will be looking around some more and checking back, I am sure. I really like what I have seen so far on Problem Surnames, not only for your line, but, others as well.
10/7/97 Pat Turner Researching Surnames: TURNER, Edward and McGEE , Margaret from Ireland to US in about 1860. Any info greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
Oct. 9, 1997 Don McGee looking for Mc Gees', Missouri also Rennix. Great home page.
10/12/97 jim brewer looking for S.C. oconee county Brewer's 1800-1900 family of Levi Brewer and Moore.
10-13-1997 Joyce Overman Bowman Interesting!
10-13-1997 Joyce Overman Bowman Researching the name OVERMAN, any time, any place
10-13-1997 Freddie Tilghman I have a vested intrest in the Helms Family, like 37 years. Glad to find this Home page.
Oct. 14,1997 Barbara Owens John Henry Cobb &Elizabeth Mauk Were my G-Grandparents. Wilsh Cobb was their son-in -law , the husband of their oldest daughter,Harriet Elizabeth Cobb-Cobb. You have a lot of good information that I didn't have. Thank you, Barbara Owens
Numerous time in Sep/Oct 1997 Howard S. Lincoln Delightful to browse and exciting data. It made the hair on the back of my neck stand. I've got a few dates I'll provide your COFFIN, ET AL. Descendant Chart the near future.
Oct. 21, 1997 Betty Goode Hannah  
29 Oct 1997 J'Nell Thompson Great site! Will contact you on HARRIS, HUDSON, ALLEN. Descend from two dau. of Thomas ALLEN and Mary RICHARDSON.
11-3-97 Connie Phillips good information
11-3-97 Connie Phillips looking for any information on Jesse McGee(Magee) m. Lydia Savage, lived in Del. & Md. moved to Chincoteague around 1870-1880. Possiable father John and mother Rachel. Any help please.
11/4/97 W. Clement Smith Kay, Great site. I'm new to the web but I have been searching the same Smith line for over 15 years. One curious item of note is that the Will of John Smith (1) states that his wife at time of death is Martha Potter. This is in conflict with the book. I have a copy of the original will as well as a copy of the original Granville Deed and have verified that both signatures are by the same person. I have not found anything pertaining to Elizabeth Gurley. Keep in touch.
20 Nov 1997 Karen Smith Workman Site beautifully done
November 21, 1997 Robin Boyer I am researching the COFFIN family. You have lots of information, but not as far as my line of descent has been traced. I only have the direct line of descent, which makes your page fascinating.
Nov 22, 1997 Harold Polk Kay, great page. Bet it keeps you very busy. Thanks for having it online. Harold
11-24-97 Jane Please help me with the Speed Surname! I would be honored to help anyone with any surnames I can. Thank you!!!
11/29/97 Lain Ready Still looking good!
12-2-1997 Jeff Collins nice work,keep it going.
12/07/97 Doug Dyche looking for the Dyche name myself
12/7/1997 Jim Ryan Will be back often
Dec. 8, 1997 Gloria D. Herwig Great Page! I am doing research on my gr. gr. grand father Wm. Stegall Approx. 1826 In either SO. Car. or Gwinnett Co., Ga., And wife Nancy Cason of Walton Co. , Ga. Mar. 1848 or 49. Settled in Paulding Co. with , sister Narcissa until her Marriage in 1858 to Robt. Tomlin. Also searching Dodd, Gore, Moody, Caruso & Di Maggio lines. Will share info. Best Wishes, Glo
December 9,1997 Steve Bailey none I am always excited to see anything concerning Anson County People. I am now living at 300 Moores Lake Road Wadesboro,NC 28170. If anyone is interested there is a Genealogical Society being organized in Chesterfield County,SC in January,1998. Write me for more details.
15 Dec 1997 Michael Cobb Add me to the list of researchers for the surname Cobb(s).
12/22/1997 B. Eidson I am searching for information about my great-grandfather, Francis Marion Huckeba, who married a woman named Elizabeth Mauk. I don't have any information at all right now, except that he was born 12/4/1828 and died on 6/29/1988. Any information you have will be appreciated. Thanks.
26 December 1997 Wanda Pepper Thompson I located your site on my search of the WALDEN line, I also have a STEGALL, and SMITH
31 December 1997 Pepper Thompson I am searching WALDEN, WILLIAMS, DUNN, STEGALL, HASTY and BENNETT of Anson and Union Co.s N.C.
THANKS for the comments -- and for visiting our site!!!

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