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This website is dedicated to researching the surname Cottingham and variations (e.g., Cottongam).   Most Cottinghams in America are descended from Thomas Cottingham (1640-1688) and Mary Dixon (c1650-1683/86) and this website is especially devoted to their descendents and ancestors.  However, information is also appreciated on any other lines of Cottinghams who immigrated separately, remained in England, or on the history of the Cottingham name in general.

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In 1635 the Primrose left London, England bound for Virginia carrying George Cottingham, aged 20. He was the first person of that name to come to America. By 1662 Thomas Cottingham, aged 22, was appearing in the court records of Accomack County, Virginia. It seems probable that he was the son of George, although the evidence is circumstantial. By 1665 Thomas Cottingham had moved north into Somerset County, Maryland. In 1666 he married Mary Dixon, the daughter of Ambrose and Mary (Wilson) Dixon, and he began planting his own land. In the next 15 years Thomas Cottingham and his wife became the parents of a large family. Over time their children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren began to move into new areas - Worcester County, Maryland; Delaware; South Carolina; and eventually Kentucky; Alabama; and Indiana. In modern times their descendents are spread throughout America. If you have a Cottingham in your ancestry you will probably be able to trace your family back to these early pioneers.

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