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Wellington Co., Ontario

1851 Ontario, Wellington Co., Arthur, p.25

23 Peter Cosgrove head 67 (b.c1785) Ireland  farmer
   Margaret       wife 56 (b.c1796) Ireland died 29 Oct 1877 in Arthur
   Peter          son  18 (b.c1834) Canada
   Edward         son  17 (b.c1835) Canada
   Sarah          dau  13 (b.c1839) Canada

28 John Cosgrove  head 32 (b.c1820) Ireland  farmer
   Sarah          wife 24 (b.c1828) New Brunswick
   Mary           dau   6 (b.c1846) Canada

1861 Ontario, Wellington Co., Arthur     Cosgriff, Cosgrove

 Michael    b.c1815 Ire     Michael     b.c1830 Ire
 Catherine  b.c1824 Ire     Honora      b.c1833 Ire
   Dennis   b.c1849 Ire       Margaret  b.c1857 Can
   Maurice  b.c1851 Can       Catherine b.c1859 Can
   John     b.c1853 Can
   Ellen    b.c1855 Can
   Jeremiah b.c1857 Can
   Margaret b.c1859 Can

1881 Census Ontario, Wellington North, Arthur, Dist 153, Subdist G, p. 1
family 2

Peter Cosgrove   M M 47 Irish Quebec  RC hotel keeper
Mary             F M 34 Irish Quebec  RC (nee Daniels)
Margaret         F   14 Irish Ontario RC
Sarah            F   12
Julia            F    9
Mary             F    7
Peter            M    6
Ellizabeth       F    4
Enoch Clemens    M   30 German Ontario

1881 Census Ontario, Wellington North, Arthur, Dist 153, Subdist G, p.4
family 13

Charles M. Irwin   M M 46 Irish Ireland Baptist merchant
Lucy Ann           F   20 Irish Ontario Baptist miliner
Charles Albert     M   18 Irish Ontario Baptist
Catherine Cosgrove F    1 Irish Ontario RC

			Note:	Member of Family #2 on Pg 1

1881 Census Ontario, Wellington, South, Guelph, Dist 151, Subdist C, Div 1, p.68
family 321

Thomas Watt     M M 36 English England Church of England hotel keeper

Helen Cosgrove  F   22 Irish   Ontario RC servant

Bridget Muldoon F   18 Irish   Ontario    servant
Katie O'Donnell F   21 Irish   Ontario RC servant
Maggie Lynch    F   21 Irish   Ontario RC servant


1901 Census Canada, Ontario, Wellington (Centre) #124, Fergus, c-1, p.14

41 150 150 John Dick        M head S 24 Mar 1848 53 Ontario Presbyterian Scotch P S teacher
42         Father Cosgrove  M note enumerated in Delora?


John Cosgrove 25 res. Proton Twp. Born Guelph c1855, Wellington Co.
s/o Michael Cosgrove & Catherine O'Keefe
Married July 26, 1880 in Mt Forest
Mary Rice 19 res. & born Proton Twp. c1861.
d/o John & Ellen Kelly
Witness: James Milligan & Mary Kelly both of Proton Twp.
rel: RC in Mt. Forest

Denis Cosgrove b.c1850 in Co. Cork, Ireland, res. Proton
s/o Michael Cosgrove & Catherine ---
Married 1 May 1876 in Mt. Forest
Catherine Keneally, b.c1854 Grimsby, Can.
d/o Edward Keneally & Margaret ---
Witnesses: Edward Keneally & Margaret Keneally of Proton.

Daniel Dineen b.c1867 near Forest, Co. Clare, Ireland
s/o Patrick Dineen & Margaret ---
Married 25 Apr 1876 in Mt. Forest
Mary Ann Sheehy, b. in Arthur,
d/o Patrick Sheehy & Mary ---
Witnesses: Michael Temple & Catherine Temple of Arthur

Daniel James Kelly, b.c1858 Peel Twp., res Hamilton,
s/o James Kelly & Margaret ---
Married 25 Aug 1884 Arthur Village
Margaret Cosgrove b.c1866 Arthur Village,
d/o Peter Cosgrove & Margaret ---


land assignments
                                           1871 census
Owen Cosgrove  1847                        not listed
John           1847                        50 (b.c1821 Ireland)
Peter          1847                        39 (b.c1832 Quebec)
Michael        ND  prob 1850 or later
Peter         08-21-1887
Elizabeth C.  11-28-1886
Margaret      12-29-1877
Edward        1871 age 2

Kenilworth Pioneer Catholic Cemetery,  highway 6, conc. W, lot 15,
Arthur Township, Wellington Co., Ontario

5-8 IHS Margaret Cosgrove, beloved wife of Peter Cosgrove died 03 Feb 1866
age 25.  Owen Cosgrove, son of above, died 01 Apr 1866.. "In death's cold
arms lies sleeping here a tender parent ... In love she lived, in peace she
died, Her life was asked but was denied."

6-7 Erected by Peter Cosgrove in memory of his father Peter Cosgrove, who
died 06 Aug 1867 age 86 years.  Peter born c.1781

from marriages

Peter Cosgrove of Arthur, son of Peter Cosgrove md. 1863 Margaret Dunne

baby Owen must have been about 2.


#011745-80 (Wellington Co):
John COSGROVE, 25, farmer, Guelph, Proton twp., s/o Michael COSGROVE & Catherine O’KEEFE, married
Mary RICE, 19, Proton twp., same, d/o John RICE & Ellen KELLY,
witn: James MILLIGAN & Mary KELLY, both of Proton, 26 July 1880 at Mount Forest (Rom Cath)