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Cronin Families of Peterborough Co., Ontario

1851 Census of Ennismore

9 45  Patrick Caddigan   Ire  y  50 (b.c1801) m farmer   Cadigan
9 46  Mary (Cronin)      Ire  y  40 (b.c1811) f
9 47    Michael          Ire  n  17 (b.c1834) m labourer
9 48    Patrick          Ire  n  15 (b.c1836) m labourer
9 49    John             Can  n  10 (b.c1841) m
9 50    Mary             Can  n   8 (b.c1843) f
11 1  Catherine Sullivan Can  n  13 (b.c1838) f
11 1    James Caddigan   Can  n   2 (b.c1849) m

Of the children listed on this census, most likely, the only one by Mary Cronin is James.

later children:

Daniel Cadigan  b.09-15-1853 bp.09-25-1853 sp: Martin Corkery & mary Costelloe


1851 Census Peterborough Douro p.45

36 Daniel Sheehan    farmer   Ire   RC  x56
   Mary Cronin?               Ire   RC  x47  Curren?
   Bridget Sheehan            Ire?       16
   Daniel Sheehan   lab       Can        19
   Daniel? Sheehan  lab       Can        22  very diff to read
   Mary Cronin?               Ire       w45

42 Denis Sullivan  farmer     Ire       x35  (son of Jeremiah Sullivan & Alice)
   Mary Condon                Ire       x30
   Margaret Sullivan          Can        10
   Timothy                                8
   Elizabeth                              6
   Mary                                   4
   Thomas                                 2
   John                                   1

50 John Allen    farmer       Ire    RC x45
 1 Hannah Torphy              Ire    RC x38


St. Peter-in-Chains, Peterborough, Ontario

Marriage 20 Jan 1846 (possibly 20 Jun 1846)
Patrick Cadagan (Cadigan), a widower from Ennismore
Mary Cronin, d of James Cronin & Mary Sullivan
Witnesses: Patrick Gallavin (Galvin) & Johanna Hogan

Baptized 25 Sep 1853 Daniel Cadigan born 15 Sep 1853, s of Patrick Cadigan &
Mary Cronon of Ennismore. Sponsors: Martin Corcorey (Corkery) & Mary Costelloe (Costello)
church may have been St. Martin's in Ennismore.


1848-1864 Griffith's Valuation
Co. Cork, Parish Clonfert, Knockskavane

Patrick Ambrose          John Molony
Patrick Callaghan        Jeremiah Murphy
Jeremiah Connell         Timothy Murphy
Charles Connor           John Ryan
Edmond Connor            Denis Sullivan
Michael Connor
John Connors
Daniel Cronin Jr
Daniel Cronin Sr
Denis Cronin
James Curran
Patrick Fitzgibbon
Nicholas Kinnealy
Anne McMahon
Johanna McMahon
William McMahon


Primary Valuation of Tenements, Parish of Clonfert, Co. Cork
1       a Cornelius Connors     Michael Callaghan
        b Margaret Collins      Cornelius Connors
        c John Callaghan        same
        d Michael Shine         same
        e Ellen Begley          same
2       a Cornelius Neil        John Sullivan (James)
        b Ellen Neil            Cornelius Neil
3       a John Sullivan (James) Rev. Samuel Harmanand & Rev. Thomas Harmanand
        b John Sullivan (John)  John Sullivan (James)
        c Unoccupied            same
        d Timothy Cronin        same
        e Timothy Brennan       same
        f Elizabeth Donovan     same
        g Charles M'Carthy      same
        h John Kelly            same


Primary Valuation of Tenements, Parish of Kilmeen, Co. Cork
Dromskarragh cont.
        b  Unoccupied          John Murphy
4          Richard Longfield   In fee       land (plantation)
5A      a  Timothy Cronin      Richard Longfield
6       a  Jeremiah Cronin     same
7       a  Michael Cronin      same
        b  Peter Connell       Michael Cronin
8          Timothy Cronin      Richard Longfield
           Jeremiah Cronin
           Michael Cronin      these 3 together  land


Primary Valuation of Tenements, Parish of Kilmeen, Co. Cork
Foilogonig (Foil?)  cont.
4 C     Timothy Buckley      Reps. Daniel Duggan
        James Shine          2 together  land
  A   c John Drislane        Timothy Buckley
5 A     John Clifford        Reps. Daniel Duggan
  B   a

1     a Jeremiah Croinin     Reps. Charles M'Carthy (McCarthy)
      b Patrick Cronin
      c John Cronin          3 together  house, offices, & land
      d Daniel Cronin        Jeremiah Cronin
      e Edward Dundon        same
      f Cornelius Sullivan   same
      g Catherine Callaghan  same


Primary Valuation of Tenements, Parish of Kilmeen, Co. Cork
1     a  Eugene Cronin       Reps. Charles M'Carthy
      b  Honora Daly         Eugene Cronin
      c  Mary Daly           same
2     a  John Sullivan       Reps. Charles M'Carthy
      b  Denis Mahony        John Sullivan
      c  Daniel Sheehan      same
      d  Unoccupied          same
      e  James Daly          same
3     a  Eleanor Sullivan    Reps. Charles M'Carthy  McCarthy
      b  Unoccupied          Eleanor Sullivan
      c  Michael Murphy      same
      d  Patrick Roche       same
4        John Sullivan       Reps. Charles M'Carthy
         Eleanor Sullivan    2 together  land

Primary Valuation of Tenements, Parish of Kilmeen, Co. Cork
Gneeves  cont.
9        a   John Sweeny          Timothy & John Godson
         b   Judith Godson, sen.  John Sweeny
         c   Judith Godson, jun.  Timothy Godson
10           Daniel Sheehan       John Godson
11           Daniel Sheehan       Charles Anketell
12           David Breen          Denis Keeffe
13           Michael Neal         Charles Anketell
14       a   Charles Anketell     Reps. Charles M'Carthy    McCarthy
15       a   Jeremiah Sheehan     same
16           Charles M'Carthy     same
17       a   Mary Halasy          Eugene Cronin
             Jeremiah Sheehan     Timothy Godson
         b   Daniel Lynch         Jeremiah Sheehan
         c   James Mahony         Maurice Angland
         d   Denis Connell        same
         e   Denis Murphy         same


Primary Valuation of Tenements, Parish of Kilmeen, Co. Cork
Kishkeam Lower
1          a  Patrick Casey     Earl of Cork  house, offices, and land
           b  Denis Cronin      Patrick Casey
           c  John Guiney       same
           d  Board of National Education   Earl of Cork
2             John Casey        same  land
           a  Rev. John Naughten same   R.C. chapel and yard
3          a  Daniel Casey       same
           b  Jeremiah Casey     same
           c  Thomas Casey       3 together
           d  Peter Connor       Thomas Casey
           e  Daniel Reardan     same
           f  Thomas Mullane     same
           g  Timothy Coffey     John Casey
           h  John Casey         Earl of Cork
           i  John Duggan        Daniel Casey
           j  John Connell       Jeremiah Casey


Primary Valuation of Tenements, Parish of Kilmeen, Co. Cork

      a  James Donohoe      Lord Lisle
      b  Gerrard Fitzgerald
      c  Patrick Moynihan
      d  James Lynch
      e  Denis Moynihan
      f  Jeremiah Keeffe
      g  John Browne
      h  Michael Lynch
      i  Denis Collins
      j  Daniel Collins
      k  William Barry
      l  Patrick Fitzgerald    12 together
      m  Benjamin Keeffe       Gerrard Fitzgerald
      n  Timothy Cronin        Denis Moynihan, Patrick Moynihan, William Barry,
                               James Donohoe, Gerrard Fitzgerald, Jeremiah
                               Keeffe, Michael Lynch, James Lynch


Primary Valuation of Tenements, Parish of Kilmeen, Co. Cork

Meens cont.
       o  Ellen Callaghan     John Browne
       p  Daniel Lenihan      James Donohoe

1      a  Daniel Murphy       Denis Shine Lalor
          Timothy Murphy        2 together
       b  Cornelius Hickey    Daniel & Timothy Murphy
       c  John Hely           same
       d  Michael Hickey      same
2      a  Timothy Murphy      Denis Shine Lalor
       b  John Mahony
       c  John Murphy
       d  Patrick Herlihy       4 together
3      a  William Cronin      same
       b  Jeremiah Cronin       2 together
       c  Daniel Flynn        William & Jeremiah Cronin
       d  Honora Hickey       same


Primary Valuation of Tenements, Parish of Knocktemple, Co. Cork

Glenfield, North
1           Reps. John Boyle      In fee       land
2           Daniel Duggan         Reps. John Boyle  land
3        a  Cornelius Hanneen     same
4        a  Thomas Leary          same
            John Leary            same
         b  John Wallace          Thomas Leary
5 A      a  Cornelius Cusack      Reps. John Boyle
  A      b  John Cusack           same
6        a  Michael Cronin        same


Primary Valuation of Tenements, Parish of Tullylease, Co. Cork
1       a  Daniel Cronin       Edmund Nash
        b  Unoccupied          Daniel Cronin
        c  Unoccupied          same
2       a  Catherine Kearney   Edmund Nash
3 A     a  Catherine Brosnahan same
  A     b  Patrick Croke       Catherine Brosnahan
        c  Unoccupied          same
4       a  Maurice Prindible   Elizabeth Noonan
5       a  James Quinlan       same
           Edmond Flynn          2 together
6       a  Timothy Flynn       same
7       a  Michael Hammeen     same
        b  Honora M'Auliffe    Michael Hanneen
        c  William Collins     same
8       a  Eliza Noonan        Edmund Nash
        b  Unoccupied          Eliza Noonan
        c  Catherine Collins   same


film 0816120 1901 Census Ireland Cork

North Cork, Kanturk Poor Law Union, Barleyhill District Electoral Division,
Duhallow Barony, Clonfert Parish   Knockskavane Townland

Eugene Cosgrave  head  RC read&write  70 M labourer married Cork Irish/Engl
Hanora           wife  RC  " "        70 F  " wife  married Cork Irish/Engl
Bridget          dau   RC  " "        30 F domestic not marr Cork
landholder is Thomas Cronin

(Owen Cosgriff)

1901 Census of Co. Cork, Ireland  North Cork  Poor Law Union: Kanturk
District Electoral Division: Barleyhill  Barony: Duhallow Parish: Clonfert
Constabulary district: Charleville  sub-dist: Freemount
Townland: Knockskavane

Patrick Cronin  same  Pat 60 farmer, Margit 60, Danier son 26 idiot, John 20
Thomas Cronin   same  Tom 40 farmer, Ellen 30, John 2, Lem 4, Ellen 2, Dan 4/12
Eugene Cosgrove Thomas Cronin
Eliza Ryan      same Eliza 66 wid b.Limerick, Dan 38 cons, Wm 35, Maggie 44,
                                            Bridget 36, Nellie 22
Patrick Collins same  Pat 40 not marr, Mary 38 his sister
Patrick O'Connor same  Pat 46, Margt 39, Edmund 16, James 14, Debra 12,
                               Pat J. 10, Cath 8 Margt 6 Charles 1
Hannah O'Callaghan same  Hannah 31 not marr, Kate 29 sister, Richard Herlihy
                                                             servant 14
John McCaliffe  William Brosnan  John 70 marr lab, mary 60  McAuliffe
Timothy McCarthy Hannah O'Callaghan Tim 62 marr, Ellen 54, Denis son 23
Cornelius O'Sullivan Hannah O'Callaghan Con 66 dairyman, Julia 56, Denis 29,
                                           Norah 25, Ellie Rahilly niece 21


1911 Census  Cork, Clonfert, Knockscavane (Knockskavane)
                                                          shopkeeper Irish & Eng
Norah Cosgrove head   85 (b.c1826) Cork reads & writes mar 55 6 3 (m.c1856)
  Bridget Barry dau   45 (b.c1866) Cork single  "    Irish & Engl
Lizzie Garity (Geahoity?) 12 servant  Cork not a dau

property owned by Thomas Cronin


Baptism 17 Sep 1843
Michael Cronin, s of Daniel Cronin & Julia Linehan, Ruhill.
wit: Denis Cronin & Mary Linehan.

Baptism 05 Oct 1843  Bartholemew Connor s of Daniel Connor & Frances Cronin,
Knocknamucklagh. wit: Bartholomew Connor & Margaret Brien.

Baptism 16 Dec 1843 Hannah Falvey d of Peter Falvey & Julia Cronin, Newmarket
wit: Denis Callaghan

Baptism 18 Dec 1843 Michael Cronin & Mary Cronin (twins) of Timothy Cronin & Ellen
Buckley, Ballyhoulihan.  wit: Maurice Sullivan & Cathleen Leahy.

Baptism 18 Dec 1843 Timothy Cronin s of James Cronin & Catherine Herlihy,
Knockavoreehen.  wit: Michael Murphy & Mary Herlihy

Baptism 27 May 1855 John Fitzgerald s of Edmond Fitzgerald & Mary Cronin, Drominarigle.
wit: Margaret Riordan.

Baptism 21 Aug 1857 Bartholomew Fitzgerald s of Edmond Fitzgerald & Mary Cronin,
Dromingarigle. wit: Ellen McAuliffe.  cel. Rev. Bourke.

Baptism 13 Sep 1857 Timothy Cronin s of Timothy Cronin & Margaret Murphy, Knockavoreen.
wit: Julia Cronin. cel. Rev. Bourke.

Baptism  Casey v.2 p.417
13 Sep 1857 Margaret Cronin d of John Cronin & Mary Barry, Glounreagh.
wit: Nora Barry. cel. Rev. M. N.

Baptism 25 Aug 1860 Nora Danehy d of James Danehy & Julia Cronin, Reallen.
wit: Patrick Mullane & Mary Danehy. cel. Rev. O'Connor.

Baptism 23 Oct 1864 William Cronin s of Daniel Cronin & Annabella Hogan, Knocknenaugh.
wit: ----   cel. Rev. McMahon

Baptism 07 Nov 1864 Patrick Cronin s of John Cronin & Catherine Mahony, Meens-Lisrobin.
wit: Benjamin Noonan & Julia Mahony. cel. Rev. Barrett.

Baptism Newmarket. 23 Aug 1866
Eliza Cronin, d of Daniel Cronin, butcher & Eliza Brenane.
wit: Daniel Cronin

Baptism  Casey v.  p. 350
Meens. 03 Sep 1865
Jeremiah Barry s of Michael Barry, farmer & Johanna Cronin.
wit: Michael Barry

Knocknanagh. 22 Oct 1864
William Cronin s of Daniel Cronin, farmer & Abby Hogan.
wit: Daniel Cronin

Marriage 2 Jun 1860
Denis McCarthy of Ballycasheen, son of Ty McCarthy & Margaret Dowd of Lieratonig
Hannah Cronin of Ballyspillane, dau of Cornelius Cronin and Hannah Carey.
wit: Michael O'Sullivan of Ballycasheen and Cornelius Cronin of Ballyspillane.
cel: Rev. P. O'Connor.

Marriages. Casey v.2 p.101
Newmarket. 25 Feb 1868
Nicholas Buckley, 33 B, farmer, Castle McAuliffe, s of Daniel Buckley, farmer
Kate Sheehan, 25 S, Barleyhill, d of Patrick Sheehan, farmer
wit: Thomas Meade & Daniel Collins.  cel: J. O'Mahony

Marriage. Newmarket. 25 Feb 1868
Daniel Cronin, 27 B, lab, Barnacurra, s of Daniel Cronin, lab
Elizabeth Bailey, 24 S, Barnacurra, d of David Bailey, weaver
wit: Patrick Shine & Johanna Cronin. cel: W. Coghlan

Marriage. Newmarket. 25 Feb 1868
Jeremiah Galvin, 28 B, carpenter, Barnacurra, s of Timothy Galvin, mason
Catherine Guiney, 24 S, Barnacurra, d of Nicholas Guiney, lab
wit: Jeremiah Cosgriff & Ellen Rady.  cel: J. O'Mahony

Marriages. 22 Feb 1870  Casey v.2 p. 234
Jeremiah Cronin, 28 B, farmer, Meenskehy, s of Daniel Cronin, farmer
Mary Cosgrave, 30 S, Barnacurra, d of Richard Cosgrave, farmer
wit: Richard Cosgrave & William Herlihy. cel: W. Coghlan

Marriage. Newmarket. 23 Feb 1870
Daniel Cronin, 55 W, lab, Barnacurra, s of Daniel Cronin, farmer
Mary Roche Murphy, 55 W, servant, Scarteen, d of Richard Roche, farmer
wit: Richard Roche & Patrick Shine. cel: W. Coghlan

Marriages. Casey v. 2 p. 436
Newmarket. 21 Feb 1871
Daniel Cronin, 50 W, quarryman, Tour, s of Jeremiah Cronin, lab
Honora McAuliffe, 36 S, Glounnamucla (Glounamuckla), d of Patrick McAuliffe, lab
wit: Jeremiah McAuliffe & Cornelius McAuliffe. cel. J. O'Mahony

Marriage Meelin. 11 Feb 1877
Timothy Connors, F B, farmer, Curras, s of John Connors (decd), farmer
Abbigail Cronin, F S, Knockskevane (Knockscovane), d of Denis Cronin (decd), far
wit: John Cronin & Mathew Fitzpatrick. cel: C. O'Connell

Marriage Freemount. 14 Feb 1877
Philip Hayes, F B, labr, Knockawillin, s of Maurice Hayes (decd), farmer
Catherine Cronin, F S, servant, Glouinicommane, d of D. Cronin (decd), farmer
wit: John Sheehan & Ellen Cronin.  cel: J. D. Russell

Marriage Glountane. 22 Apr 1880
Bartholomew Leary, F B, shoemaker, Gurtroe, s of Bartholomew Leary  (Batt)
Mary Leary, F S, Gurtroe, d of Daniel Leary (decd).
wit: James O'Gorman & Hanna Cronin.  cel: W. McAuliffe.

Marriage Newmarket.  11 May 1880
William Cronin, 26 B, labr, Newmarket, s of Jeremiah Cronin, labr
Mary Daly, 23 S, servant, Newmarket, d of John Daly, labr
wit: Daniel Lane & Kate O'Connell.  cel: J. D. Greene.

Marriage Clonmeen.  30 Jun 1880
Denis Cronin, 26 B, shopkeeper, Kanturk, s of Thomas Cronin, shopkeeper
Helena Kelleher, 27 S, farmer, Loughlea, d of Patrick Kelleher, farmer
wit: Denis Fitzpatrick & Eliza Cronin.  cel: W. Hickie.

Marriage Newmarket. 26 Feb 1881
Patrick Cronin, 35 B, farmer, Keale, s of Daniel Cronin, labr
Johanna Fitzgerald, 28 S, farmer, Meenigorman, d of John Fitzpatrick, labr
wit: Maurice Archdeacon & Julia Cronin.  cel: J. D. Greene.

Marriage Millstreet.  30 Apr 1881
Jeremiah O'Leary, F B, farmer, Mulloghroe, s of Jeremiah O'Leary, farmer
Mary Murphy, F S, farmer, Ahane, d of Denis Murphy, farmer
wit: Catherine Cronin & Patrick O'Leary.  cel: A. S. Griffin.

Newmarket.  14 Sep 1881
Jeremiah Galvin, F B, bootmaker, Newmarket, s of John Galvin, bootmaker
Margaret Cronin, F S, Newmarket, d of John Cronin (decd), labr
wit: Richard Galvin & Kate Donoghue.  cel: T. O'Callaghan.

Marriage Meelin.  12 Jan 1882
Michael Cronin, F B, farmer, Keal, s of Daniel Cronin, farmer
Johanna Linehan, F S, Knocknaskehy, d of Michael Linehan, farmer
wit: Patrick Cronin & Eliza Linehan.  cel: T. O'Keeffe.

Marriage Freemount. 02 Feb 1882
Jeremiah Dorgan, F B, labr, Knockeragh, s of Patrick Dorgan (decd), labr
Ellen Cronin, F S, servant, Glounicommane, d of Daniel Cronin (decd), labr
wit: Edmund Cronin & Kate Cronin.  cel: J. D. Russell.

Marriage Tullylease.  16 Feb 1882
Daniel Cronin, F B, farmer, Knockawillin, s of Michael Cronin, farmer
Hanora Linihan, F S, Knockawillin, d of Michael Linahan, labr
wit: John T. Linahan & Mary Linahan.  cel: J. Moore.

Marriage Meelin. 21 Feb 1882
Michael Bennett, F B, farmer, Glengariffe, s of Patrick Bennett (decd), farmer
Mary Cronin, F S, farmer, Knockoguan, d of Denis Cronin (decd), farmer
wit: Richard Galvin & Kate Noonan.  cel: T. O'Keeffe.

Marriage  Casey  v.3  p.98
Millstreet. 21 Feb 1882
Patrick Dennehy, F W, farmer, Knocknageeha, s of Jeremiah Dennehy (Darby) decd,f
Catherine Dennehy, F S, servant, Knocknageeha, d of Timothy Dennehy (decd), farm
wit: Margaret O'Connor & Margaret Cronin.  cel: A. S. Griffin.

Marriage Kanturk.  06 Jun 1882
Michael Fitzgerald, F B, dealer, Charleville, s of David Fitzgerald, farmer
Mary Murphy, F S, Kanturk, d of Timothy Murphy, farmer
wit: William Kelleher & Mary Cronin.  cel: E. Murphy

Marriage Millstreet.  31 Jul 1882
Daniel Cronin, F W, labr, Cullen, s of Michael Murphy (decd), labr
Margaret Keeffe, F S, servant, Workhouse, d of Denis Keeffe (decd), labr
wit: Daniel Murphy & Michael Murphy.  cel: A. S. Griffin.

Marriage Kiskeam.  16 Jan 1883
Thomas Herlihy, F B, farmer, Knocknanack, s of Thade Herlihy, farmer
Honoria Cronin, F S, Knockavorheen, d of Timothy Cronin, farmer
wit: Mary Danehy & Honoria Cronin.  cel: J. Griffin.

Marriage Castlemagner. 30 Jan 1883
Jeremiah Lyons, F B, farmer, Castlemagner, s of John Lyons (decd), farmer
Amelia Cronin, F S, Castlemagner, d of John Cronin, farmer
wit: Stephen Lyons & Bridget Cronin.  cel: P. Cremin

Marriage Kilpadder.  06 Feb 1883
Cornelius Curtin, F B, farmer, Lyre, s of John Curtin, farmer
Margaret Barry, F S, Kilpadder, d of John Barry, farmer
wit: Jeremiah Buckley & Hanna Cronin.  cel. J. Lynch.

Marriage Derinagree.  23 Jan 1883
Patrick Cronin, 36 B, farmer, Gurranebawn, s of John Cronin, farmer
Margaret Dennehy, 27 S, farmer, Meenskehy, d of John Dennehy, farmer
wit: Patrick Cronin & Mary Cunningham.  cel: T. Quilter

Marriages. Casey v. ? p. 121
Newmarket. 26 Feb 1884
Thomas Cronin, F, B, farmer, Meelin, s of Daniel Cronin, farmer
Margaret Horgan, F, S, Newmarket, d of Patrick Horgan (decd), farmer
wit: Michael Cronin & Julia Horgan. cel: T. O'Callaghan

Marriage Kilbrin. 19 Feb 1896
Patrick Cronin, F B, farmer, Gurranebawn, s of Patrick Cronin, farmer
Julia Cronin, F S, servant, Corbally, d of William Cronin, farmer
wit: Daniel Cronin & Bridget Kennedy.  cel: J. O'Dwyer.

Marriage Kilpadder. 15 Mar 1896
Michael Cronin, F B, labr, Glasha, s of Daniel Cronin, labr
Bridget Connell, F S, servant, Glasha, d of William Connell, labr
wit: Daniel Flynn & Maggie Sheehan.  cel: B. Shinnick.


Holyland p. 242  Ships' Lists   Ireland to Quebec

Ship Fortitude sailed May 10, 1825, master was Thomas Lewis, surgeon was
Francis Cronin.  Families on board:

  Moloney     7 people
  Carew       7 people
  Ellis       6 people
  Murphy E.   8 people


Marriages. 22 Feb 1870  Casey v.2 p. 234
Jeremiah Cronin, 28 B, farmer, Meenskehy, s of Daniel Cronin, farmer
Mary Cosgrave, 30 S, Barnacurra, d of Richard Cosgrave, farmer
wit: Richard Cosgrave & William Herlihy. cel: W. Coghlan


Births? or Baptisms.  Casey v.2 p.315

17 Sep 1843  Mary Guiney, d of Timothy Guiney & Mary Sullivan, Kiskeam.
wit: Daniel Lean.

17 Sep 1843  Thomas Jones, s of John Jones & Bridget Curtin, Glinfinane.
wit: Margaret Carroll.

17 Sep 1843  Julia McAuliffe, d of Darby McAuliffe (Jeremiah McAuliffe),
Knockavillane.  wit: Nora McAuliffe

17 Sep 1843  John Riordan, s of Thomas Riordan & Nora Mahony, Acres.
wit: Cornelius Murphy & J. Buckley.

17 Sep 1843  Margaret Swiney, d of Bryan Swiney & Margaret Hickey, Gneeves.
wit: J. Connor & Abina Swiney.

17 Sep 1843  Michael Cronin, s of Daniel Cronin & Julia Linehan, Ruhill.
wit: Denis Cronin & Mary Linehan.