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Brahe I

This is the first family that went under the name Brahe. They had extensive lands in Scania, Halland and Denmark. Some members are here unaccounted for, and for those people, see DAA 1950:II. It begins with Torkil Nielsen Brahe who had issue a son, Peder Torkilsen Brahe, died 1390 who married 1stly N. N., 2ndly Ose Jensdatter and 3rdly Anne. He had issue:

1. Torkil Pedersen Brahe, known about 1370-1450, Councilor of the Realm, married 1stly Aleta Clausdatter (Dume), 2ndly Märta Jönsdatter (sparre över blad).
1.1. Peder, died 1416.
1.2. Jens, died 1416.
1.3. Axel, died 1416.
1.4. Johanne, known 1460, married 1. Knut Karlsson (Örnfot), 2ndly Magnus Laurensson. Through her second marriage she became the ancestress of the Swedish Brahe family.
1.5. Ellen, married Anders Stigsen (Thott).
1.6. Barbara, known 1488, married Stig Olufsen (Krognos).
1.7. Torkil, died 1416.
1.8. Gundel, known 1456, married Arvid Båt (Tjurhuvud).
2. Axel Pedersen, a knight, known 1398-1425, married Holgerd Holgersdatter (Krognos).
2.1.Peder, known 1439-41, married Berete Bondesdatter (Thott).
2.1.1. Axel, died 1487, married Maren Tygesdatter (Lunge). Tyge, known 1502, murdered 1523, married 1stly Magdalene Olufsdatter (Krognos), 2ndly Sophie Jensdatter (Rud). a son, died young. Helvig, died young. Elsebe, died young. Maren, died before 1516. Axel, died young. Jörgen, born 1515, died 1565. Kirstine, died young about 1521. Otte, born 1518, died 1571, married Beate Claudsatter (Bille). Lisbet, born 1545, died 1563. Margrete, died young. Tyge Brahe, born 1546, died 1601, famed astronomer. Niels, born 1546, died young. Steen, born 1547, died 1620. Maren, born 1549, died young. Axel, born 1550, died 1616. Margrete, born 1551, died 1614. Kirsten, born 1552, died 1566. Jörgen, born 1554, died 1601, married Ingeborg Nielsdatter (Parsberg). Knud, born 1555, died 1615. Sophie, born 1556, died 1643, married Otto Tott (born 1543, died 1588). Peder, died about 1543. Anne, died 1590, married, but whom is unknown. Magdalene, died 1571, married 1537, but whom is unknown. Michel, died before 1552 unmarried. Holgerd, died 1495, married Jens Holgersen (Ulfstand). Axel, born about 1480, died 1551, married 1stly Anne Lavesdatter (Brok) and 2ndly Sophie Holgersdatter (Rosenkrantz). Lave, born about 1500, died 1567. Maren. Else, died young, before 1587. Beate, died unmarried. Margrete, died 1575, married, but whom is unknown. Jens, knoen 1532, died 1561. Ove, born 1550, died 1587. Holger, known 1564, died 1576. Axel, died 1575. Anne, died unmarried. Sophie, died 1621, unmarried. Peder, known 1561, died 1610. Agathe, died unmarried. Tyge, known 1571, died 1581. Henrik, known 1565, died 1587. Åge, known 1505, died 1525, married Beate Jensdatter (Ulfstand). Beate, died 1523. Beate, died 1602, married 1539 but whom is unknown. Margrete, known 1512, married Erik Jensen (Urup). Birte, known 1505-46. Helvig, died 1503, married 1stly Bengt Fadersen (sparre) and 2ndly Tönne Eriksen (Thott). Cecilie, born about 1521, died about 1532, married Eskil Mogensen (Göye). Lisbet, known 1567, died 1574, married Hans Jepsen (Skovgård). Anne, known 1505.
2.1.2. Niels, known 1462, died before 1487, married 1stly Edela N. N. and 2ndly Magdalene Olufsdatter (Skanke). Niels, known 1507, executed 1529. Jörgen, known 1532-55. Oluf "the lame".
2.1.3. Anne, died about 1507, married Eskil Laurensen (Gjedde).
2.1.4. Johanne, married Gregers Jepsen (Ulfstand).
2.2. Holger, died young.
2.3. Torkild.
2.4. Johanne, known 1445, married, but to whom is unknown.
2.5. Ose.
2.6. Margrete, died between 1459 and 1465, married Peder Jepsen (Bille).
2.7. Ellen, married Jon Gädda.

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