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You got it from your father,it was all he had to give,

So it's yours to use and cherish for as long as you shall live.

If you loose the watch he gave you, it can always be replaced,

But a black mark on your name son, can never be erased.

It was clean the day you took it, and a worthy name to bear,

When he got it from his father, there was no dishonour there.

So make sure you guard it safely, after all is said and done,

You'll be glad the name is spotless when you give it to your son.

Author: Edgar Albert Guest




Life wasn't always easy;

But she never did complain;

Though I saw her shed a leaf or two,

When cold November's came.


How her arms spread wide

And welcomed any weary nesting soul;

Vast numbers took their comfort there,

In spring and winters' snow.


When August sun's beat down on me,

I rested 'neath her shade;

And warmed myself in winter

With the firewood she gave.


Played beneath the shelter

Of her strong and sturdy limbs;

Swung from her branches happily

With all my childhood friends.


In her bark, I carve initials

Of those sweethearts long forgot;

From her branches, hang my medals,

And hide my secrets in her knots.


From her seeds, I grew an orchard,.

In her leaves I made a bed;

And when I thought to give up...

Her trunk spoke, "forge ahead!"


I gaze now through her branches,

Far past where eyes can see;

And every bough uncovered,

Tells that much more of ME!


And I proudly bear the markings

Of her awesome history;

Oh, she started but a seedling ...

And became my family tree.

~ Author Unknown ~



If you could see your ancestors, all standing in a row,

Would you be proud of them or not

Or don't you really know?

Some strange discoveries are made

When climbing family trees,

But some of them do not particularly please.

If you could see your ancestors

All standing in a row,

There might be some of them  perhaps, You wouldn't care to know.

But there's another question

Which requires a different point of view,

If you could meet your ancestors,

Would they be proud of YOU?