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"Taming the Timber" Award

Contrary to popular belief, the wide open prairies of Illinois were not settled first.  Pioneers stayed as far as possible from the unprotected prairies, seeking cover in the trees.  The timber offered protection from the weather, unscrupulous humans, and wild animals.  Also, the timber usually grew near the source of fresh water.  Lastly, a common belief was that land which could grow trees could also grow crops.  Unfortunately, that was not always the case.  For whatever reason, the prairies were settled last, and the great stretches of timber were cleared as more and more families homesteaded their farms.  My own ancestors staked their claim just a stone's throw from Salt Creek, in the wild timber, in the western portion of DeWitt County, Illinois.

"Taming the Timber" seeks to be a collective of genealogy websites featuring those pioneers who settled the Midwest and cleared the trees.  Instructions on receiving the "Taming the Timber" award are located at the bottom of the page.

Please visit the winning websites.

Coppenbarger Genealogy Page  The homepage of "Taming the Timber", which includes the descendents of Jacob and Catherine Coppenbarger of DeWitt County, Illinois.

The Blackhawk War Resources  Featuring George Coppenbarger, son of Jacob and Catherine Coppenbarger, this page provides links to many resources on this rarely-discussed war from 1832.

Eliza Janette Monroe  The ancestors of Eliza, born in 1835, in Indiana.

Our Family Ties  Jim Wallace's page featuring the following surnames:  Wallace, Peavler, Mercer, Yeast, Noffsinger/Nafsker/Naftzger, Sallee, Vick, Miller, Collins, Longfellow, Currel/Curel/Curl.

Jim Parker's Site  Parker, Dillow, Lookinbee, Krebeck, and Kieser surnames in Illinois.

The Coyan Genealogy Homepage Anthony Coyan's page featuring the descendents of  Hugh & Elizabeth Coyan in Ohio, Iowa, and Kansas.

 Hurst Family Heritage  Hurst, Boyer, and White surnames in Illinois

Pamela Porter-Newville-Lutz Family Page  Wisconsin

Templin Family Genealogy  Marvin & Samme Templin's comprehensive site for the family surname which includes information on Hopewell Cemetery near Kokomo, IN.

Please join "Taming the Timber"

1.  Your website must feature genealogy and be free of "adult content".

2.  Ancestors must have a relationship (birth, death, residence) to one of the following Midwestern states:  OHIO, INDIANA, ILLINOIS, MICHIGAN, WISCONSIN, MINNESOTA, IOWA, MISSOURI, NORTH DAKOTA, SOUTH DAKOTA

3.  At least one ancestor must be present in one of the above states before 1860.

4.  The award must be placed on an easily-accessed page and be linked back to this page.

We're assuming if you took the time and trouble to put your genealogy hobby on the web, your information is accurate, and your site is reasonably well-done.  You don't have to have the fanciest site to win this award, just one that provides the information in an easy-to-access manner.

To receive the "Taming the Timber" Award:

Fill out this handy form


email the webmaster, and put "Taming the Timber" in the subject line.  In the body of the message, include the URL for your homepage, and also the URL of a page featuring at least one ancestor who meets the above criteria.  There is no need to try to "sell" us on the merits of your website.

If you receive the award, the webmaster will email you with instructions.  Feel free to reapply if you haven't heard anything in more than two weeks.


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