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Cyndi's List The most comprehensive genealogy site on the web.  Don't be intimidated by the number of links, just click around and have fun.
The U.S. GenWeb Project This is the home site of GenWeb, a project which has the entire country organized by state and county genealogical sites.  Marvelous!

Jump right to the Illinois site of GenWeb, which has links to all counties.

Bureau of Land Management This site has a searchable database of all land patents, or lands purchased directly from the U.S. government.  If you have pioneer ancestors, search for your surname to see if they homesteaded any land.

Hundreds of message boards for specific surnames and places.  Search on your surname and see who else is looking for your relatives.  I've had LOTS of success here!
           Coppenbarger             Snavely
           Britton                        Wythe County, Virginia
           Griner                         DeWitt County, Illinois
           Henderson                  State of Illinois

Illinois State Prairie Pioneers Instructions on how to apply for a Prairie Pioneer Certificate.  In theory, all of Jacob's descendants should be eligible.  I haven't sent in the documentation, yet, but if you're interested, here's how to do it.

 Illinois State Historical Library  Located under the Old State Capitol (you enter through the parking garage), this library has a wealth of genealogical resources for the entire state.  Many of their services are available through the mail.  If you are looking for a particular book, check out their online catalog.  If you're planning a trip there, searching the catalog online saves you lots of time!

Illinois Marriage Index, 1763-1900  Search for the bride's or groom's name, or just look up a surname.  Searchable for the entire state or individual counties.

Genealogy & Historical Indexes for Illinois  This site contains indexes to Illinois residents involved in the Revolutionary War, the Black Hawk War, the Mexican War, and the Donner Party.

Black Hawk War  A more comprehensive description of the 1831 war between the settlers of Illinois and the followers of the Native American leader called Black Hawk.  It includes an explanation of the war and a listing of the militia members.  For more information on this rarely-discussed war, see my page of Black Hawk War Resources.

 Soundex Code Calculater The U.S. Census for the years between 1880 and 1920 is indexed by the soundex code.  Soundex allows surnames of different spellings that sound similar to be grouped together.  This site will take your surname and convert it to soundex.  The code for Coppenbarger is C151.  Here's a hint if you live in Illinois:  look at your driver's license number.  The soundex code is the first four places of the license number.

Family on the Web

The following links reference more than one family member.  Other relevant links to individuals are located on the family tree pages.
 DeWitt County Rootsweb Site Maintained by Earliene Kaelin, this is the place for queries, cemeteries, obituaries, and all sorts of records for DeWitt County, IL, with lots of Coppenbarger information.

 Wythe County, Virginia  This fantastic site has plenty of connections to the early Coppenbargers and Snavelys before they came to Illinois.  Be sure to look at the church and cemetery records.

 Joe Cameron's Personal Site Joe's site has even more information, particularly on the Snavelys, in Virginia.

 Russ Myer's Homepage The William Coppenbarger line beginning in Virgina, including descendants of William Coppenbarger (Jacob's brother) and his wife Elizabeth Snavely (Catherine's sister).

DeWitt County Cemetery Pictures  Many photos taken in 1999 of nearly every cemetery in DeWitt County, including the hard-to-find Hays Cemetery.

 Hays Cemetery A directory of Hays (Coppenbarger) Cemetery in DeWitt County, IL (burial place of Jacob and Catherine Snavely Coppenbarger, among others).

 Bureau of Land Management Eastern States Jacob, George, John, Elias, and Peter Coppenbarger all purchased land from the federal government.  You may search for an individual or surname here to get to the descriptions of the land.  You can also see a scanned copy of the original documents granting the land.

Macon County Marriages A record of the marriages of Catherine Coppenbarger and William Hooper; George and Nancy Henderson Coppenbarger;  John and Mary Newcomb Coppenbarger; and Sarah Coppenbarger and Obediah Hooper.

Macon County Biographies  Biographies of George Wilmer and James Wesley Coppenbarger

George W. Griner  An 1882 biography of the husband of Mary Coppenbarger that includes some mention of her parents, George and Nancy Coppenbarger.

Sylvester Perry Coppenbarger 1891 biography from DeWitt County Rootsweb

George W. Butler  Another 1891 biography of the son of Mary Coppenbarger and Elisha Butler

George and Nancy Wedekind Coppenbarger    A biography George and Nancy Wedekind Coppenbarger (of Christian County, IL) as written by Georgia Thompson

James Wesley Coppenbarger and Malinda Cooper Another Christian County biography by Georgia Thompson

Eliza Janette Monroe  Another web page of mine for the ancesters of Eliza Janette Monroe, wife of Hughes B. Coppenbarger

 Kate's Kin A personal genealogy page that includes the descendants of Josiah Randolph Coppenbarger, Cowley Co, KS.  Site includes pictures!

Brock Ancestry  A personal genealogy page that includes the descendents of sisters Catherine and Sarah Coppenbarger that married brothers William and Obediah Hooper.

The McLaurin - McMahon Family Research Page  One more page that shows the ancestry of the Hooper brothers, William and Obediah, and their wives, sisters Catherine and Sarah Coppenbarger.

DeWitt County Census  Images of some original census pages (listing Coppenbargers, Griners, Brittins and many others)  are now online.  They can be a bit unweildy, but this process seems to work best.  Open the index in one window, and then open another window for the image list, and choose the image's page number as listed in the index.   Each image file name corresponds to the page number of the original census.
1850 Index           1850 Image list
1860 Index           1860 Image list

DeWitt County Databases  Several lists of early DeWitt County.  Coppenbargers are on many of these lists, including the voting registries, grand jury list, marriage listings, and cemetery listings.  Also check for the name spelled as "Cottenburger."

Black Hawk War  A comprehensive description of the 1831 war between the settlers of Illinois and the followers of the Native American leader called Black Hawk.  The listing of the militia members includes George Coppenbarger and his brothers-in-law, Elisha Butler, and William Hooper.

Hightower Family Genealogical Database  The descendents of Fleming and Julia Coppenbarger, through their daughter Clara Coppenbarger Brinegar.

Cartmill's Clearing House Earliene Kaelin's personal webpage that includes the descendents of Benjamin Kirby Coppenbarger.

Beatrice's Big Adventure Just for fun, a link to my very first website (please be kind!) that has a few pictures and travel tips from my trip to England and Ireland.


Coppenbarger (descendents of Jacob):   Earliene Kaelin
Robin Sloan   Joe Caldwell
Coppenbarger (descendents of William):  Diane Stober
Griner:  Beverly Griner McNally
Snavely:  Jodi Stockebrand

Email the webmaster  (descendent of Jacob Coppenbarger)

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