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The Wigan 1811 Census

1811 Census
Census book - covers approximately half of the borough: Market St., Hallgate, Birch's Croft, Frog Lane, Wallgate, Millgate, Scholes, Warrington Lane, Hawarden's Square, Castle Yard, Club Row. N.B. Photocopy available [on open shelves -SM] at Wigan History Shop.

Examples from Wigan Census c1811 [Open Shelves Wigan History Shop]

No. Names Males Females Total Occupation Observations    
  Market Street              
  James Battersby 1 2 3 Shoemaker - 2nd page  
  James Battersby 1 . 1 Tin man   3rd page  

See also - for Chadwick examples

*N.B. This "other Book", which covered Standishgate and Wigan Lane (amongst other places) has not survived.

An Index - not yet completed [you can always use the find facility to see if the name you want is listed]

I have included occupations on only a few items randomly but most entries have occupations see layout above

Page 1 Market Street john walls    
    robert bolton    
    john greenhalgh  
    thomas vose sadler  
    thomas jolly    
    nicholas moore    
    james bullock    
    mark aspull    
    jane lee    
    widow wood    
    james blundell    
    william leyland    
    william bradley    
    robert clitheroe    
    edward pemberton  
    peter richardson  
    edward marsden  
    john holcroft    
    william bradley    
    john alker    
    ann brindle    
    edmund alston    
    nicholas cowell    
    dorothy lyon    
    thomas clare    
    william melling    
    john rushton    
    jonathan bolton    
    alice banks    
    james knight    
    hugh shannon    
    prescott corless    
    thomas bateman  
    william baron    
Page 2   richard entwistle  
    samuel brockbank  
    henry lomax    
    william ranicar    
    jane scott    
    john marsden  
    mary taylor    
    mary marsden  
    william helme    
    robert leyland    
    miles mitton    
    thomas ransom    
    james battersby  
    william potter staymaker
    esther flower    
    peter campbell  
    thomas moore    
    john ellam    
    joseph cumberbach  
    james yates    
    james brindle    
    john gerard    
    james rowe    
    richard barrow    
    james tennant    
    thomas bailey    
    samuel harris    
    robert wilding    
    ralph hammersley  
    james newsham  
    samuel walker    
    grace worsley    
    elizabeth cheetham winder  
Page 3   elizabeth berry    
    henry platt    
    john Jtihell?    
    ann howard    
    henry wilson    
    george clarke    
    william taylor    
    john shearman  
    robert cole    
    jane barker    
    john wilkinson  
    james southwarth  
    esther tasker    
    henry hargeaves  
    john mc. collom  
    miles thompson  
    samuel ashton    
    henry steward    
    william lawson    
  wiend william harrison    
    ann gobbin    
    edward jones    
    william pale    
    james pyott    
    james battersby  
    mary stephenson  
    james bullock    
    john dewhurst  
    george burdekin shoemaker
Page 4   thomas rylance    
    thomas yates    
    william rylance    
    george addison    
    ann hale    
    william horton    
    michael bentham  
    charles swan    
    john scholefield  
    alice whalley    
    jonathan hallam    
    john boardman  
    thomas ashurst    
    james anderson  
    alexander wilding    
    john rowe    
    ralph knight    
    gerard ince    
  Hall Gate george kearsley    
    robert leyland    
    james worthington  
    john towers    
    william bancks    
    william wootton    
    robert marsden  
    george bolton    
    jonathan marsden  
    william shaw    
    samuel shaw    
    john shaw    
    peter dalton    
    lawrence marsden  
    peter sownlow?  
Page 5   john liptrott    
    ann fairhurst    
    caleb hilton    
    william haliwell    
    samuel baldwin    
    [blank] manley    
    george leyland    
    richard boardman  
    ellen halton    
    ellis dean    
    john ranson    
    thomas haselden  
    timothy taylor    
    margaret leather    
    ralph ford    
    ralph forster    
    john hickman    
    jeffry hickman    
    [blank] mitton    
    thomas fairhurst    
    joseph causeway  
    jane wilson    
    jane cellars    
    william johnson    
    anthony barrister    
    alice parkinson  
    thomas hickman    
    edward perry    
    john forster    
    james smith    
    william lea    
    james prescott    
    john Birchall    
    john birchall    
    william johnson    
page 6   mary haliwell    
    lawrence haliwell    
    edward moss    
    william wood    
    william pollitt    
    john daniel    
    john lea    
    john brownbill  
    ann bibby    
    william johnson    
    joseph greenley    
    thomas bramwell  
    dorothy waring    
    daniel collinwood  
    samuel vizard    
    william parr    
    thomas bibby    
    john boardman  
    honble y revd j; bridgeman  
    thomas shaw    
    ellen johnson    
    oskell? somner    
    william glencross  
    william sephton    
    thomas markland  
    betty leigh    
    william kenyon    
    thomas swift    
    john haliwell    
    thomas payer    
    ralph wood    
    mary taylor    
    betty horrocks  
    john marsh    
    jane boardman  
page 7   sawney bibby    
    alice pemberton  
    william leyland    
    george leyland    
    thomas lowe    
    john crane    
    richard wood    
    william hermitage  
    joseph ashurst    
    william hesketh    
    james heyes    
    william downing    
    john sayer    
    thomas holme    
    mary barrow    
    edward hall    
    peter greenough  
    betty leyland    
    margaret taylor    
    ralph rylance    
    james cox    
    william powell    
    john forster    
    james bolton    
    john shaw    
    margaret knabbs    
    joseph taylor    
    thomas unsworth  
    mary forster    
    matthew downing    
    betty jolly    
    edward ashton    
    ellen sincough  
    joseph birchall victualler
    sarah sayer shopkeeper
page 8   ann langshaw  
    george dawson    
    ellen wallwort    
    thomas greenough  
    george worthington  
    shephard jeffres    
    john kershaw    
    james thompson  
    robert thompson  
    james hewitt    
    thomas brundle    
    mary jackson    
    thomas couthtrie  
    thonas whitehouse  
    S:R: cheyshyce  
    Bishop gate    
    william ainscow    
    thomas ford    
    ann ascroft    
    john prescott    
    betty marwood  
    ellen johnson    
    amelia harding    
    james chadwick  
    robert barrow    
    joseph jameson    
    george lomax    
    peter ascroft    
    george ainscough  
    william liptrott    
    ann bibby    
    betty daniels    
    edward whitehouse  
page 9 Hall Gate Church Yard roger bolton butcher  
    richard dean    
    james green    
    ann reeve    
    james forster    
    mary wood    
    ellis dean    
  Johnson's Croft mary dawber    
    betty barker    
    william brown    
    william darbyshire  
    william holland    
    thomas wood    
    richard walsh    
    john glover    
    lewis rowe    
    edward holland    
    henry winstanley  
    nancy worthington  
    john farnworth  
    margt. spencer    
    john forster    
    joseph cartwright  
    thomas hartley    
    ann fairhurst    
    thomas leyland    
    denis Mc Cuin    
    james kirkpatrick  
    thomas banister    
    peter bibby    
    thomas scott    
page 10   thomas forster weaver  
    john glover Do  
    john bamber Do  
    john worthington Do  
    james bibby Do  
    thomas chadwick laborer  
    thomas stephenson shoemaker
    abraham egerton labourer  
    john darbyshire  
    thomas boardman  
    peggy certain    
    james fairhurst    
    george jackson    
  Birch's Croft edward kenyon    
    william jolley    
    betty banister    
    ellen losre?    
    ellen sale    
    william coolman    
    george ashworth  
    thomas bevington  
    john bentham  
    william coup    
    john greenhalgh  
    michael yates    
    john marsden  
    lydia renshaw    
    thomas critchley    
    robert bibby    
    patrick farrol    
    william mc. Clenon  
    edward leigh    
    thomas daniel    
Page 11 Hall Gate Birchs Croft william marsh    
    edward lewis    
    alexander bibby    
    james daniel    
    michael mc. Lin    
    edward glassbrook  
    thomas bragg    
    william farnworth  
    john leigh    
    thomas simpkin    
    catherine apperton  
    peter boardman  
    george haselden  
    joseph singleton  
    luke ashurst    
    james glover    
    george worthington  
    thomas liptrott    
  Frog Lane jonathan simpkin    
    hugh topping    
    peggy powis    
    matthew fairhurst    
    james hickman    
    thomas powis Weaver  
    william mercer Do  
    william hodgkinson Do  
    thomas poulton Do  
    james wilde Do  
    john kilshaw Plasterer
    john webster Weaver  
    thomas horrocks Do  
page 12 Frog Lane ann wood    
    andrew wood    
    john riding    
    james leyland    
    thomas johnson    
    michael dawber    
    james turner    
    william banister    
    james berry    
    ralph tinsley    
    john marsden  
    john webster    
    james wood    
    james ellison    
    james topping    
    catherine carrol    
    peter fairhurst    
    margaret swift    
    robert forster    
    william atherton    
    james rylance    
    ellen worthington  
    richard greenhalgh  
    james smith    
    john ashurst    
    william williamson  
    michael dortin    
    mary smith    
    james parson    
    charles parkinson  
    thomas linnard    
    thomas node    
    hugh milligan    
page 13 Wall Gate william correll    
    matthew flite    
    richard trodd    
    william turton    
    joseph logan    
    jaes rimmer    
    thomas bradshaw  
    hugh cowell    
    thomas howarth    
    james allen    
    david mc clure  
    jane barker    
    ellen bretherton  
    ellen lyon    
    charles kenyon    
    richard langshaw  
    robert acton    
    moses harrison    
    george worthington  
    catharine lyon    
    margaret atherton    
    alice taylor    
    john addison    
    james atherton    
    alice waring    
    john higham    
    ann nixon    
    john langshaw  
    john waddington  
    john forster    
    henry peet    
    ellen gibson    
    john bretherton  
    esther roper spinster  
page 14 Wall Gate mary roper dress Maker
    john birch    
    john knowles    
    joseph bentley    
    john sumner    
    thomas mawdsley  
    john walls    
    john coats    
    john denton    
    ann winstanley  
    thomas birchall    
    richard bains    
    richard whittle    
    abraham glassbrook  
    william mealey    
    william mather    
    william prescott    
    joseph heald    
    william chaddock  
    john atherton    
    william jackson    
    james dobson    
    john acton    
    james andrew bolton    
    john pagan    
    edward moorfield  
    jonathan whitehead  
    robert bolton    
    william acton    
    john cartwright  
    grace tyrer    
    james tyrer    
    william forster    
    robert fraser    
    john dautber weaver  
page 15 Wall Gate john baron    
    mary lyon    
    robert barlow    
    john atherton    
    michael brown    
    john sumner    
    charles haselden  
    james wigan    
    james rigby    
    ann wood    
    christopher irving    
    william webster    
    thomas pendleton  
    mary armstrong  
    margaret taylor    
    james gee    
    thomas foster    
    catherine holding    
    richard barton junr Smith
    richard barton senr. Wheelwright
    james nevill    
    roger ranicar    
    richard liptrot    
    john greenough  
    andrew poigham    
    thomas wigan    
    joseph todd    
    john heyes    
    ralph green    
    william wood    
    benjamin jolly Weaver  
    john horrocks ) Do  
    william horrocks } Do  
    richard wilkinson Do  
    thomas dawber dyer  
    mary peers weaver  
page 16 Wall Gate john walklet    
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