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Lancashire - St Aiden Billinge, Parish Registers

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Original Registers

C 1696-1980, M 1705-1983, Bur 1699-1936 at Wigan Archives

Bishops Transcripts

C & Bur 1722-1857, M 1722-1799, 1839-1857 at Lancashire Record Office


LPRS vol 123 - 1696-1812 - Own Copy on CD Rom


LPRS Transcript 1813-1837 is at Manchester Central Library

Index Marriages from the BT 1813-1826, 1830-1836 LFHHS Fiche at Manchester Library, see below for missing entries from this index.

Baptisms 1813-1856 From BTs in BVRI

Marriages 1761-1856 From BTs in BVRI

Some Marriages From the Billinge Registers

St Helens Library 14 Mar 2002

Billinge Marriages on Microfilm filling in the gaps in the BT indexed by LFH&HS and BVR also based on BTs

1828 Sep 14 Thomas Atherton, tp, ba, & Elizabeth x Bury, tp, sp, lic, by Samuel Hill Minstr. Wit: Henery Cunliff, John Liptrot, No. 429

1829 Nov 16 John Finch, tp, ba, & Nancy Brown, tp, sp, lic,  by Samuel Hill Minstr. Wit: ? Whuton?, Jane Irving, No. 430

1830 Feb 21 Abraham Mode, tp, ba, & Sarah x Morton, tp, sp, banns (31 Jan, 7, 14 Feb)  by Samuel Hill Minstr. Wit: ? x ?ale, Martha Battle, No. 431

1830 William Whalley & Alice Renshaw banns only read on Sundays 20, 27 Jun, 4 Jul 1830, by Richard Snape, No. 432

1830 Jul 18 Lewis Barton, tp, ba, & Anne Leyland (signs as Ann Laylands), tp, sp, Banns (27 Jun, 4 Jul by R. Snape and 11 Jul by Samuel Hall Minstr.)  by Samuel Hill Minstr. Wit: Rich Brown, John Liptrot, No. 433

1830 John Finch & Jane Battle Banns only Sundays 4 Jul by Rich. Snape & 11, 18 Jul by Samuel Hall Minr.


1837 Feb 5 John Orrell (signs Jhon Orrell), tp, ba, & Ann x Powes, tp, sp, Banns (15, 22, 29 Jan), by J Bromilow Ministr. Wit: George Smith, John Marsh, No. 520

1837 Apr 30 George Lumley, tp, ba, & Alice Fishwick, tp, sp, Banns (26 Mar, 2, 9 Apr by J. Bromilow Minister) by J. Bromilow Minister, Wit: Thos. Newsham, George Smith, No. 521

1837 May 14 William Dawber, tp, [Elizabeth Hewitt deleted] ba, & Elizabeth Hewitt (or Shewitt), tp, sp, Banns (23, 30 Apr, 7 May by J: Bromilow Minister) by J. Bromilow Minister, Wit: James Glover, Ann x Dawber, No. 522

1837 Jun 27 Francis Taylor, tp, wdr, & Mary x Ashcroft, tp, sp, Banns (11, 18, 23 Jun by J. Bromilow Minister) by J. Bromilow Minister, Wit: Thomas Birchall, Elizabeth Birchall, No. 523

Note. From & including this entry all the Marriages are entered again in another Register

(of the modern form), from which Register, & not from this present one, all Copies should

be made F. A. Miller,

1837 Jul 2 Thomas x Moorfield, full age, Winstanley tp, Collier, ba, (s of Richard Moorfield, Collier) & Margaret Charnock, minor, tp, sp [condition blank on pre 1837 PR, Occupation, residence and father's details all left out of post 1837 PR], Banns (11, 18, 25 Jun by J. Bromilow Minister) by J. Bromilow Minister, Wit; Thomas Singleton, John Lea, No. 524, No. 1

1837 Sep 24 Samuel Bennett, full age, Mason, Winstanley tp, wdr, (s of Abraham Bennett, lab) & Betty x Foster, tp, sp, [no occupation, residence or age given in post 1837 PR] (d of Joseph Foster, wea) Banns (27 Aug, 3, 10 Sep by J. Bromilow Minister) by J. Bromilow Minister, Wit: Thos. Wiswall, John Lea?, No. 525, No. 2

No more marriages till 1838 Feb 5 being that of Henry Fishwick and Ann Nelson

The Second edition of the BVRI now includes Billinge Marriages 1772-1857

Wills - I have a copy of the Will and inventrory of Elline Ashhurst 1638 of Billinge

She was buried at Up Holland 22 Febr 1639/40 as "Ellin Ashurst of Billing"

Also the will of Grace Barton 1625 of Billing with Inventory

Also the will and inventory of Margaret Winstanley 1633 of Billinge

Angells to Yarwindles is the Wills and Inventories of 26 Elizabethan and Jaconean Women living in the area now called St. Helens. - Contains some Billinge Wills - Contact me for details of how to obtain a copy.

Surname Index to Billinge Baptisms 1813 part, 1830 part, 1831-1834, 1835 part

Between the Burials of 1812 and 1813 is the following list; From the time of the Napolionic Wars

Some Billinge Burials 1813

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