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The Birthplace of Tom J. Cope is not known at this time but was most likely Fannin County which was the birthplace of his brother Madison Earl Cope (Buried at Old Fort Cemetery in Fort Stockton). Tom was a rancher in the Pecos County area and was also Commissioner for many years. Tom married Maggie Valentine and had four children. Tommie Lee, Jack, Willard, and Jesse (akaBacky”). Tom was half owner of the Santa Rosa Spring Ranch which is located about 25 miles north of Fort Stockton. Maggie died at the age of 42 and it is not clear as to what the cause of death but it was in 1918 so it is quite possible that she died of child birth. Apparently, Tom lost the election after 1924 and moved to McCamey Texas where he died in 1932. He is buried in an unmarked grave at East Hill Cemetery in Fort Stockton in "the old Valentine Plot"

Tom’s son Willard was killed in 1944 WWII (possibly at Normandy Beach). Tommie Lee died young of tonsillitis, Jack went to Nevada and Jesse went to Corpus Christi, Texas.


Note: Jul 14, 2003

           Jack Cope was actually John Cope per 1920 Census

          Tom Re-Married a woman named Mary E. Landers who had two girls from a previous marriage,  a Ruby  and a     Robbie Landers.