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Descendants of Christopher Bearbower
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Generation 1

     Christopher Bierbauer (later changed name to "Beerbower"), was born 1791 in Einselthum Rheim, Pfalz, Bavaria (Germany), and died 1847 in Crawford County, PA. He married Barbara, surname unknown, in 1815. She was born in 1791 in Germany, and was still living October 1, 1850.

     Christopher and Barbara, with their five children, immigrated to America in 1836. They settled in Crawford County, near Meadville Twp, and remained there until his death. Their son, Adam, became a citizen October 29, 1840. (Note: from the book, "House of Bierbauer").

Children of Christopher and Barbara Beerbower

  • Elizabeth, b. 1816, d. 1850
  • m Michael Shaffer
  • Peter, b. 1820, d. 12 Aug 1882, Crawford Co., PA.
  • m Mary Zinn abt 1846, daughter of Philip and Barbara Styer Zinn
  • Jacob, b. 4 April 1822, d. 1904
  • m Catherine Mossinger, b. 1826, d. 1911
  • Adam, b. 1824, d. 1871
  • m Caldine Holland
  • unknown
  • do not have any information on this child
NOTE: see census page for more information

From this point on, I am showing only how we are directly linked, the page would be huge if I was to show all the descendants, so am trying to break it up, to where it is more manageable and easier to read. I will be adding all of the data as time goes on.

Generation 2

     Peter Bearbower, born 1822, married Mary Zinn, daughter of Philip Zinn and Barbara Styer, about 1846 in PA. They moved to the Brandon, Iowa area in the early 1850's, along with several other families from the same area in Pa. They had eight children, of which I am descended from their fourth daughter Elizabeth.

     Elizabeth Bearbower, was born 16 September 1865 in Titusville, Pa, and died 28 February 1949 in Independence, Buchanan Co., Iowa. She married in 1890, Martin John Miller, b 15 April 1867 in nr Fredericksburg, Chickasaw Co., IA, son of Worthington Miller and Mary Whitson.

Children of Elizabeth and Martin Miller:

  • Edna, b 14 Nov 1888, d.30 Oct 1971
  • Bert Edward, b. Sept 1894, d. 1961
  • Jessie Angeline, b. 23 Sep 1896, d. 22 Feb 1954 (my grandmother)
  • Gladys Mae, b.6 April 1903, d. Jan 1980
  • Pearl E., b. 11 Nov 1905, d 12 June 1998

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Generation 3

     Jessie Angeline Miller married Charles William Milks 15 Sept 1915. He was born 5 Jan 1897, and died 24 April 1931, (see obits). They had eight children, my father, Rayburn Lavern Milks, was their eldest son.

Jessie married George Tann, in 1933; they had two daughters, Doris and Darlene, of whom I have no information, other than Doris married a Weber.

Children of Jessie and Charles:

  • Velma Eulalia, b. 29 Mar 1916
  • Rayburn Lavern, b. 10 Apr 1918, d. Nov 1983
  • m LaVon Edna Pettit in Jan 1940
  • Wilma W., b. 25 Jul 1919, d. 18 Jun 1921
  • Zelma Arlene, b. 25 Sep 1920, d. 30 Nov 1989
  • m Edward Tann
  • Thelma Eileen, b. 25 Oct 1922, d.23 Dec 1983
  • m Lyle Dale Brown
  • Bennie Francis, (living)
  • m Ruth Arlene Dietz
  • Nelma Wanda, b. 21 May 1926, d. 18 May 1953
  • m Melvin Lavern Owens
  • Charles William, Jr. born June 25, 1927; died Jan. 25, 2001
  • m Earline Eckler born Aug. 14, 1923; died May 5, 1995

     Rayburn Lavern Milks married LaVon Edna Pettit 4 Jan 1940 in Il. They had three daughters, one of whom, died a few days after birth, she was three months premature and in those days they did not have the technology to save her.
     This information I can vouch for as it is my immediate family, and has been received from my mother and other relatives, that were all there at the time. Note: (my mother's relatives, not my father's as I don't know any of them). Rayburn and LaVon were divorced in 1946, and I did not see any of my father's family until I was 17, that I can remember.
This is what prompted my interest in researching my family history, and I am delighted with what I have learned. I hope that some day I may meet some of them. (Just a personal comment). So, again, if you find a connection, or have information to add or need further information, please at:

     I have two sisters, one is still living, Geraldine, and Patricia LaVon, who was born 8 June 1940 and died 11 June 1940.
    I have four children, eleven grandchildren, and four nephews and one niece, whom also have children, exact number is unknown to me. Two of my nephews I don't know their locations.

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