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Bollings side Bollings side Back to main page Susan Peyton Bolling Born 1851 in Buckingham county VA Death 1911 She was the great, great, great, great, great, great granddaughter of The Indian Princess Pocahontas. Her Bolling side was known as the "Red Bollings".

Susan`s Parents were Robert Markham Bolling and Frances Peyton Brackett. Although he married 4 times and was widowed three times, before. Susan Lived with her father until his death and her marriage to Henry Legare Cobbs (Our Connection) on Dec 11, 1879 Buckingham County Virginia.

Henry Legare Cobbs is buried at Mt Tabor Baptist Church in Buckingham County Va. Before Henry L Cobbs untimely death in 1884 which he died of Malaria Susan gave birth to One child who was, just two month's after her husbands death.

Child John Robert Cobbs Born Feb 1, 1884 death Oct 19, 1934 Married Myrtle Catlett April 1, 1906 After the death of Susan Cobbs Husband Henry Cobbs, she married Richard Dowdy on Oct 28, 1890 in Cumberland County Virginia.

Susan P Bolling was uneducated at age 28 years old, three years fatherless and possibly supporting and invalid older Brother Robert Bolling, Married well below the Social Station of her Bolling relatives. Susan and Henry's Grandson Bolling Cobbs, was left a Locket with the Latin inscription and a miniature portrait of Gentlemen Powhatan Bolling artifact, Created in 1791 and preserved by the Bolling and Cobbs family for over 200 years.

Bolling Cobbs started the research of his family but, he died before it was completed. He would have loved to have discovered that he and Harry Flood Byrd (1887-1966) were distant cousins or he and President Woodrow Wilson's second wife Edith Bolling also shared common ancestors.

Susan may have well known of her descent to Pocahontas or even that and uncle of her great great grandmother Elizabeth Blair Bolling, founded the College of William and Mary. Past Generation Robert Markham Bolling Born 1795 death 1876 Robert M Bolling was Born in Buckingham County VA . His parents were Linnaeus Bolling and Mary Markham.

Robert was married four times and widowed three times, his first wife was Sarah Hobson they had two children, second wife was Mary Watkins they had no children, I am unsure of his third wife but (Our Connection) his fourth wife was Frances Peyton Brackett.

Robert with drew completely from the public life to work on a large tract near present day Arvonia VA. Robert Bolling Brother Judge Philip Bolling Lost the principal family estate as well as the effects of the Civil War in the 1840's.

Robert preference for the quiet farming life, helped explain why this family once so prominent socially and politically had little public visibility after the death of Robert M Bollings father Linneaus Bolling in 1836.

Robert Markham Bolling and Frances B Bolling, I am sure they had other children but, I only know our link and a brother that I found living with Susan. Child Susan Peyton Bolling Born 1851 death 1911 (Our Link) Robert Bolling Past Generation Linnaeus Bolling Born 1773 death 1836 Linnaeus Bolling Lived at "Chellowe" know as family home for many generations, Listed in Buckingham County Virginia and still exist, family now owned by Hubbard Family, whom also is part if the family.

Linnaeus Bolling's parent`s were Col Robert Bolling and Susan Watson He is Buried at the Bolling-Hubbard Family Cemetery I am told is near "Chellowe" in Buckingham County VA, listed at 4.8 miles east of Spouses Corner on Rt. 60 1 mile south on Rt. 623 thense one fourth mile west on Private Rd. Linnaeus Bolling married Mary Markham They lived at"Chellowe as did his father and those before his time.

Children of Linnaeus Bolling and Mary Markham in 1793 Mary Bolling whom married James Madson Cobb Susan Pocahontas Bolling d 1849 married Robert Thurston Hubbard Judge Philip A Bolling Married Mary Eppes Robert Bolling born 1795 Married Mary Markham(Our Link) Linnaeus Bolling was a prominent and influential citizen and churchman.Chellowe part of a grant of 6,740 Acre originally in Albemarle County Virginia but now in Buckingham County Virginia.

Information for the Book Pocahontas and her descents book age 68 says that the following: Linnaeus Bolling imbibed all the spirit of William and Mary was brave, generous, public spirited, studious of learning, temperate, upright, cheerful, saving but not sore did and a lower of the truthHealth was Denid him public usefulness'.

A single session of the legislature would prostrate him to return at each decade again to be disabled. His leading maxim was "Burke" manly ,moral and regulated liberty to which deeming restricted suffrage to be essential he vehemently opposed the successfully projected removal of the freehold qualifation of the voters which had been handed down to us in VA, by our fathers from 1699.

He was tall, erect, and swarthy, with the straight black hair and eyes of the Indian and with strong sympathies for the decaying race. United State's department of inertia national park and services register of Historical Places. Information on the death of Linnaeus Bolling, Linnaeus Bolling a three term state Representive this "Chellowe" took its name from his fathers (Robert Bollings Estate).

He practiced law and served three terms in legislature a lengthy obituary in Jan 26, 1836 was issued in the Richmond Enquirer quoted here in part.

Died at his residue in Buckingham county VA on the 7th inst after a painful and prostrated illness of five weeks and 63 years of age, Principle by which he governed were so conscientious and correct that of him it may appropriated be said" That his soul was to be seated in honors.

His undeviating rectitude was not the result of early education, nor was it influenced by public sentiment, but it emanated from a mind, that, loved virtue for its sake.. Mr. Bolling was for many years an active and faithful magistrate. He was also a member of the General Assembly during the memorable Session of 99-1800, and frequently thereafter represented the people of Buckingham , in the Legislative of Virginia.

In the politics', he was a Republican of the Jeffersonian School. His patriotism consisted in an ardent devotion to the rights and interests, the prosperity and welfare of his country, and not in the interested or sycophantic support of any political aspirant. Although his fortune, and the time in which he lived were well calculated to engender aristocratic feelings, in his bosom, the affability and courtesy of his manner, the decorum and dignity of his deportment, the hospitable and unostentatious style in which he lived, proved his exemption for them.

Past Generatations Col. Robert Bolling born Aug, 28, 1738 Varina Henrico County VA Death July 21, 1775 VA Gazette- Williamsburg VA States" Sat July 21, 1775 Col. Robert Bolling of Buckingham County VA died Friday last at Richmond, He was one of the delegates of Buckingham County VA Page 3 section c Col. Robert Bolling was the son of John Bolling and Elizabeth Blair. Col. Robert Bolling married Mary Bruton first then after he widowed he married our line Susan Watson.

Susan was born in Henrico County VA she died at "Their Home" at "Chellowe" . Their Marriage was May 31. 1765 Amherst County Va. Children of Col Robert Bolling and Susan Watson.

Pocahontas Rebecca Bolling born 1764 "Chellowe" death 1803 Married Joseph Cabell 1782/83 BollingBrook house Petersburg VA Elizabeth Blair Bolling married Thomas West lived at "Auropaque" Powhatan Bolling born 1767 death Buckingham County VA at "Auropague".

Linnaeus Bolling (Our Link) born 1773 death 1836 Lived at "Chellowe" Buckingham County VA married Mary Markham.

Jane Bolling born July 13, 1740 death 1776 Rodney Bolling born Sept, 18, 1742 death 1778 Mary Bolling born July 16, 1744 death 1812 Rolfe Bolling born July 16, 1744 Edward Bolling born Sept, 9, 1746 death Aug 10, 1770 Sarah Bolling born June 16,.1748

Archibald Bolling born March 21, 1750 death 1827 Anne Bolling born Feb 7, 1752 Col Robert Bolling was Colonel Virginia leading Poet and writer, and political leader, well known to Thomas Jefferson who was his Attorney and relative by marriage, it was told that the death of Col Robert Bolling and his untimely death robbed the United States of a prominent founder.

Col Robert Bolling was an eminent Southern Poet before the Revolution and his writing and his life demonstrated some of the profound problems of cultural identity faced by even the wealthiest members of the Colonial gentry.

Bolling's writings were not avocation but an amusing and improving diversion from his main duties as one of VA Main land holders and minor political roles he assumed afterinheriting the Plantation upon his fathers death in 1757. Col Robert Bollings Poems were published in English Journals and newspapers through the 1760's.

He wrote such things as "The Exile" the 2nd half of the 1760's Bolling used the VA Gazette to comment in satirical verse on the political fortune of his Colony his frustration with the Colonial government and his out rage at the infringement on indivials Rights. Bolling Wrote poems about the "Chriswell Scandell" of 1766 also two other poems he wrote were "Civil Dungeon" and :A CanZone" He also wrote Robert Bolling woos Anne Miller love story.

Col Robert Bolling was a decimally gifted person who attended classes in YorkShire England he mastered in Latin and French. He returned to America on April 1756.

He was Studied Law in 1763 married first Mary Burton who died giving birth to a daughter and then he married our link Susan Watson and she gave birth to two sons and two daughters this info has come from a source that I can not remember at this time, however it is seen that Col Robert Bolling had many other children the these few children.

Col Robert Bolling was elected to House of Burgress just a few days before his death also before his death in 1775 he represented Buckingham county VA and several times up to the year of 1764 He Planted his family in Buckingham County VA and named his Plantation "Chellowe".

Past Generation Major John Bolling born Jan 20, 1700 At " Cobbs" Chesterfield County VA but at the time it was Henrico County Va. Died Sept 6, 1757 Wise County VA Flat Gap, Buried at Cobbs in a stone wall I have Pictures of what was Cobbs Hall.

John Bolling was the Son of Col John Bolling and Mary Kennon. He married Elizabeth Blair she was born Jen 20, 1709 James City VA death April 22, 1775 At Cobbs Chesterfield County VA she was the daughter of Archibald Blair and Sarah Archer. They were married on Aug 24, 1725.

An interesting point to make is that Elizabeth Blair was the niece of Commissary James Blair who was for founder of the College of William and Mary. Children of Major John Bolling and Elizabeth Blair Archibald Bolling born March 20, 1750 married 1st Sarah Cary 1770 2nd Jane Randolph Feb 1774 3rd Widow Byrd 1797 and fourth Widow Clark.

Metotaka Bolling born July 3, 1729 Elizabeth Bolling born April 5, 1731 William Bolling born April 5, 1731 death 1776 Rev War Gerrard Jarrett Bolling born June 3, 1732 death 1780 NC Martha Bolling Born July 15, 1733 Benjamin Bolling born June 30, 1734 Cobbs Hall death Jan 20, 1832 Flat Gap Wise County VA Dorthea Bolling Born June 30, 1734 Cobbs Thomas Bolling Born July 7, 1735 death Aug 7, 1804 married Elizabeth Gay Col Robert Bolling (Our Link) born Aug 17, 1738 Chesterfield County VA dea th Williamsburg VA married Susan Watson Sarah Bolling born June 6, 1748 married John Tazewell (Judge of General Court)

Major John Bolling was in the House of Burgress of Henrico County in the assembly 1727-1734 1742-1748-1748-1749 and for Chesterfield in the assembly of 1752-1755 and 1756-1758 Though he died Sept 6, 1757.

He was Colonial Commanding the Chesterfield Militia and Justice of Piece He married first Elizabeth Lewis daughter of John Lewis of Gloucester Major John Bolling date 1717 300 acres VA Court records v11 Henrico County VA Book # 10 page 321 Major John Bolling page 235 date 1714 Commet 1388 VA County Records v11 Henrico County VA Book # 10 The Plantation "Cobbs" received the names "Cobbs" after it was purchased by John Bolling .

It was originally the home site of the English Immigrant Ambrose Cobbs and named "COBBS HALL" it is located on the Appomattox river about three miles east Federal Troops destroyed the Antebellum Plantation house in 1864.

Court Chancery Papers Chesterfield County Virginia Number 1758-3 Style Bolling V Bolling. Date 1758 Plaintiffs Thomas Bolling of Chesterfield Dependents John, Robert, Edward, And Archibald Bolling orphans by Peter Randolph Guardian. Subject: John Bolling late of Chesterfield died 6 Sept 1757 testate.

His will dated 4 Sept 1749 named as executors Peter Randolph Esq., and your orator when 21. There were 5 sons your orator, now of age and heir at law, John, Robert, Edward, and Archibald, The former 3 not 21.

The latter was born since the making of the will, but before codicil. Wife Elizabeth was to have use of land in Henrico and Chesterfield and some slaves: Slaves are to be divided as the sons come of age.

Division of Slaves (138 numbers): Thomas-(30slaves) Harry the Forman, Aggy his wife, Jack, George, Balla, Isaac and Jacob children of said Aggy: Tom (the cooper), Sarah his wife, Dick, Cyrus, Sue and Patt Children of said Sarah, Robin, Nanny and Fanny her daughter; Island Tom, Peg his wife, Harry and Carter &Ruth his wife, Joe & Juno his wife; Gunner; Old Patt & Moll her daughter; Phillis; Hannah and Patt daughter of JUG: Mo__, Daughter of Diley. John- (29 slaves) Jack Hatch, Ciss his wife, Hannah, Moses, Peter, and Prudence children of said Criss: Isaac, Judy his wife Abran, Jenny, Tabb, Lucy, Job sons and daughters of said Judy: Hatch"s Harry, Sue his wife, Charity her daughter, Papa Jenny and his wife.

I believe there was more to this paper however I am unable to find it. 1749_ Will of John Bolling of Dale Parish, Henrico County VA written September 4, 1749, with codicil Sept 4, 1757, no date when will recorded.

Will mentions wife Elizabeth, who was to have land in Henrico and Chesterfield except at the Point where John Bolling's inspection Houses are: also Negroes on Several Plantations in the county.

To son Thomas Bolling land in Goochland and 2 acres at Licking Hole, To son John all the rest of land at Licking Hole, to son Robert Bolling all land in Albemarle County VA Lands in Willis Creek and Totera or near Seven Islands, To son Edward, Land in Lunenburg, head of Falling River, lands on Roanoke on Butchers Creek: Lands at John;s inspection when age 21 and also land at Buffalo Lick, both sides of the James>>> Possum Creek, Daughter Mary, Sarah each money, Slaves to sons when of age Codicil, to son Archibald 1200 acres in Bedford County VA.

Also mentions daughters. Note: Believe land at Inspection Station is the Place called "Cobbs" Other deeds to land 1767- Deed Book 5 page 250 1767 Edward Bolling Gent, of Chesterfield, sold to Thomas Bolling tract of about 500 acres on Appomattox River, called "Cobbs" and also a parcel on Mill Creek called Lockets, being 250 acres.

1800- Will of Thomas Bolling I have but will only name the people listed, Written May 9, 1800 Mentions wife Betty, her life land stocks, furniture, except the black walnut desk and bookcase belonging to "Cobbs" List son William Bolling to kept together to work the estate now called "Bolling Hall, daughter Elizabeth Robertson, and granddaughter Mary Robertson daughter, Rebecca Munay.

1827_ Deed book 26, page552 Jan 19, 1827 William Bolling and Mary of Goochland to Edward A Lynch late of Petersburg, place Called "Cobbs" and Mt Airy being 625 acres adjoining Capt John Stratton, Thomas Stratton, John Walthall, and Absolum Tucker.

1832 Deed Book 29 Page 130 Nov 1, 1832, Edward Lynch and Harry of Maryland to William C Greenhill of Nottoway County of $400 acres tract known as "Cobbs and Mt Airy , 800 acres adjoining John Stratton the river, John Walthall, Thomas Hewlett, William Moddy and Thomas Stratton.

Past Generation Major John Bolling Born Jan 26, 1676 in "Kippax" What is now Hopewell VA died April 20, 1729 in "Cobbs" Better known as "COBBS HALL" which now it is just a Stone wall which I have pictures of.

The "Cobbs" land left the Bolling family in 1827 when William Bolling sold it to Edward Lynch and part of the Cobbs tract became Mt Airy. Major John Bolling was the son of Col Robert Bolling and Jane Rolfe he married Mary Kennon born about Jan 26, 1676 "Conjurers Neck" Charles City VA she died June 29, 1727 in "Cobbs".

She was the daughter of Richard Kennon and Elizabeth Worsham. Children of Major John Bolling and Mary Kennon John Bolling married Elizabeth Blair (OUR LINK) Jane Bolling born 1703 death 1766 Married Col Richard Randolph his death 1748. Mary Bolling married Col John Flemming of Mount Pleasant Born 1711 Elizabeth Bolling born 1713 Married William Gay Martha Bolling born 1713 death Oct 23, 1749 married Thomas Eldrige Anne Bolling Married James Murry "Cobbs Hall" was known to be the first site for a School for the deaf in English America.

The mansion was burned to the ground by Federal Troops during the Revolution and the crops were destroyed by Col Cornwallis Army. Another house was built but it also has disappeared.

The only remaining noted of this site is a very small sign at the end of the road and a large stoned wall which is the burial of the Bolling and Randolph family. Major John Bolling was an active merchant and planter and took a large part in politics

He was Justice of Henrico County VA in 1699. In 1707 he is styled Captain and later Major. He was member of the House of Burgess 1710-1712-1712-1714 and 1723-26 He died on April 20, 1929.

Deed # 41 Page 72 Jan 1, 1707 Richard Holmes of Bristol Parish Henrico County VA to Peter Ashbrook SR of the same for 2500 lbs of tobacco 257 Ares on South side of the James River of Swift Creek adjacent Major John Bolling.

Edward Bowman, John Bowman, sold land was granted to said Holmes by patent Nov, 2, 1700 Witness: John Bolling, Rene Laforss Signed Richard Holmes, Recorded Feb, 2, 1707 Anne his wife signed her rights to dower. Major John Bolling's Stone reads that he was the great grandson of the Indian Princess Pocahontas, and John Rolfe.

The "Cobbs " :land changed hands to the following people: Ambrose Cobbs son Robert Cobbs sold the land to Michael Master Michael Master sold land to John and Thomas Murton the same year 1704 John and Thomas Burton to Major John Bolling.

1639 - Chesterfield County history (Lutz) 1954 States Ambrose Cobbs obtained patent for 350 acres which later became the seat of the Bolling Family, and retained the name Cobbs the patent dated 1639 (Nugent 1934)

I only have the list after 1832 1832 Edward Lynch to William C Greenhill of Nottoway 1834 William Greenhill left to his sister Catherine and Friend John Emeade 1836 Catherine Greenhill and John Meade sold to Adolphus Nolting 1839 Adolphus Nolting acquired additional 105 acres from Mary Moody 1843 Adolphus Nolting and wife sold to Lawson Burfoot and James Howles 1844 James Howlett lost his interest to Lawson Burfoot 1846 Lawson Burfoot and wife sold land to Lawson Nunnally 1849Lawson Nunnally Trustee sold to William Dew and others 1855 William Dew sod to Robert Mclwaine and others 1857 Robert Mclwaine sold to Joseph Dunn 1861Joseph Dunn to John A Strachan Lower end of Pointer Rocks Park 1872 Bermuda Ocher Company bourght this and other tracts for mining purposes 1903 Bermuda Ocher sold to William McCulley 1905 William McCully sold to Mary E Baker of Lacross Wisconsin 1910 Mary and Nellie and JO Goddard and then to Elizabeth Bolling Cameon 1920 Elizabeth Cameron sold to John Damerson and wife who did not make payment 1921 Elizabeth Cameron sold to Hahlon, Akers, Elder, who formed Hopewell Hills Corporation which subdivide into lots 1932

Unsold lots bought at action by Nellie Broyhill of Hoepwell 1937 Nellie Broyhill and MT Broyhill sold land to Woodson J Gilliam and wife 1977 land acquired from W J Gilliam by Codenhation of Chesterfield County VA Past Generation Col Robert Bolling born Dec 26, 1646 at All Hallows Barking Parish, Essex England Death July 7, 1709 Lived at "Kippax" which is now in Hopewell Va.

He is buried at Blandford Cemetery, Petersburg Va. He was at one time buried at "Kippax" along with his Jane Rolfe and Thomas Rolfe who are still buried at "Kippax" but one of his Grandsons Robert Buckerner Bolling had him and the rest of the male heirs taken and placed in a Moslem at Blandford, (I have Pictures).

The address for Kippax is 1001 Bland Ave Hopewell VA there is also land called Cedar Level which was also the Bolling Land which is at 812 Cedar Level Rd Hopewell VA Col Robert Bolling was about age 15 when he came to America his parents were John Bolling and Mary Carie of All Hallows Barking Parish Essex England.

Col Robert Bolling Married Jane Rolfe the daughter of Thomas Rolfe and Jane Protress. Jane Rolfe was the granddaughter of American Princess Pocahontas. Jane was born in 1650 Henrico County VA death 1676 "Kippax" Hoepwell Va. Children of Col Robert Bolling and Jane Rolfe Major John Bolling born Jan 26, 1675 "Kippax" death April 20, 1729 "Cobbs" He married Mary Kennon.

Past Generation John Bolling was the Bolling's of"Bolling Hall" near Bradford England who traced there descent to Robert Bolling esquire who was in reign of Edward 1v owned that beautiful seat and died 1485 was buried in family vault in Brandford Church this Robert bolling Esq. Designed his family Moslem. As for linage this is what is listed by other.

This John Bolling's Parents were Robert Bolling born 1579-death 1639 Married Mary Clark born 1575 His father was Edward Bolling born 1540 death 1592 Married Mandy Last name not listed she was born 1540.

Edward Bolling father was Tristrum Bolling born 1510 England death 1561 married Ellen last name of listed Tristrum Bolllings parents were Robert Bolling born 1487 married Issabell Robert Bollings parents John Bolling born 1365 death 1408 married Grace Popley John Bolling parents were Robert Bolling Jr born 1325 death 1398 Robert Bolling JR parents were Robert Bolling born 1283 death 1350 married Elizabeth Thornton Robert Bolling SR parents were William Bolling born 1245 death 1320 no wife listed William Bolling listed as being born to Robert Bolling born 1210 death 1270''

Robert Bollings father was Tristum Bolling born 1175 death 1240 no wife listed. As for the following I have just listed I have not researched them only the John Bolling and Mary Carie.

I must say that I recived the major part of my information from Fred and Brenda Cobb Wolfe, They have done a excellent job in researching our family.Thank Fred and Brenda!