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Deacon Edward Convers

As there appears to be conflicting theories on the ancestry and family of Deacon Edward Convers, I will try to include the different dates, etc., for the family, as well as citing the resources where the info was obtained. I welcome any submissions on documented dates, etc. and will try to include each one. Email me for submissions. I would like to thank those that have contributed to date!

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Recently submitted and not added below
"The Road to Royalty is Broken", Robert J. Kurtz thesis on Deacon Edward's ancestry and some of Doug Richardson's "The English Origin and Ancestry of The Parker Brothers of Massachusetts and their Probable Aunt, Sarah Parker, Wife of Edward Converse"

b: 30 January 1589/90 in Wakerly, Northhampton, England
(This is the original theory based on Wm. Hall and C.A. Converse publications)
* b: 23 Feb 1587/88 Navestock, Essex, England
(*This is found in records of Essex, England as researched by 
Doug Richardson Article, Click here)
d: 10 August 1663 in Woburn, Middlesex,  MA
(Everyone agrees with this)

1st wife of Edward Convers	
(Per Wm. Hall in "Family Records of James & Elisha Converse"- Click here) & "The Converse Family and Allied Families" by Chas. Allen Converse".
b: ca 1595, of Theckenham, Worcestershire, England d: Bef. 1614 in England or d: bef 1617 Wakerly, Northampton, England m: Abt. 1608 in England 1. EDWARD CONYERS b: Abt. 1610 in ?Wakerly, Northampton, England 2nd Wife of Deacon Edward Convers: SARAH SMITH or SARAH PARKER(1st wife?) *b: Abt. 1596 in England b: 1593 Wakerly, Northampton, England (re Wm. G. Hall and C.A. Converse publicaitons) d: 14 January 1661/62 in Woburn, Middlesex, MA\ (not in dispute) *d. 13 June 1625, So. Weald, Essex, England *m: 29 June 1614 in Great Burstead, Essex, England (These *vitals, fit into the theory of Doug Richardson's article.) The above death makes me wonder why the Immigrant Ship List of the Mary and John of the Winthrop Fleet 1630, listed a Mrs. Sarah Convers along with Edward and three, possibly four children (who was Phineas?), if Sarah #1 died in 1625 and Edward remarried in Mass. ca 1632 to another Sarah? But, also see the residence listed in the Ship List?? This article states that Edward AND Sarah were members in 1630 in First Church at Boston: Quoting "The Converse Family and Allied Families" by C. A. Converse": "Edward Convers and Sarah Convers, his wife, were among the first members of the church received on the Sunday following its organizaiton in Charlestown, 30 July 1630", and which included in its congregation members on both sides of the river, the majority of whom had removed to Boston within a few months. This was the First church of Boston and from it Edward and Sarah Convers and thirty-three other members were dismissed 14 Oct 1632 to be embodied as the First Church of Charlestown, entering into mutual covenant for this purpose, 2 November 1632." There seems to be much confusion on which Edward is OUR Edward. Comments are welcome, use the CONVERSE MAIL LIST, click on how to subscribe.
1.JOSIAS or JOSIAH CONVERS b: 30 Oct 1618 in England *b: 30 Oct 1618 South Weald, Essex, England d: 03 February 1689/90 in Woburn, Middlesex, MA ESTHER CHAMPNEY *b: 1629 Cambridge, Middlesex Co., MA *d: 5 Apr 1713 m: 26 March 1651 in Woburn, Middlesex, MA 2. JAMES CONVERS b: Abt. 1620 in England d: 10 May 1715 in Woburn, Middlesex, MA ANNA LONG m: 24 Oct 1643 in Woburn, Middlesex, MA b: 1622 d: 10 August 1691 in Woburn, Middlesex, MA 2nd wife of James Convers ANNA SPARHAWK COOPER m: 22 Aug 1691, Cambridge, Middlesex, MA 3. JOHN CONVERSb: Abt. 1621 4. MARY CONVERS b: 1622 in England SIMON THOMPSON m: 19 January 1642/43, Woburn, Middlesex, MA d: Bet. 1657 - 1658 2nd husband of Mary Convers: JOHN SHELDON m: 01 February 1658/59, Woburn, Middlesex, MA b: of Bellerica, Middlesex, MA 5. SARAH CONVERS b: Abt. 1623 in England 6. SAMUEL CONVERS b: 1637 bap: 12 March 1637/38 in Charlestown?, MA d: 20 February 1668/69 in Woburn, Middlesex , MA JUDITH CARTER m: 8 June 1660, Woburn, Middlesex, MA d: 1678 3rd Wife of Deacon Edward Convers: JOANNA WARREN SPRAGUE m: 09 September 1662 in Woburn, Middlesex, MA d: 24 February 1679/80 in Woburn, Middlesex, MA CONVERSE CONNECTIONS BY MARLENE LAING There has been dispute over who the father of Edward Converse is. Is it Allen or is it Christopher??? Using the LDS Micro-fiche from Northampton and Essex England I have checked all possible connections to Allen and to Christopher and Edward. The following, in my estimation clears it up very well. I find that Edward is the son of Christopher for the reasons shown. CHRISTOPHER CONVERSE married MARY HALFORD 1589 in Wakerly Northampton England Mary Halford b. abt. 1554 There is no Allen born to Christopher Converse in Wakerly. Children for Christopher and Mary Halford: Edward b. 30 Jan 1590 Wakerly Mary b. 1591 John b. 1593 Lucy b. 1595 Joshua b. 1596 EDWARD CONVERSE b. 30 Jan. 1590 Wakerly Northampton England married SARAH SMITH abt. 1613 Wakerly I found no other marriages as far as micro-fiche goes for Northampton or Essex for Edward Converse. I am sure they exist but none found there. Children for Edward Converse b. in Wakerly James b. 1620 Josiah b. 1632 Mary b. 1636 There are no children of these names in Essex. These are the children born to Edward son of Christopher. So if Edward was the son of Allen of Essex his children that came to America with him should be there also. ALLEN CONVERSE in NAVESTOCK ESSEX ENGLAND There are several Allen's born in Navestock , 1518-1555-1586 children for Allen Converse, no wife listed. ALLEN CONVERSE of NAVESTOCK ESSEX ENGLAND There are as I said other Allen's b. in Navestock, 1518-1555-1586 In alphabetical order by name not year. ANDREW b. 1591 Navestock ANNE b. 1599 ANTHONY b. 1562 DANIEL b. 1609 EDWARD b. 23 Mar 1588 I believe this is the Edward everyone gets mixed up. He is the son of Allen and he married SARAH PARKER 29 Jun 1614, Great Burstead, Essex England. GABRIEL b. 1605 HESTER b. 1612 JANE b. 1568 JOANNA b. 1559 JOHN b. 1530 and one in 1566 MARGARET b. 1500 RICHARD b. 1495 RICHARD b. 1600 SUSAN b. 1603 THOMAS b. 1560 WILLIAM b. 1574 Colonial Families of America: 12 June 1630, The Winthrop Fleet, Salem, MA: CONVERSE Edward, probably of Shenfield, Essex, settled Charlestown Mrs. Sarah Converse Phineas Converse John Converse Josiah Converse James Converse

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