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George Converses' Sister?            Possibly George Converse?

Unknown Converse Pictures

"Converse" photo album.

George Converse was the son of Isaac Converse and Cynthia Barber. The one photograph I believe is George as a young man.

The unknown Converse girl has Springfield, MA on the back and if you look at the eyes (one is droopy), nose and mouth has an uncanny resemblence to the Unknown Converse Woman. I believe they are either mother/ daughter or one of the same person. The Unknown Converse woman I think is either George Converse's mother Cynthia Barber or his wife Julia Mixter.

The photo marked George Converse Sister has Springfield, Ma on the photo and on the back it says "To Br? George". So I believe it is one of George Converse's sisters.

Any help I can get from other Converse's in identifying these individuals would be greatly appreciated. Please Contact me Michelle Waknitz if you can identify or give any information.

Thank you so much for any help.

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