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The Converse Family and Allied Families

by Charles Allen Converse

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Doctor E. L. Miner was born June 9, 1797, in Middletown, Vermont. From boyhood he manifested great fondness for books and an irrepressible desire to become a physician - and at a very early age he entered Castleton Medical College as a student; with constant devotion to study he appeared before the learned Professors at the age of 18 years, and underwent a vigorous examination in the various branches of the medical science to satisfaction of the Faculty, who gave him a unanimous vote, and their certificate to his qualifications to prastise medicine, as well as their approval of his moral character. A diploma could not then be conferred on account of his minority. But his Alma Mater did not forget the worth of the young student; but in 1825 they forwarded to him the Diploma of this College as Doctor of Medicine. In 1820, he emigrated to Ohio, and located in Royalton. In 1825 he removed to Lithopolis in Fairfield county, where for more than 30 years he pursued the practice of medicine with eminent success. So deeply he felt his duties that he never refused aid to the poor and penniless, and often clothes and fed them; many of whom now weep over the grave of their benefactor. So genial was his nature - so quiet and unobtrusive his intercourse with society that all who knew him well loved and respected him. He died April 8, 1869, without leaving one enemy on earth. His life was that of the just and good. He rests in peace.

WHEREAS, At a special meeting of Lithopolis Lodge, No. 169, F.S.M. held at their hall on the 12th inst., for the purpose of paying the last sad tribute of respect to the remains of our late Brother Dr. Erwin L. Miner, that of ollowing them to their resting place, your committee was appointed to draft resolutions upon the death of our esteemed brother, and,
WHEREAS, Our late brother, Dr. Erwin L. Miner, being the oldest Mason in our Lodge, having been a Mason over 51 years, he receiving the degree in Middletown, Vt., in the year 1818; and,
WHEREAS, His having been a resident of Ohio since 1820, and of this town since 1825, and being one of the Charter members of this Lodge; and,
WHEREAS, It has pleased the Almighty Architect of the universe in His divine wisdom to permit to be called suddenly from this life our esteemed and valued brother, Dr. Erwin L. Miner, on April 8, 1869, thereby severing a link from our brotherhood. Therefore, be it
Resolved. That in the death of brother Miner, the Fraternity of free and Accepted Masons, have lost not only a friend, but a bright and efficient member, whose memory will be cherished as having preserved the ancient landmark of the fraternity, by word and deed, zealous for the good of the craft, in intercourse kind, courteous and affable.
Resolved. That those in the community who sought his advice and counsel when needy and in destitute circumstances, will remember with thankful hearts his gratuitous services generously tended them whenever needed.
Resolved. That society has lost a member whose unimpeachable integrity, pure morality and exalted character commend the example of his life as eminently worthy of imitation.

Page 458 - The Converse Family

Resolved, That while we drop the tear emanating from the fountain of love and friendship over the grave of our deceased Brother, we most truly, deeply and affectionately sympathize with those of his relations and friends who are more nearly related by the ties of Consanguinity and who are most heart-stricken in the sad bereavement we have all sustained.

Resolved, That this Lodge be draped in mourning for the period of sixty days.

Resolved, That a copy of these resolutions be sent to the family of our deceased brother, and be entered on the Minutes of the Lodge, and that they be forwarded to the County Papers for publication.

Geo. B. Custer,
W. T. Conklin,
Aaron Teegarden,      {Committee
C. W. Spears,
Geo. S. Courtwright

Children of John A. and Lucinda Maria (Converse) Peters: Daughter of Dr. Erwin L. and Lucinda Maria (Converse) Miner: 272. JAMES WILLIARD CONVERSE,8 (Dr. James,7(99), Col. Israel,6 Lieut. Josiah,5 Capt. Josiah,4 Maj. James,3 Lieut. James,2 Deacon Edward,1), born 1 July 1806; died in Northampton, Mass., 8 September 1892. He removed from Portage Co., Ohio, to Northampton, Mass., in September 1866; married, first, 1 January 1827, Emily Eggleston, who was born in Aurora, Ohio, 14 April 1808, died in Maumee City, Ohio, 3 April 1848, daughter of Capt. Joseph Eggleston; married, second, Sarah Catline; married, third, Angeline E. Shelden.
Children of James Willard and Emily (Eggleston) Converse: 273. ELIAS SMITH CONVERSE,8 (Dr. James,7(99), Col. Israel,6 Lieut. Josiah,5 Capt. Josiah,4 Maj. James,3 Lieut. James,3 Deacon Edward,1), born 30 September 1808, died at Mantua, Ohio, 31 October 1868; married, first, 30 April 1830, Eunice M. Ladd, who was born 17 December 1809; married, second, Mercy Ann Blair; married, third, Tryphona Blair.

Page 459 - The Converse Family

Children of Elias Smith and Eunice M. (Ladd) Converse: Children of Elias Smith and Mercy Ann (Blair) Converse: Daughter of Elias Smith and Tryphona (Blair) Converse: 274. HORATIO NELSON CONVERSE,8 (Dr.James,7(99), Col. Isreal,6 Josiah,5 Capt. Josiah,4 Maj. James,3 Lieut. James,2 Deacon Edward,1), born in East Randolph, Vt., 4 April 1811; married, first, in Farmington, Trumbull Co., Ohio, 14 August 1833, Mary Ann Foster, who was born in Providence, R. I., 3 November 1813, and died in Lochbourne, Franklin Co., Ohio, 5 February 1854. He married, second, in Rootstown, Portage Co., Ohio, 1 August, 1860, Hannah Post, who was born in Riga, Monroe Co., N.Y., 30 November 1835.
Child of Horatio Nelson and Mary Ann (Foster) Converse: Children of Horatio Nelson and Hannah (Post) Converse:
274. CORNELIA CONVERSE,8 (Porter,7(100), Col. Israel,6 Lieut. Josiah,5 Capt. Josiah,4 Maj. James,3 Lieut. James,2 Deacon Edward,1), born in Randolph Vt., 7 January 1812; died in Unionville, Lake Co., Ohio, in May 1857; married

Page 460 - The Converse Family

in Unionville, in 1838, Rev. Alanson Saunders, who was from Warren, Litchfield Co., Conn., a graduate of Yale College, a clergyman. He died in Unionville, 5 November 1853, aged 57. Children: 276. SAMANTHA MARIA CONVERSE,8 (Porter,7(100), Col. Israel,6 Lieut. Josiah,5 Capt. Josiah,4, Maj. James,3 Lieut. James,2 Deacon Edward,1, born in Randolph, Vt., 3 April 1813; died 16 April 1897, in Ashville, N.C.; buried in Lakeview Cemetery, Cleveland, Ohio. She married, 10 September 1835, Leonard Hanna, M.D., who was born in Ohio, 4 March 1806, and who died in Cleveland, Ohio, 15 December 1862, son of Benjamin and Rachel Hanna. Dr. and Mrs. Hanna lived in New Lisbon, Ohio, until 1852, when they moved to Cleveland, Ohio, where they lived until death. Dr. Leonard Hanna received his medical education in Philadelphia, Pa. After moving to Cleveland, he gave up is practice, and went into business, but lived only a short time.
Children of Dr. Leonard and Samantha Maria (Converse) Hanna:

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277. LYSANDER P. CONVERSE,8 (Porter,7(100), Col. Israel,6 Lieut. Josiah,5 Capt. Josiah,4 Maj. James,3 Lieut.James,2 Deacon Edward,1) born in Randolph, Vt., 23 February 1816; married in Unionville, Lake Co., Ohio, 23 November 1842, Sally M. Tappen, who was born 24 August 1819, daughter of Abraham and Elizabeth Tappen. He removed from Ohio to Kansas in 1849, and to Wyandotte, Kansas, between 1857 and 1860; in 1869 was mail agent on the Kansas Pacific R.R. between Wyandotte and Sheridan. After 1863 he resided in Kansas City.
Children of Lysander P. and Sally M. (Tappen) Converse; 278. EPHRAIM CONVERSE,8 (Eli,7(105), Jesse,6 Lieut. Josiah,5 Capt. Josiah,4 Maj. James,3 Lieut.James,2 Deacon Edward,1) born 5 February 1791; died July 1866; married Mary Bugbee of Windsor, Vt.

Page 462 - The Converse Family

279. JOSEPH PRIDE CONVERSE,8(Eli,7(105), Jesse,6 Lieut. Josiah,5 Capt. Josiah,4 Maj. James,3 Lieut. James,2 Deacon Edward,1), born 2 November 1800; married, first, Sally Ann Abbe, of Enfield, Conn., and, second, Mary Cornish of Granby, Conn.
Children of Joseph Pride and Sally Ann (Abbe) Converse: Child of Joseph Pride and Mary (Cornish) Converse: 280. HANNIBAL ADLEN CONVERSE,8 (Eli,7(105), Jesse,6 Lieut.Josiah,5 Capt. Josiah,4 Maj. James,3 Lieut. James,2 Deacon Edward,1) born 9 April 1807; member of firm of H. A. Converse & Co., iron founders, of Windsor Locks, Conn.; married Julia A. Ferry of Stafford, Conn. Children:
281. AUGUSTUS LAWRENCE CONVERSE,8(John,7(107), Nathaniel,6 Lieut. Josiah,5 Capt. Josiah,4 Maj. James,3 Deacon Edward,1) born in Norwich, Conn. 21 November, 1798; died 21 March 1860; married, first, 26 May 1825, Mary Ann Kellogg, who was born 2 May 1805, and died 9 January 1848. Her father was Daniel Kelogg born 19 April 1780, died 4 May 1836. Her mother was born Laura Hyde, 22 March 1786, died 31 December 1846.

Page 463 - The Converse Family

Augustus Lawrence Converse married, second, 15 January 1849, Mrs. Marion De Veaux.
Children of Augustus Lawrence and Mary Ann (Kellogg) Converse: 282. JOHN ADAMS CONVERSE,8 (John,7(107), Nathaniel,6 Lieut. Josiah,5 Capt. Josiah,4 Maj. James,3 Lieut. James,2 Deacon Edward,1), born in Quincy, Mass., 15 November 1803; died 4 May 1886; married, 21 November 1827, Clarissa Jones Butler, who was born 4 October 1805; died 27 August 1847. Mrs. Converse was the daughter of Rev. David Butler, rector of St. Paul's Church, Troy, New York, born 19 July 1762, and Chloe (Jones) Butler, born March 1763, died 10 March 1840.
Children of John Adams and Clarissa Jones (Butler) Converse:

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283. JULIA FRANCIS CONVERSE,8 (John,7(107), Nathaniel,6 Lieut. Josiah,5 Capt. Josiah,4 Maj. James,3 Lieut. James,2 Deacon Edward,1), born in Troy, N.Y., 31 October 1807; died August 1889; married, in Troy, 8 March 1831, by Rev. David Butler, to Walter W. Webb, who was born 19 April 1798, died 11 May 1876; son of Gen. Samuel Blachley and Catherine (Hogeboom) Webb. Gen. Samuel Blachley Webb was born in Wethersfield, Conn., 15 December 1753; died in Claverack, N.Y., 3 December 1807; he was the son of Joseph Webb, whose wife, Mehitable, daughter of Capt. Gershom Nott, married, second, Silas Deane of Connecticut and died 13 October 1767. Silas Deane was the guardian of young Webb and gave him every advantage his position and fortune afforded. Upon receipt of news of the battle of Lexington, Samuel Blachley Webb hastened to Boston in command of a company and was present at the Battle of Bunker Hill where he was wounded. He was appointed aide to Gen. Israel Putnam and 21 June 1776 was appointed private secretary and aide-de-camp to General Washington with the rank of Lieutenant-colonel. He was wounded at White Plains and at Trenton. He raised, organized, and equipped at his own expense, the 3d Connecticut regiment and assumed command in 1777, but with his command was captured by the British fleet 10 December 1777, and was not exchanged until 1780 when he took command of the light infantry with brevet rank of Brigadier-general. In 1783 he was one of the founders of the Society of Cincinnati. He married Catherine, born 1768, died 14 Oct 1805, daughter of Judge Stephen Hogeboom. Judge

Page 465 - The Converse Family

Hogeboom was a member of the Consitutional Convention in 1801, and State Senator 1805-1808. He was the eldest son of Johannes and Albertie (Van Alen) Hogeboom, and grandson of Killian Hogeboom who migrated from Holland and settled in Claverack.

The life of Samuel Blachley Webb is illustrated by his Correspondence and Journal, edited by Worthington C. Ford and published in three volumes by William Seward Webb, a grandson, the son of James Watson Webb, soldier, journalist and statesman. The line of descent of Walter Webb is as follows: Richard Webb,1 of Stamford, Conn., Joseph Webb,2 (who married Hannah Scofield), Joseph Webb,3 (who married Mary daughter of Benjamin Hait), Joseph Webb,4 (who married Sarah Blachley), Joseph Webb, 5, Samuel Blachley Webb,6 Walter W. Webb,7.

Children of Walter W. and Julia Frances (Converse) Webb: 284. SEMPHRONIA ANTIONETTE CONVERSE,8(John,7(107), Nathaniel,6 Lieut. Josiah,5 Capt. Josiah,4 Maj. James,3 Lieut.James,2 Deacon Edward,1), born in Troy, N.Y., 2 March 1811; died 22 August 1879; married, in Troy, by Rev. David Butler, 13 November 1834, to Francis Morgan, who was born 25 August 1805, and died 26 January 1864. His father, Archippus Morgan, was born 17 May 1772, and died 19 September 1857. His mother was Pamela Taylor, born 17 November 1779; married 25 September 1800, and died 29 March 1867.
Children of Francis and Semphronia Antoinette (Converse) Morgan:

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285. HARRIET MUNRO CONVERS,8 (Daniel,7 (120), Sergeant Benjamin,6 Ensign James,5 Ensign Edward,4 Samuel,3 Sergt. Samuel,2 Deacon Edward,1), married, 6 June 1820 by Rev. David Young of Zanesville, Ohio, to General Charles Backus Goddard, who died in Zanesville in 1864. In Howe's Historical Collections of Ohio is a biographical sketch of him, which states that he was an able lawyer, and an associate of Chase, Stanberry, Vinton and the elder Ewing. He came to Zanesville in 1817, from Norwich, Conn. He was the eldest son of Judge Calvin Goddard, mayor of Norwich, and member of Congress. His mother was the daughter of Rev. Levi Hart of Preston, Conn.
Children of General Charles Backus and Harriet Munro (Convers) Goddard:

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286. JUDGE CHARLES CLEVELAND CONVERS,8 (Daniel,7 (120), Sergt. Benjamin,6 Ens. James,5 Ens. Edward,4 Samuel,3 Sergt. Samuel,2 Deacon Edward,1), born in Zanesville, Ohio, 26 July 1810; died there 20 September 1860; married, in Zanesville, 14 April 1839, Catherine Buckingham, who was born in Zanesville, 19 April 1819, daughter of Ebenezer and Eunice (Hale) Buckingham. She died 12 June 1872 in New York City, whither she had removed from Zanesville in 1868. Her father, Ebenezer Buckingham (born February 1778, died 21 August 1832), assisted Rufus Putnam, Surveyor General, in Surveying the territory of the northwest of the Ohio River. Her mother was a native of Glastenbury, Conn.; born 22 October 1792, died at Zanesville 28 February 1843. In Henry Howe's Historical Collections of Ohio, is a sketch of Ebenezer Buckingham. He was of the firm of E. B. Buckingham, & Co of Zanesville, one of the foremost and most widely known firms in the West. After gradation from the Ohio University, Charles cleveland Convers attended the Law School of Harvard University, where he enjoyed the society and friendship of Charles Sumner and of Benjamin R. Curtis, later a justice of the United States Supreme Court. He was a lifelong resident of Zanesville, where he practised his profession until 1854, when he was elected Judge of the Court of Common Pleas. In 1855, he was chosen a Judge of the Supreme Court of Ohio.
Children of Judge Charles Cleveland and Catherine (Buckingham) Convers:

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287. DANIEL CAMDEN CONVERSE,8 (Daniel,7(120), Sergt.. Benjamin,6 Ens. James,5 Ens. Edward,4 Samuel,3 Sergt. Samuel,2 Deacon Edward,1), resided in Zanesville, Ohio; married, first, Rebecca Aspinwall Van Beuren; married, second, in Zanesville, Ohio, in 1852, by Rev. Wm. A. Smallwood, to Julia Parkhurst, who now (1900) resides in Vineland, N.J., where she is a member of Trinity P.E. Church.
Children of Daniel Camden and Rebecca Aspinwall (Van Buren) Convers: Child of Daniel Camden and Julia (Parkhurst) Convers:
288. ALBERT PORTER CONVERS,8 (Asa Wright,7(121), Sergt. Benjamin,6 Ens. James,5 Ens. Edward,4 Samuel,3 Sergt. Samuel,2 Deacon Edward,1), born in Baton Rouge La., in 1822; died 25 April 1890; married in Baton Rouge, in 1846, by Rev. Mr. Woodbridge, to Mrs. Margaret (Henderson) Dewey, widow of Oran Dewey. She was born in Glasgow, Scotland, 20 April 1820, died in Baker, La., 31 December 1898, daughter of John and Helen (Clow) Henderson of Glasgow, Scotland.
The following is from the issue of Baton Rouge Truth of 2 May 1890:

On Saturday morning last this community was greatly shocked and deeply grieved by the startling announcement that Mr. A. P. Convers, an old and time-honored citizen living near Baker, in the third ward, had been run over and instantly killed by an engine of the Mississippi Valley Railroad on Friday night.

Page 469 - The Converse Family

From what we could learn, Mr. Convers started to walk along the track from the store at Baker to his residence a short distance thereform. He was accompanied by his son, a grown man. When the journey was about half made they were startled by hearing a train almost upon them. The son shouted to the father to jump from the track, but too late; the old gentleman was struck and instantly killed. The train was one of the many now at work along the line and was altogether unlooked for. The deceased was raised in Baton Rouge and was at one time one of our best known citizens. In early life he learned the art of type setting, and followed that business for some years. He was a gentleman of intelligence and culture and a writer of no small merit. His wife was a sister of Mr. George Henderson. Truth tenders its sincerest sympathy to the grief-stricken family and friends.


Mrs. Albert P. Convers, nee Henderson, departed this life at her home in Baker, East Baton Rouge Parish, La., December 31, 1898, aged 78 years, 8 months and eleven days.

The deceased was a native of Glasgow, Scotland, and was in her fourteenth year when she came with her relatives to this county. She has resided in this parish and in the parish of West Feliciana during the past sixty-five years, and was a half sister of the late Stephen Henderson and a full sister of the late George and Henry Henderson and aunt of Gardere, Stephen and Robert Henderson and of Miss Zelia Henderson, the late Mrs. Van Winkle, Miss Mary Convers, Mrs. Green Davis, Mrs. T. R. Brady, Mrs. Belle Dunbar and Mrs. H. E. Hausey. She had been twice married. Her first husband was a Mr. Stephen Dewey. Two children blessed this union, the late Stephen Dewey, Jr., and Miss Helen Dewey, who married and moved to another State. She survived these children.

She married Mr. A. P. Convers who was associated with Mr. Gardere Henderson in the editorial department and proprietorship of the baton Rouge Gazette. Having severed his connection with the Gazette, Mr. Convers, in 1854, moved with his wife to their beautiful plantation home. Elm Park was one of the finest estates in he parish. The results of the civil war fell heavily upon Mr. and Mrs. Convers, as upon every one owning large and valuable estates, and though the trial was a hard one to them they gave up their beautiful home and returned to East Baton Rouge, where they located upon a modest farm and lived comfortable, happy and quiet life.

Mrs. Convers survived her husband several years and at the close of her long and useful years she left a son, Hon. Albert W. Convers Mayor of the town of Zachary, and a daughter, Mrs. A. Doolittle, to mourn her departure. (Capital Item, Baton Rouge, La., 11 Feb. 1899)

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