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The Converse Family and Allied Families

by Charles Allen Converse

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211. ELIZABETH CONVERSE, 7 (Marquis,6 (71), Joel,5 Thomas,4 Samuel,3 Sergt. Samuel,2 Deacon Edward,1), born in Lyme, N. H., 8 March 1823;

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(Photos of Mrs. Elizabeth (Converse) Webster; George Webster)

was married in Lyme, 14 April 1846, to George Webster of Lyme, by Rev. Erdix Tenney, pastor of the Congregational Church of that town. She received the customary education of that period in the district schools near her father's home. In 1849, she united with the Lyme Congregational Church, of which she was a faithful member. She was helpful in its benevolent work to the extent of her ability. After planning for and sending Christmas gifts to her friends, she died of pneumonia, in Lyme, 25 December 1890, after only a few days' illness. George Webster was born, in Lyme, 22 October 1817, the son of Samuel and Anna (Porter) Webster. Anna Porter was born in Coventry, Conn., 2 October 1776, and died in Lyme, 29 September 1845. She was a sister of Deacon William Porter, who was the father of Mrs. Clarissa (Porter) Converse, wife of Otis Converse,8 and of Mrs. Mary (Porter) Converse, first wife of Theron Converse.

George Webster was one of a large family left without a father at an early age, and helped to care for his mother during her life. He spent the greater part of his life on a farm before and after marriage. The one that he owned for the twenty-two years previous to his death is located on the County Road between Lyme Plain and Dartmouth College, about three miles from the former place, and included a saw mill and large apple and maple sugar orchards. He was of an amiable disposition, and always happy and disposed to make the best of hard work and the ills of life. He found his enjoyment in his home and church, and never aspired to public office. In 1843, he united with Lyme Congregational Church, of which he was ever a consistent member. He died, 13 May 1879, in Lyme, where his whole life was spent.

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(Photos of Mrs. Ella (Webster) Warren; Lewis W. Warren; Elizabeth Mary Warren)

Child of George and Elizabeth (Converse) Webster:

212. MARQUIS DEXTER CONVERSE, 7 (Marquis,6 (71), Joel,5 Thomas,4 Samuel,3 Sergt. Samuel,2 Deacon Edward,1), born in Lyme, 17 November 1824. He was employed as a clerk in the store of S. S. Houghton, in Boston, Mass., until his death there in 1855. He united with the Congregational Church in

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(Photos of Albert Dexter Converse; Henry Marquis Converse; Mrs. Mary (Converse) Houghton)

Lyme in 1842. He married, in East Bridgewater, Mass., 17 January 1848, Martha A. Smith, who died in East Bridgewater after the death of their eldest son:

213. MARY CROSS CONVERSE,7 (Marquis,6 (71), Joel,5 Thomas,4 Samuel,3 Sergt. Samuel,2 Deacon Edward,1) born in Lyme, N. H., 8 July 1826; was married, in Lyme, 27 October 1846 by Rev. Erdix Tenney, to Samuel Storms Houghton, who was born in Fairlee, Vt., 10 Septmeber 1824, and who died at his home in Melrose, Mass., 6 July 1893. He was the son of Peter and Nancy Storms Houghton. His line of descent is given in one of the publications of the New England Historical Publishing Co. of Boston as John,1 Robert,2 Gershom,3 Abiathar,4 Peter,5 Samuel Storms,6.

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(Photo of Samuel Storms Houghton)

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(Photos of Edward H. Houghton; Mrs. Mary Alice (Houghton) Dutton; Harry Dutton)

Children of Samuel Storms and Mary Cross (Converse) Houghton:

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(Photos of Marion Houghton (Dutton) Moore; Mary Converse Dutton; Alice Dutton).

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(Photos of Amasa Marquis Converse; Henry Clark Converse)

214. AMASA MARQUIS CONVERSE,7 (Marquis,6 (71), Joel,5 Thomas,4 Samuel,3 Sergeant Samuel,2 Deacon Edward,1), born in Lyme, N. H., 28 November 1828; educated in the common schools. At the age of seventeen he entered mercantile business in a clerical capacity, in New York City, and, when about twenty-one years of age, began business for himself as a merchant in Springfield, Illinois. By great energy and perseverance he accumulated a large property; and, in 1865, he retired from business, and married Emily Clark of Corinth, Vermont. They immediately started upon a tour of Europe. Emily Clark was born in Groton, Vermont, the daughter of Sabin E. and Huldah (Thurston) Clark. Two sons were born to them, viz: Henry Clark Converse,8 and Albert Edward Converse,8 Mr. Converse contracted a second marriage in San Jose, Cal., with Blanche Bizenay, and one son was born to them, Dr. George Marquis Converse.8

Amasa Marquis Converse was an extensive traveler. He made four trips abroad, visiting England, France, Germany, Italy and Palestine. He finally settled in San Jose, Cal., where he died 9 April 1889.

He possessed great energy, and showed indomitable perseverance in all his undertakings. His life afforded an unusual example of filial devotion, as evidenced by his continued care of his mother and generous gifts to her; and also by his liberal annual provision for his two widowed sisters, large gifts to his remaining brothers, and to the church and society of his ancestors in Lyme.

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Photos of George Marquis Converse; Alonzo Thornton Converse; Mrs. Julia Annette (Clement) Converse)

215. ALONZO THORNTON CONVERSE, 7 (Marquis,6 (71), Joel,5 Thomas,4 Samuel,3 Sergt. Samuel,2 Deacon Edward,1), was married in Corinth, Vt., by Rev. Wm. H. Dean, 13 January 1881, to Julia Annette Clement, who was born in Corinth, 26 April 1841, the daughter of Obadiah and Phoebe (Merrill) Clement of Corinth. He inherited his father's genial, peace-lving disposition, and was an

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(Photo of Jennie Eveline Converse)

unusually well informed man, a fine conversationalist and a fluent writer. The following obituary notice is from the May 1891 issue of the Christian Observer of Louisville, Ky:

To Alonzo and Julia Annette (Clement) Converse one child was born, viz:

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(Photos of Rev. Francis Bartlett Converse; Mrs. Ellen E. (Pollard) Converse)

216. REV. FRANCIS BARTLETT CONVERSE,7 D. D. (Rev. Francis Amasa,6 (74), Joel,5 Thomas,4, Samuel,3 Sergt. Samuel,2 Deacon Edward,1) born in Richmond, Va., 23 June 1836; removed with his father to Philadelphia, Pa., in 1839; was graduated from the Philadelphia Central High School in June 1853, and from the University of Pennsylvania in June 1856, and was a student in Princeton Seminary at the breaking out of the Civil War. He became associated with his father in the publication of the Christian Observer, 1 January 1857, and has been connected editorially with that paper ever since. The Christian Observer, on account of its sympathy with Southern views, was suppressed in Philadelphia, 22 August 1861, and was started again in Richmond early in September of that year. It was published in Richmond, Va., until the summer of 1869, when the Free Commonwealth was purchased, and united with the Christian Observer, and the publication moved to Louisville, Ky., as being a point more central to the entire south. It has become the leading paper of the Southern Presbyterian Church, having a circulation larger than the combined circulation of all the other southern Presbyterian papers, and the leading family religious paper in the Southern States. Rev. Francis Bartlett Converse received the degree of D. D. from Hampden Sidney College, Virginia.

On 3 May 1866, he was married in Hanover County, Va., by Rev. Amasa Converse, D. D. to Ellen Elizabeth Pollard, who was born 3 September 1840, the daughter of Dr. George William and Peachy (Todd) Pollard. The latter was a native of Prince Edward County, Va., but was a descendant of the New England family of Todds, of which Rev. John Todd, D. D., so well known as a religious writer for children, was an honored member.
Children of Rev. Dr. Francis Bartlett and Ellen Elizabeth (Pollard) Converse:

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(Photos of Thomas Edwards Converse, M. D.; Francis Bartlett Converse, Jr.; Bernard Todd Converse)

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(Photos of Harry Pollard Converse; Ellen Elizabeth Converse; Henry Augustus Converse)

217. HENRY AUGUSTUS CONVERSE,7 (Rev. Dr. Amasa,6 (74), Joel,5 Thomas,4 Samuel,3 Sergt. Samuel,2 Deacon Edward,1) born in Philadelphia, Pa., 8 may 1839; was graduaated from the Philadelphia Central High School, in July 1855, and from the University of Pennsylvania in July 1859, receiving the degree of A. B., and subsequently that of A. M. He entered the law office of Hon. John C. Bullitt n Philadelphia as a law student in September 1860, and was admitted to the bar in Philadelphia in September 1862. He practised law for several years in Philadelphia, and moved to Oil City, Pa., in February 1865, when the oil fever was at its height; and practised law there until September 1869, when ill health obliged him to relinquish his law practise for several years, during which period he resided in Louisville, Ky. He resumed the practise of law in Harrisonburg, Va., in December 1878, and with every prospect of a most successful career, continued practice in that town until his death there, 5 December 1880.

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(Photos of Mrs. Maggie E.(Baer) Converse; Henry Augustus Converse, Jr.)

He was the author of "Indexes to the Virginia and West Virginia Reports, Richmond, Va., 1881," an octavo volume.

He married, first, about 1862, Eliza Lentz (originally from Phildelphia, but then residing with her mother in Oil City), and by her he had a son who died in infancy.

He married, second, in Rockingham Co., Va., 30 October 1873, Maggie E. Baer, who was born in Rockingham Co., Va., 15 May 1842; the daughter of David and Maria (Anderson) Baer.

Mr. Converse was a man of remarkable brilliancy and originallity, which he exhibited in his studies in the high school and in the university, and in his law practice. Legal friends in Philadelphia say that if he had not left that city, he would at a very early preiod have been made a judge. His success in Oil City was phenomenal. With a practice among the largest in the place, he never lost a case. He had an unusual faculty for judging from the statements of the client what was the true state of facts, and if he believe the man had not an equitable case, refused to fight it for him. His aim was to secure an equitable settlement by compromise when practicable, rather than to have litigation; and he would in no case take a fee from a man who he believed was acting unfairly or was clearly in the wrong.
Children of Henry Augustus and Maggie E. (Baer) Converse:

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(Photos of Fannie Flavia Converse; Virginia Elizabeth Converse; Rev. Thos. Edwards Converse; Mrs. Eliza Jane (Leyburn) Converse)

218. REV. THOMAS EDWARDS CONVERSE,7 D.D. (Rev. Dr. Amasa,6 (74), Joel,5 Thomas,4 Samuel,3 Sergt. Samuel,2 Deacon Edward,1) born in Philadelphia, Pa., 25 October 1841; was graduated from Philadelphia Central High School in February 1859; and from Princeton college in June 1862. He received his degree in theology at Hampden Sidney College in May 1868; and was ordained by the West Hanover Presbytery in 1869. He was married, first, at Appomattox Court House, Va., by Rev. George William Leyburn, on 10 March 1869, to Eliza Jane Leyburn, who was born in Southern Greece, the daughter of Rev. George William Leyburn, of Lexington, Va., and later of Appomattox Court House, Va., and wife, Elizabeth Winston Moseley, who was a native of Bedford Co., Va. In 1869,

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(Photos of Mrs. Rosa Bayless (Dickey) Converse (2); Mrs. Mary Flavia (Converse) Shotwell)

Dr. Converse went to China, as a missinary, and thus labored for nearly two years at Hangchow, on the Grand Canal, 175 miles southwest of Shanghai. At the close of the year 1870, he returned to this country on account of the failure of the health of his wife, who died in Louisville, Ky., 30 November 1879. He was pastor of the church in Woodstock, Va., from 1870 to 1875 and pastor in Bardstown, Ky., till 1879. Since then he has been associate editor oof the Christian Observer at Louisville, Ky. He received the degree of D. D. from King College, Tenn., in 1887.

He was married, second, by Rev. W. T. Spears at Richwood, Ky., 18 October 1881, to Rosa Bayless Dickey, who is the daughter of Fielding and Sarah Jane (Kennedy) Dickey of Boone Co., Ky.
Child of Thomas Edwards and Eliza Jane (Leyburn) Converse:

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(Photos of Sarah Barlett Converse; Rose Irvine Converse; Mildred Bullitt Converse)

Children of Thomas Edwards and Rosa Bayless (Dickey) Converse:

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