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The Converse Family and Allied Families

by Charles Allen Converse

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Page 173 - The Converse Family

76. REV. JEREMIAH CONVERSE,6 (Capt. Pain,5(30), Pain,4 Samuel,3 Sergeant Samuel,2 Deacon Edward,1), born 4 August 1761; died in Darby Township, Madison Co., Ohio, 26 June 1837. He married, 26 November 1778, his second cousin, Rhoda Converse,6 (Jonathan5, Ensign Edward,4 Samuel,3 Sergeant Samuel,2 Deacon Edward,1). She was born 23 August 1756, and died, in Darby Township, 27 January 1842. A sketch of Hon. George Leroy Converse in The National Cyclopedia of American Biography says that Rev. Jeremiah Converse had been a soldier in the Revolutionary War, and was wounded by a musket ball in the left shoulder, from which he suffered until he died. The following is from the History of Madison County, Ohio:

During the Revolutionary War Rev. Jeremiah Converse enlisted as a private in the cause of freedom. On one occasion he with his company was sent out as a scouting party to ascertain the strength and position of a marauding band of Indians. They had traveled many miles along the banks of the Muskingum river when, toward evening of the second day, they found themselves confronted by about four hundred savages secreted behind fallen timber, trees, underbrush, etc. The deadly fire from the first volley laid half and more of their company in the dust. The surviving ones stood bravely the galling fire from their hidden foe until the Indian warwhoop and rush of savages reminded them that their only safety was in retreat.

In his desperate struggle for life Mr. Converse was pursued by a single warrior, with gun in hand and uplifted tomahawk, ready to inflict the deadly blow, but being outdistanced by his fleeing foe, the savage halted and shot him through the shoulder. Reeling and benumbed by the shock, his gun instantly dropped from his hand thus made powerless, but he soon rallied and made good his escape by fording the river and secreting himself in the thick underbrush that grew upon the opposite bank.

On the third day he, with three others arrived in camp, being all that were left to tell the sad story. His wound disabled him for life; therefore he was soon after discharged from the military service. He subsequently became a traveling minister in the Methodist Episcopal Church.

In the year 1814 this Revolutionary soldier and his wife with their family emigrated to Darby Township, Madison Co., Ohio. He and most of his sorts bought homes adjacent to, or in near proximity to each other, and settled upon what was then known as "Darby Plains."

The Rev. Jeremiah Converse was the first pioneer minister in this portion of the country; therefore, he was generally known and equally esteemed for his uprightness and zeal for the cause he espoused. He always lived upon the farm of his first purchase, where he also died.

Page 174 - The Converse Family

77. BARNARD CONVERSE,6 (Capt. Pain,5 (30), Pain,4 Samuel,3 Sergeant Samuel,2 Deacon Edward,1), born 15 January 1764; married Peggy ; lived in Bridport; died, in Bridport, 17 March 1806. They had several children who probably moved West as there is trace of but one child.

Two of the grandchildren of Barnard,6 were said to have been living in Michigan a few years before 1869.

78. ELIAS CONVERSE,6 (Capt. Pain,5 (30), Pain,4 Samuel,3 Sergeant Samuel,2 Deacon Edward,1). He removed to Onondaga County, N. Y., in 1812. He married Sarah Burrows.

79. HAMBLIN CONVERSE6 (Capt. Pain,5 (30), Pain,4 Samuel,3 Sergeant Samuel,2 Deacon Edward,1), born in Thompson, Conn., 15 October 1767; lived in

Page 175 - The Converse Family

Bridport, Vt., and died there 9 August 1847. He married, first, in Thompson, Conn., by Rev. Noadiah Russell, Mary Green, who was born in Thompson, and was the daughter of Seth and Hannah (Winter) Green of Thompson. She died in Bridport, 8 August 1840, aged 72. Mr. Converse married, second, 4 December 1843, Mrs. Anna Douglass, a widow. He was prominent in all town affairs, and owned a large farm in Bridport, of which a part is now (1900) owned by Francis Gardner Converse,8 the latter having bought it of the Erastus G. Converse heirs.

80. ALFRED CONVERSE,6 (Capt. Pain,5 (30), Pain,4 Samuel,3 Sergeant Samuel,2 Deacon Edward,1), born 25 May 1772; died, in Bridport, 18 January 1849. He always resided in Bridport, Vt., and was a blacksmith. Sexton 1796. Some time prior to 1836, he suffered a stroke of paralysis, and thereafter used crutches. He married, first, 15 November 1795, Phoebe Elithorpe of Bridport, 1 who died, 29 August 1806, aged 38. He married, second, 6 July 1810, Sally Smith or Sally Smith Wood. The Bridport records give her name both ways. Presumably she was a widow, as her name appears as Sally Burton in Mr. Wm. G. Hill's book. She died, 7 May 1850, aged seventy-six years.

The Bridport town records include the record of marriage, 9 August 1813, of Alfred Converse, 2nd, and Polly Corey but do not show whose son this Alfred, 2nd, was.

Children of Alfred and Sarah Burton (Smith) Converse:

Page 176 - The Converse Family

81. PAIN CONVERSE,6 (Capt. Pain,5 (30), Pain,4 Samuel,3 Sergeant Samuel,2 Deacon Edward,1), born 4 June 1777. He lived for some time in Bridport, Vermont, but later removed to Canton, N.Y., where he died February 1864. He was married by Joel Barber, J. P., 24 Nov. 1798, to Sarah Gale.

Children of Pain and Sarah Gale Converse:

82. GARDNER CONVERSE,6 (Capt. Pain,5 (30), Pain,4 Samuel,3 Sergeant Samuel,2 Deacon Edward,1), born 7 April 1782; died, in Bridport, 12 April 1839. He married, 28 August 1803, Polly Sibley, who died August 1847. Residing most of his life in Bridport, he was one of the leading men of that place, and was long remembered by the older inhabitants as an upright man, of the old school. He was Town Clerk for about twenty-five years continuously from 1805, with the exception of three years he was away from town, until he declined that office on account of poor health. He was also selectman and a justice of

Page 177 - The Converse Family

the peace, and in the latter capacity performed the marriage ceremony for many of his own nephews and nieces. He was a surveyor of some note.

Page 178 - The Converse Family

83. JUDE CONVERSE, 7 (Luke,6 (33), John, 5 John, 4 Maj. James, 3 Lieut. James, 2 Deacon Edward,1) born 17 May 1762; married, 10 Dec 1782, Lydia Bemis. Lawrence's History of Stanstead County, Province of Quebec, Canada, says that they settled, in 1798, in Barnston, in that county, where Capt. Joseph Bartlett was their only neighbor nearer than Stanstead Plain; and that they suffered severly for a time from the privations incident to settlements int he wilderness. The forests gave way gradually to their industry and preserverance, and they soon found themselves in the possession of a comfortable home and good property. The same authority states that Mrs. Converse died in 1808; and that her husband spent his last days int he vicinity of Portland, Maine.
Children of Jude and Lydia (Bemis) Converse (as give by Lawrence):

Page 179 - The Converse Family

84. REUBEN CONVERSE, 7 (Luke,6 John, 5 John, 4 Maj. James,3 Lieut. James,2 Deacon Edward,1) born in Spencer Mass., 35 April1769; removed to Leiceter, Mass., and died there. He married in Spencer, 18 Dec 1788, Pamela Stevens.
Children of Reuben and Pamela (Stevens) Converse, from town records of Spencer:

According to the Reed MS. and Washburn's History of Leicester, Mass., there were three children, viz: 85. JOHN CONVERSE, 7 (Robert, 6(34), John, 5 John, 4, Maj. James, 3 Lieut. James, 2 Deacon Edward,1) born 21 February 1767; died 22 Septemer 1849. He married, first, 10 December 1789, Polly Wright, daughter of Oliver and Lois (Johnson) Wright. She died 10 September 1814, he married, second, Mrs. Betsy Brabrook, a sister of his first wife.

Bemis' History of Malborough says that he settled on the farm "now owned by Rev. S. H. McCollester" in Marlborough; that he was a carpenter, a good workman, a great thinker, possessed a retentive memory, and that, although he never had the advantages of a school education, or knowledge of figures, he could mentally solve problems more quickly than most people could obtain the solution with a slate.
Children of John and Polly (Wright) Converse:

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86. AMASA CONVERSE, 7 (Robert, 6(34), John, 5 John, 4 Maj. James, 3 Lietu. James, 2 Deacon Edward 1), born 1 March 1782; died in Marlborough, N. H. in 1813, where he settled on the home farm. He married, 15 March 1802, Zeuriah Capron, daughter of Jonathan and Lois (Porter) Capron. She married, second, Enoch White, and died 23 March 1862.
Amasa and Zeuriah (Capron) Converse had six children:

87. WILLARD CONVERSE, 7 (Daniel, 6 John, 5 John, 4 Maj. James, 3 Lieut. James, 2 Deacon Edward ,1), born in Charlton, Mass., 19 March 1779; died 19 March 1850. He married first, in Spencer, Mass., 25 May 1800, Betsey Sibley, who died 10 Oct 1819. She was daughter of Paul Sibley, who came from Sutton about 1793 with Sarah, his wife, and settled in the south part of Spencer, Mass. Willard Converse married, second, Sally Davidson who was born in Sutton, Mass., 24 Aug 1790, died 21 October 1866, and was buried in Charlton cemetery North Side, where Mr. Converse and his first wife are also buried.
Willard and Betsey (Sibley) Converse had eight children:

Page 181 - The Converse Family

Wiillard and Sally (Davidson) Converse had six children:
88. POLLY CONVERSE, 7 (Daniel, 6 John, 5 John, 4 Maj. James, 3 Lieut. James, 2 Deacon Edward, 1) born in Spencer, Mass., 4 December 1781; died 4 September 1874. She was a very efficient and successful teacher, was much loved by her pupils, and continued to teach until after she had two children old enough to attend school. She, herself, was the first girl to enter Leicester Academy as a pupil. She married, about 1804, Abner Wheelock, of Charlton who died in Charlton, 18 May 1843, aged about sixty five. He was a merchant, proprietor of a hotel, incidentally a distiller, and before the advent of the railroads carried on a large teaming business to and from Boston. Mr. and Mrs. Wheelock lived on the old turnpike about a mile from where Charlton depot now stands.
Children of Abner and Polly (Converse) Wheelock, eight in number, born in Charlton:

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Children of Leonard and Amanda (Wheelock) King:

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