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1739 - 1828

John Jay Putnam Compiler and Editor


Our thanks to James Chellis for sharing this book with us. One should remember when reading this genealogy that it was written in 1897 and it is displayed here exactly as written and cannot be changed regardless of any errors one might find, as todays research capabilities are much better than they were some 112 years ago. One should always document and not take this work as gospel. But we can thank our lucky stars that Mr. Putnam left behind this excellent genealogy that can be used for generations to come.

There is no index to this book. I have condensed it to just a few web pages, but all the pages are exactly as in the book (minus a few typos which probably will be found). The "Emendations" Page is Putnam's corrections which should be referred to.

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James Chellis descends from the Converse lineage through the Rossiter lineage as follows:
1. Edward Convers + Sarah
2. Lt. James Converse + Anna Long
3. Maj. James Converse + Hannah Carter
4. John Converse + Abigail Sawyer
5. Josuah Converse + Abiah (Hassel) Blanchard
6. Joseph Converse + Elizabeth Davis
7. James Converse + Charlotte White
8. Charlotte Davis Converse + Chittenden Rossiter
9. Harriet Louise Rossiter + Alvah Bean Chellis
10. Converse Alvah Chellis + Grace Seymour
11. Converse Alvah Chellis, Jr, + Adurline Tompkins
12. James Edward Chellis + Adelle Hennet Chellis
13. Adrian Littlefield Chellis Wood and Edward Rossiter Chellis

James Chellis comments: Preface has my greatgrandmother’s signature and place of residence [original owner of the book]. She descends from Edward Rossiter, who was an officer of Governor Winthrope, arriving here the same time Edward Converse did. Edward Rossiter was on broad the Mary & John, however, died in October 1630.

ROSSITER researchers may contact James Chellis for further comments.

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