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Samuel Taylor

     Samuel married poss Elizabeth Benedict, daughter of John Benedict and Phoebe Gregory.

Jacques La Roux

M, b. 1657
     Jacques married Wybrecht Helling. Jacques La Roux was born in 1657. Jacques's estate was proved on 2-Sep-1730.
     Jacques's left a will on 14-Nov-1728 at Hackensack, Bergen County, New Jersey.

Child of Jacques La Roux and Wybrecht Helling

Wybrecht Helling

     Wybrecht married Jacques La Roux.

Child of Wybrecht Helling and Jacques La Roux

John Rickel

     John married Christian (Unknown).

Child of John Rickel and Christian (Unknown)

Christian (Unknown)

     Christian married John Rickel.

Child of Christian (Unknown) and John Rickel

Marther Burnett

     Marther married Gilbert Boyd, son of James Boyd and Azubah Chadsey, on 19-Sep-1832.

Matilda Boyd

F, b. 25 Dec 1829, d. 17 Sep 1834
Matilda Boyd|b. 25 Dec 1829\nd. 17 Sep 1834|p402.htm#i423086|James Boyd|b. 13 Nov 1784\nd. 12 Mar 1848|p351.htm#i270952|Azubah Chadsey|b. 25 Sep 1788\nd. 24 Apr 1870|p347.htm#i270832|||||||Abel Chadsey|b. 1 Jan 1755\nd. 20 Sep 1828|p118.htm#i63444|Mehitable Smith|b. 12 Mar 1764\nd. Jan 1847|p118.htm#i63410|

Relationship=2nd great-grandaunt of David Kipp Conover Jr.
Relationship=6th cousin 3 times removed of Virginia Ailene Swift.
Relationship=Great-grandaunt of David Kipp Conover.
      Matilda Boyd was born on 25-Dec-1829. She was the daughter of James Boyd and Azubah Chadsey. Matilda Boyd died on 17-Sep-1834 at age 4.

Sarah (Unknown)

     Sarah married Isaac Powell. Sarah was buried on 2-Feb-1857 at Greenwood Cemetery, Brooklyn, Kings County, New York; lot 2594, section 91.

Child of Sarah (Unknown) and Isaac Powell

Isaac Powell

     Isaac married Sarah (Unknown).

Child of Isaac Powell and Sarah (Unknown)

Zachariah Angevine

     Zachariah married Marie Naudin.

Child of Zachariah Angevine and Marie Naudin

Marie Naudin

     Marie married Zachariah Angevine.

Child of Marie Naudin and Zachariah Angevine

Frederick W. Easton Jr.

     Frederick married Ruth Horton.

Child of Frederick W. Easton Jr. and Ruth Horton

  • Mary Easton

Ruth Horton

     Ruth married Frederick W. Easton Jr.

Child of Ruth Horton and Frederick W. Easton Jr.

  • Mary Easton

Supposed father of Catherine John Swick

M, b. 18 Jan 1760
Supposed father of Catherine John Swick|b. 18 Jan 1760|p402.htm#i431048|Martin Swick||p402.htm#i437699||||||||||||||||

Relationship=4th great-grandfather of David Kipp Conover Jr.
Relationship=3rd great-grandfather of Virginia Ailene Swift.
      Supposed father of Catherine John Swick was born on 18-Jan-1760; calculated. He was the son of Martin Swick. John was buried on 16-Jul-1849 at North Sewickley (formerly Upper Presbyterian) Cemetery near, Ellwood City, Lawrence County, Pennsylvania.

John Swick, b. 1763/4 in Greenwich Twsp, Sussex, NJ, d. July 13, 1849 in Franklin Twsp., or North Swickley Twsp., Beaver Co., PA. Rita Swick writes, “ John SWICK b: 1764 in Lancaster County, PA”.
Pat Irvine writes John died 13 Jul 1849 in Perry Twsp, Beaver, PA. David F. Swick states he died 7/16/1849 in N. Sewickley, PA. Lowell Thomas says he was b. 1764 in Lancaster Co., PA (In the 1810 Census for Beaver Co., N. Swickley Twsp .,PA ). He first married (1) Susan Thomas. Cathy Fowler writes Jesse Swick’s death certificate, a son of John and Susan, that Susan Thomas was born in Ireland. Then (2) Miss Mary Reno (moved to PA ca. 1780 according to Gloria Nardecchia), and later (3) Nancy. Mary Reno, b. 1775 in PA.They married aft. 1795. He died 7/17/1849. (Cathy Fowler: John Swick –Pedigree chart; 1850 census).
John Swick, NJ line R 10361. Appl. 11/27/1837 in Beaver Co., PA age 73. Soldier lived in Sussex Co., NJ. Enlisted soldier is son of Martin Swick, served with his uncle Lt. Peter Swick. (Sce. Index to Revolutionary War Service Records, Vol. IV:S-Z. Trans. Virgil D. White; The Nat. Hist. Pub. Co., Waynesboro, TN, 1995.)

From: Reidenbach, Brent R, HRC-Alexandria ; Sent: Tuesday, January 27, 2004 Revolutionary War Pension Requests: “John Swick, son of Martin Swick - Applied for a military pension due to service in the Revolutionary War butrequest was denied mainly because of insufficient evidence of service. According to his pension request, a letter dated 29 March 1939 from a Dr. J. Howard Swick and a letter dated 8 June 1934 from a James Ezra McQuiston of Salt Lake City, Utah. John Swick, son of Martin Swick, allegedly enlisted in Captain Maxfield's (assumed to be Maxwell) company of New Jersey volunteers commanded by Colonel Jacob West. After six weeks of service he was taken out of service and sent to Easton, Pennsylvania where he was placed under Drum Major Jacob Alls house to learn to beat the drum where "he believed when he was removed he was placed on the rolls as a substituted for his father but did not know if it was a New Jersey or Pennsyvlania organization and remained in Easton until around the close of the war." He also maintained that his uncle, Peter Swick, was a lieutenant in the army at the same time of his service however, his claim provided no proof of Peter Swick's service”. Also from Brent Reidenbach: “There was a letter request for John's record from the above McQuiston on May 28,1934 and it was answered on 8 June 1934 from A.D. Hiller, Asst. Administrator.”

Beaver County
Personally appeared before the subscriber a justice of the peace and for said county John Swick a resident of the county of Beaver aforesaid who being duly sworn according to the law, that he enlisted in New Jersey four and a half miles from Easton Pennsylvania at a place called the Straw tavern under Lieut. Pettigrew who at that resided in Easton and was taken to Amboy where he remained about six weeks when Gen. Wm. Maxfield took him out and sent him to Easton saying that he was too young to carry arms, being between fourteen and fifteen years of age, under command of Drum Major Jacob Allshouse, for the purpose of beating the drum – that he cannot say whether he was in the New Jersey line or a militia or whether after his removal to Easton he was placed onthe roll as a substitute of Martin Swick his father, and remained in Easton until about the end of the war, - the Col. Jacob West commanded a regiment to which he first belonged but is not certain whether of the regular army or militia he cannot say, - That his Uncle Peter Swick was a Lieutenant in the army of thesame time under Gen. Maxfield, - That he cannot ascertain anyone now living who has a knowledge of his having served, - That his discharge was signed by a colonel whose name he cannot now remember, bu.

Child of Supposed father of Catherine John Swick

James Harlow

     James married Olivia Chadsey, daughter of Abel Chadsey and Mehitable Smith.

Stephen Roof

     Stephen married Margaret Freeman Chadsey, daughter of Abel Chadsey and Mehitable Smith.

Robert Dunster

     Robert married Mary Gerrett.

Child of Robert Dunster and Mary Gerrett

Mary Gerrett

     Mary married Robert Dunster.

Child of Mary Gerrett and Robert Dunster

Henry Dunster

     Henry married Isabel Kaye.

Child of Henry Dunster and Isabel Kaye

Isabel Kaye

     Isabel married Henry Dunster.

Child of Isabel Kaye and Henry Dunster

Elizabeth Harris

     Marriage banns for Elizabeth Harris and Barent Jacobus were published on 6-Apr-1714 at Dutch Reformed Church, Hackensack, Bergen County, New Jersey.

Child of Elizabeth Harris and Barent Jacobus

Barent Jacobus

M, b. 6 Apr 1684
     Barent Jacobus was baptized on 6-Apr-1684 at Dutch Reformed Church, Albany, Albany County, New York. Marriage banns for Barent Jacobus and Elizabeth Harris were published on 6-Apr-1714 at Dutch Reformed Church, Hackensack, Bergen County, New Jersey.

Child of Barent Jacobus and Elizabeth Harris

Nehemiah Sturtevant Jr.

     Nehemiah married Ruth Sampson.

Child of Nehemiah Sturtevant Jr. and Ruth Sampson

Ruth Sampson

     Ruth married Nehemiah Sturtevant Jr.

Child of Ruth Sampson and Nehemiah Sturtevant Jr.

Orlinda Munson

F, b. 17 Apr 1796, d. 4 Jun 1825
      Orlinda Munson was born on 17-Apr-1796 at Norwich, Hampshire County, Massachusetts. Orlinda married Rev. Worthington Wright, son of Asakiel Wright and Mary Worthington, on 31-Jul-1817. Orlinda Munson died on 4-Jun-1825 at age 29.

Mrs. Catharine S. Russell

F, b. 13 Sep 1795
      Mrs. Catharine S. Russell was born on 13-Sep-1795 at Saratoga, Saratoga County, New York. Catharine married Rev. Worthington Wright, son of Asakiel Wright and Mary Worthington, on 29-Nov-1825.

Samuel Edwards

M, b. circa Dec 1836
     Samuel married Carrie (Unknown). Samuel Edwards was born circa Dec-1836 at New Jersey.

Child of Samuel Edwards and Carrie (Unknown)

Carrie (Unknown)

     Carrie married Samuel Edwards.

Child of Carrie (Unknown) and Samuel Edwards

Martin Swick


Relationship=5th great-grandfather of David Kipp Conover Jr.
Relationship=4th great-grandfather of Virginia Ailene Swift.

Child of Martin Swick

Harriett Olmstead

     Harriett married Calvin Rich.

Child of Harriett Olmstead and Calvin Rich