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Census Notes ..Massachusetts ...Boston & Area ..Keep Scrolling for more Boston Wards List

Boston Census Index

Francis Middlesex 163 Charlestown
JN Suffolk 369 Boston 6
Fanny Suffolk 462 Boston 1
Elizabeth Suffolk 069 Boston 8
Miss Suffolk 165 Boston 4
Orra Suffolk 345 Boston 1
Pamelia Suffolk 153 Boston 4

John Suffolk 070 12 W Boston
John Suffolk 058 12 W Boston
Rebecca Suffolk 650 8 W Boston
Sarah Suffolk 093 3 W Boston

Adeline Suffolk 833 6W Boston
Caroine M. Suffok 831 Chelsea City
JM -M 21 NY- 113 4 W Boston
John Suffolk 965 9W Boston
John Suffolk 587 8W Boston
John A Suffolk 915 8W Boston
Lemuel Norfolk ? W Roxbury

[Census has Lemuel relocating to Attleboro in Bristol County can also be a Dutch inspired Pilgrim name for English Mays so check]

Mary Suffolk 199 1W Boston

Jas & John Nofofk 4 West Roxbury
Cath[erine] Suffolk 125 W13 Boston
John Norfolk 60 West Roxbury
John Norfolk 61 West Roxbury
John Norfolk 75 West Roxbury

Daniel Suffolk 287 15 W Boston
John Suffolk 82 15 W Boston
John Suffolk 143 15 W Boston

1890 US VETERANS CENSUS -Massachusetts
McCormack (unknown) Suffolk 67 814 Boston
(NB 1890 US Census destroyed by 1922? fire in US Commerce Department. Pension Office took & kept separate Veteran's Census .. use also various City Directories & all other sources.
A John? McCormack in US Civil War records is listed from Hubbardston, Ma -- no immediate relation. Great-Great-Uncle John McCormack - PEI born was a US Navy sailor in the period 1860-68 .. his listing may be in US Navy Civil War records ..nb frequently these indexes only list soldiers or list sailors separately. The McCormack civil War veteran in Suffolk County is unknown in 1890 census of veterans.

1812 Michael McCormack born in Canada PEI
(generation 3? from Scotland>CA PE
1825 Francis J May born in Baden Germany
1846 Daniel F McCormack born to Michael McCormack & Margaret Catherine McPhee inCanada-PEI
1848 Francis J May & Bridgit-Adelia Fitzmorris marriage
1851 Caroline May born West Roxbury [Brookline], Massachusetts
1873-1875 Daniel McCormack (ggf) m Caroline May (ggm)

West Roxbury is now in part of Boston, and Norfolk County and substantially became Brookline ... McCormack, Daniel backsmith shop in Grove Hill NW of Franklin Park ..Fitzmorrises also in West Roxbury .. cf also Fitzmaurice

Boston Wards 2000 Election Ward List

These are legislative districts .. and the closest I can get to a Boston Ward Directory for now.

Middlesex & Suffolk

Allston and Brighton
WARD 21 P9-16; WARD 22 P3-13 and parts of Belmont, Cambridge, Waltham and Watertown

1st Suffolk

Chinatown, South Boston, Beacon Hill, Back Bay, Dorchester
WARD 3 P 7-8, WARD 5 P 1-3, 6-10; WARD 6-8, WARD 9 P 1-3 ; WARD 13,15; WARD 16 P1-2, WARD 17 P1-2, WARD 21 P1-4

2nd Suffolk

Roxbury, South End, Fenway, Back Bay, Dorchester and Mattapan
WARD 4, WARD 5 P2, WARD 9 P4-5, WARD 10, WARD 11 P1-5, WARD 12, WARD 14, WARD 17 P 3,5,7-8,10,12; WARD 18 P 2,3,6,21; WARD 19 P1,3

Middlesex, Suffolk, & Essex

Charlestown, Allston and Brighton
WARD 2, WARD 21 P5-8, WARD 22 P1-2 and parts of Cambridge, Chelsea, Everett, Revere, Saugus and Somerville

Suffolk & Middlesex

East Boston, North End, Downtown, Beacon Hill
WARD 1, WARD 3 P1-6, WARD 5 P4-5 and parts of Cambridge, Revere and Winthrop

Norfolk & Suffolk

Hyde Park, Roslindale, West Roxbury
WARD 18 P 10-12, 17-20, 22-23; WARD 19 P 10-11,13; WARD 20 and parts of Canton, Dedham, Dover, Norwood, and Westwood
Marian Walsh-D*

Suffolk & Norfolk

Jamaica Plain, Dorchester, Mattapan, Hyde Park, and Roslindale
 Ward 11, Pcts. 6, 7, 8, 9, 10;-Ward 16, Pcts. 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12; -Ward 17, Pcts. 4, 6, 9, 11, 13, 14; Ward 18, Pcts. 1, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 13, l4, l5, l6; Ward 19, Pcts. 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 12 and parts of Avon, Canton, Milton and Randolph


1860 & 1870 Census

The John McCormack family mentioned in the notes above have been reviewed ..and they and others will be, a not enormous project which I can handle, of McCormack transcriptions in the short future.

Meanwhile it is, however, one profile of a family joined with a Bernard or Brendan McCormack who is Ireland born, and has a family of five or so... Hence this Daniel McCormack is a 10 year old New York born boy attending school [in 1860], and not DanielJMcCormack of PEI who'd have been 18 in 1860 & still in PEI; also a brother named John, a wife and sisters.
See passenger lists this site
These are some of the Irish McCormacks with which Scottish-Irish or Scotch-Irish people of that name relate. It also indicates a rather common transit then, of an Irishman in 1860 who is Irish born, but moved to Boston from the New York - where his children were born.

Daniel McCormack & family, maybe intending farming in West Roxbury or otherwise settled [likely entered as a 'seaman' from PEI in 1868] and settled in the Ward 15 area for the 1870 or missed it .. in 1880 and, possibly the 1870 census he is in the larger and newer wards in West Roxbury (outer Dorchester) which were infeasible for even 'truck farming' but ideal for 'homesites' and joined Olmstead & Boston's development plans. His [Daniel F McCormack 's] people will appear in Wards 23, 24 in outer Dochester to mattapan. The early census for those are broad enumeration schedules without the dense door to door populations if in a neighborhood readying to urbanize.

Vol 78 ED 1455 Sheet 10 Line 82
Line 12 US Federal Census 1900
McCormack's Lived at 3 Rill Street, [Sagamore]-Boston Suffolk 
McCormack, Daniel F.  
Head of H W[hite] M[arried] 1846 54 Canada (Eng) [sic] Canada (Eng) [sic] 
1867 [entered USA *]
33 [number of yeasr in US]
Na [citizenship status]
Blacksmith Yes Yes Yes Owns his own house High School 
Caroline McCormack parents noted as born in Massachusetts Germany [actually Ireland Germany]

Caroline         1851 49    
Mary J          1876 23
Anne G         1877 22
Elizabeth C   1879 20
John J           1881 18
Margaret F    1886 13
Daniel F        1889 12
Charles A     1891  9
James M      1898  8
George E     1895 4

* Daniel F. McCormack may have entered the USA-Boston in 1868 from PEI as a seaman ..[ie he may have worked his fare as a sailor to Boston from PEI.]

US Census Soundex Index Entry --1920 Census
M265 Massachusetts
McCormack, Daniel F. Vol. 121 E[numeration] D[istrict] 519
Sheet 12 Line 7
Color:W[hite] Age 74 Birthplace: Canada Citizenship: N.R., N.R.
County: Suffolk
City: Boston Street: Wellington Hill House No: 42
Other Members of the Family:
NAME Relationship Age Birthplace Citizenship
Clinton, Elizabeth C. - D - 40 -Massachusetts
Clinton, William - S-L -39 -Massachusetts
McCormack, John - S -38 - Massachusetts
---- , Charles A. - 28 - Massachusetts
[Note- Charles is grandfather of Scott M Connolly, mother of Dorothy; prior census entry for him in this family for 1900 census at Rill Street, Sagamore (Dorchester .. near the Grove Hill Upham Corner neighborhood. In tis census year or next; after WWI service and discharge with the YD, Charles would marry Anne Louise Keefe of Chelsea, Ma; and move to Newton; then to Lexington, Ma where be bought a quadruple lot on North Hancock Street, No.32, off Bedford Street; and live for the rest of his life there .. commuting by train from Lexington to Boston for the New England Telephone Company. Anne Keefe, and he met at the phone company, where she worked s one of the first female telephone operators in Boston -- a position previously reserved, because of danger [?] for men.]

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