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Connecticut Settlers - Wyoming - Susquehenna - Pennsylvana

Connecticut, the state was originally part of the land claimed and granted to Massachuestts Bay Colony and under the supervison of the Massachusetts General Court. Whne the British Parliament and King Chalres and the Cromwellian Protectorate governed, like New Hampshire, in post-separatist settlements at New Haven. like Providence Plantation in Rhode Island, the colony was divided with separate charters for the three.

Connecticut, retaining the basic claim in its lower third tier of Massachusetts, like the former, claimed a territory literally to the Pacific Ocean. This of course crossed the Dutch New Amsterdam (later New York) some of New Jersey to the Delaware River and seacoast; and the to third tier of Pennsylvania.
New York was yielded with NEw jersey in that territorial settlement by charter adjustment; and all of Pennsylvania was claimed for William Penn's colony. As that claim was being resolved, Connecticut reasoned that it must pople the territory to perfect ts claim and ward off the Quaker colony's settlers from the south. Connecticut's settlers moved westward, heightening in the early yto mid 17th century; with the blessings of the COnnecticut mixed Church and colonial government. Those Massachusetts Bay Colonists via their Connecticut re-transit and settlement there, then settled Pennsylvania top third -wi counties named for their old Englis, assachusetts and Connecticut homes. Others were added for distinction: Wyoming, and Susquehenna country - the latter for that Indian Nation. Most of the following Pennsylvania counties bear that Connecticut and Massachusetts Bay influenced settling: Bradford, Warren, Tioga, Wayne, Susquehenna, Wyoming, Lycoming, SUllivan, Pike, Erie, Crawford. COncentraded mainly in the east, the new European-ancestried New ENgland borne inhabitants resigned themselves to becoming part of Pennsylvania.
In the American Revolution, the old identity gave its name to a Connecticut regiment in the Continental Army; as part of Pennsylvania's state contribution.

The Scott and Hale ancestry, here, was probably represented in those settlers, by people from Mansfield, Ct. (now a town in Warren County, Pa. as well) where GGGGG-GF Henry Scott and others ahd been stepped and stayed in Central Eastern Connecticut new towns. One sone of that Henry, an Abel Scott, who shres the name with one of Henry Scott's sons, or grandsons' by Thomas Scott, appears to transit from Mansfield to Ashford, Ct, to Bradford, Pa, to Halifax, Vermont. Connecticut settlers, encourgaed by Conneticut born Ethan Allen, also settled Vermont, more abundantly after Massachusetts ceded Vermont lands it owned to Connecticut; in resolving a southern Massachusetts-Connecticut border. Those Connecticut grants in Vermont received my GGGG-GF Thomas Scott and his wife GGGG-GM Sarah Hale and family; Halifax, Vermont is where GGG-GF Henry Scott was born - which reason we know now.
More on that at the Vermont page of this family history.

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