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1841 Census, Kincardine, Scotland


Durris to Mary Culter

Hello, and welcome to my most ambitious project yet. A transcription of a census. A parish. A very small parish. With no towns. Or Villages. But none the less its a start.

I decided, that instead of simply finding the entry I wanted on the film, obtaining a copy, and sending it back (and the offer of lookups... which I had not done on an unindexed census before), this time I would do a little more. Indexing seemed a good start as none are known to exist.

I obtained the microfilm of the census through the Christchurch, New Zealand Family History Centre. For reference (and if anyone would like to check my work) the film number is 1042670. It contains parishes 256 Durris to 264 Mary Culter.

The information presented here is in 3 parts.

There is an Index of Surnames which lists every surname, and references to one of the following phases.

I have also transcribed the Directions to Enumerators, this gives details of how the forms were supposed to be filled in, included how to round ages, and permitted abbreviations for occupations.

I started with Garvock, as this was the parish of interest to me, and it is a nice small parish (445 people). This was quite straight forward, and was fully transcribed.

I then wanted to do more indexing, and decided on Laurencekirk & Fordoun as I had later connections in these parishes. This took much longer, as there were towns or villages to contend with. Only the first two enumeration districts of Laurencekirk were indexed, when I realised I only had a few more hours (over a couple of days) with the film, and so I abandoned the rest of Laurenckirk and all of Fordoun, so I could do part 3...

Misc. Surnames
Back to my own interests, I looked through the entire film (Durris to Mary Culter) for a handful of surnames from my family that were in the area at some stage. These were CROW, NIDDRIE, STOTT and VALENTINE. I also noted (I also noted the handful of McConnochie variants, to be put away until I start on the Mc's of my Connochie study).
The entire household in which these names occured were transcribed, so there are many other surnames included.


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