1871 Census, Berwick, Scotland

Notes on Use

Please take the time to read the following notes, comments and explainations.


The information in this section consists of a partial transcription of the 1871 Census for Berwick. Partial on two counts.

Firstly the film only covered half of the county.

Secondly, the criteria for selecting information:


I have transcribed as I saw. This raises several points.

Census Headings

The following are the headings in the enumerators book. They have been abbreviated in the transcriptions
  1. No. of Schedule
  2. Road, Street, &c., and No. or Name of House
  3. Houses Inhabited - Uninhabited (U) or Building (B)
  4. Name and Surname of each Person
  5. Relation to Head of Family
  6. Condition
  7. Age of Males Females
  8. Rank, Profession, or Occupation
  9. Where Born
  10. Whether 1. Deaf and Dumb, 2. Blind, 3. Imbecile or Idiot 4. Lunatic
  11. Number of Children from 3 to 13 attending School or being instructed at Home.
  12. Rooms with one or more windows


I love indexes. This seems to make everyone happy. If you're looking for someone there a couple of places to look.

Take me to the information!

You can either start at an index (see above) or browse the parishes.


Lets have a look at some numbers...
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