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April 09, 2004


  While Amos Connell (1808-1899) is the central focus of my direct line, I hope to be able to supply some insight to others within this family.

  1. William and Nancy M. (Herrington) Connell resided in the country a few miles from Baltimore, MD.  They were poor folk.  He was Irish Catholic and she, English Episcopalian. William fought in the Revolution according to a letter written by John Connell in 1880.      

They had the following children:


            +2                      i.    James Connell (born in 1780).

             3                     ii.    Sarah Connell was born in 1780.

              4                    iii.    William Connell   He was lost at sea according to 1880 letter from John Connell.

             5                    iv.    Mary Connell.

             6                     v.    John Connell (born in 1786).

             7                    vi.    Benjamin Connell (born in 1790).


 +2. James and Elizabeth (Myers) Connell came from Maryland across the mountains, when it took six weeks to make the journey. They settled on a farm between Columbiana and East Fairfield, Columbiana Co. Ohio in the early part of the 19th century.  The farm was one-half mile north of Lisbon on the Columbian Road known as the Haines farm.  They brought with them their four sons.  Their father, James (b.1780) died at the early age of 41.  His death occurred on December 3, 1821 at Lisbon, Ohio.  Elizabeth was left to raise four sons and a daughter, Maria born after arriving in Ohio. 

Their children:

1.  David (b. 1804 Maryland)  {See Amos Connell 1873 letter}

2.  Aaron A. (b. Mar. 1807 MD)

3.  Amos (b. Jan. 13, 1808 MD)

4.  Benjamin (b. 1810 Maryland)

5.  Maria (b. Jan 11, 1811 Ohio) 

Elizabeth may have received assistance from Joseph Richardson after the death of her husband.  Joseph had been married to her sister, Lydia.  Daughter Maria went to live with her Uncle Joseph in 1822.  Joseph was quite instrumental in the organization and development of Columbiana County. 

Elizabeth remarried to John Augusteen.  But in 1850 Elizabeth was living with her daughter (Maria) and son-in-law (Andrew Roach) near Lisbon. Mr. Augusteen  did not remain a part of her life.  In Sept. of 1857 she filed a petition for divorce for wilful absence.  Her request was granted and she restored her last name to Connell.