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Memories of Union Chapel & Roberson School

Ruberta V. Postle

How well I remember the beautiful mountains (I called them) in Crawford County, Indiana. My home had been among the flat lands with wheat fields and cornfields hiding even our neighbors' houses. Most of all I remember the friendly people that to this day, seem like my own family. I came from the state of Ohio into your territory with just a big suitcase, traveling through Ohio, Kentucky, crossing the river by train into New Albany, Indiana. My instructions were to get on a bus, go to a certain road near Marengo, which I found out to be about fifty miles yet to travel on the bus. I talked to the bus driver and he replied, "I'll let you know where the road is". I have to admit that my heart jumped a few extra times for fear that he would forget about me and I would miss my road, then where would I end up at?

He didn't forget and let me off at the right road on Highway sixty-four. There was just a county road with no houses close around. I looked up the country road and saw two houses in the distance. My instructions were to leave my suitcases in the weeds and walk up to the house. I hesitated leaving my suitcase for the weeds were not very tall, thinking that someone would surely pick it up. There were two houses, one on each side of the road. I went to the one on the right side. It was a small unpainted house and two very elderly people came to the door to let me in. They were Carl and Lillie Harpers Parents. Many of you will remember Carl and especially Lillie for she was always passing out gospel tracts. They had been expecting me to be there since it was their daughter, Lillie, who had invited me. She had gone to some small village to pass out Christian tracts and wasn't at home. I was to share her room. In the middle of the night when she returned home, she gave me a big hug in the dark. We were friends until she went home to heaven.

The next afternoon my friend said they were going to a revival and that I could go with them; we got ready, but no car came to get us. My friend said, "We are going to walk, it's only four mile". I didn't realize that there were not a lot of cars in the county. We started out in plenty of time to each the church in time for the service. As we walked along the road, we passed other homes in the country side. Some other people from these houses joined us. Soon we were singing Christian songs-stopping only long enough to say to others, "Hello and how are you". What a happy and wonderful experience-this was a first for me.

During my first year in Crawford County, I was introduced to Rev. G. R. Husk, an American Sunday School Missionary. Since it was summer time, he asked me to help teach Vacation Bible School with him in the county. He was getting old enough to retire-that way I could help him out. This helped me to find my way around to the churches and schools in many communities. The following summer there were churches from different states asking me to come and speak in their church. By the time fall came, I had enough money saved up to buy me a much needed car to take back to Crawford County.

I then went to the County Superintendent to ask permission to teach the Bible in public schools. There were twenty-two classes in all. There were two consolidated schools and the rest were one and two room schools. I just taught in the grade schools. I had no car to drive during my first year in Indiana. Can you imagine people being as kind as to invite me to stay a week or, sometimes just overnight in their homes? I would help out in revivals and the county superintendent would let me introduce Bible teaching in the school near by for one week. The family or families that I stayed with during a revival knew a family in the next neighborhood where there was to be a revival and would see to it that I reached my new destination.

Some churches invited me to play their old-fashioned organ or piano for their revivals or funerals and also to have children's services. One of these was the Union Chapel Church. I can still see two rows of young people that I had taught in school there sitting each night toward the back of the church. In one of the evening services the Lord impressed me to go to these two rows of young people and invite them to go to the alter and become Christians. One by one they went, all but one. The outcome of their lives was remarkable. Two brothers, Sam and Paul Mills went to God's Bible School and became ministers. Their three sisters, Norma, Hilda and Anna also went to Bible School.

Norma has been active all these years in many capacities in the English Wesleyan church. Hilda married a minister, they are now pastoring in the Wesleyan Church in Bedford, Indiana. Anna married a Christian business man and they own a Mexican restaurant in Columbus, Indiana where they attend the Wesleyan church. What a wonderful family. They invited me over to their house several times for Sunday dinner.

I could go no and on, but I am writing my experiences in a book. Hopefully, at the age of eighty-four I will get it finished so that my denomination can publish it. The next year there was a kind family that invited me to come and live with them; of course I was paying room and board. This was the Byrd and Batman Family. It turned out that they were very talented in music, so we sang as a quartet for revivals, church services and funerals in the county. Lela, the mother had tragically lost two husbands in strange accidents, was living with her father, Ben Batman whose wife had passed on. They had an extra room for me. She had two young sons, Clifford and Clinton, who could play musical instruments which helped out a lot in the services for the Lord.

Clifford, being the older of the sons, was about fourteen years old when he taught me how to type. He needed a typewriter to practice on for his school lessons. We made a bargain, if he would teach me each night what he had learned that school at day, then I would purchase a typewriter. As a result of this, I had the privilege of typing the children's page in a Christian Denomination's monthly church magazine. He also taught me another important to shift gears going up and down hills in the car. As I had not lived in the hills before, this lesson came in very handy in Crawford County. I thought all you had to do was to give the car more gas and go fast to get up the hill. What if there had been a car around the curve ahead of me going slow? So he taught me how to down shift while going up a hill.

I soon found out that I didn't meet many cars, as most people used horses and wagons to go to town. He taught me how to go up and down hills the right way when there was snow and ice on the road. A story I'll never forget about his brother, Clinton. He was the younger of the two brothers, but still very intelligent. While in one of his high school math classes a teacher, which was well known in the county, could not solve a problem, so Clinton came to his rescue and showed him how to solve it. To be sure, he has very good positions since he grew up.

Many thanks to my dear friends in Indiana for all your love and help during those early years of my life while I was traveling to churches and schools. I know that there will be much rejoicing when we walk the golden streets of Heaven. Ruberta Postel Wright. 38435-5 Evergreen Village Dr. Zephyrhills, FL. 33540

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