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Memories of Union Chapel & Roberson School

Hammond Memories

Beliva Myrl Luff

I was born in the country near Grantsburg, Indiana. My parents were Willard and Lela Benham Luff. There were eight of us children, Hubert, Marie, Lucille, Myrl, Ferris, Morris, Alberta and Phyllis. We lived four or five miles from Grantsburg Indiana. Going south on State road 37, after about two miles you came to the Union Chapel road, you might want to stop and take a look at the community mailbox (wooden box about 2 ft. X 2 ft. X 10 in. deep with a wooden lid). Everyone in the community made their way to that box to sort through the mail to find what belonged to them. Very private mail, especially if there were post card messages, which were used much more in those days.

Back on Union Chapel road, as we go we see lanes leading to family homes & farms, after about a mile you come to the Union Chapel Church on the left and just a little farther you find the Roberson School on the right, both of these had a big influence on our lives. Traveling on up the road there are more lanes, homes and farms. After another mile or so you come to the Edgar Reasor corner, at this point you turn off the main road to the right, down this road just a short distance, was our home and farm. Here we worked and played and grew up, going to the Roberson school and Union Chapel Church. From all the lanes & homes came the children of the community. At the school we learned reading, writing and arithmetic, poems, songs, pledges and many other things.

We had "Spelling Bees", "Ciphering Matches" and Programs for every occasion. Older boys scrambled to help raise the flag. Boys and girls alike could be heard saying "May I go after a bucket of water", which came from a field on the Jess Goldman farm an 1/8 to 1/4 mile from the school. To get water was a break from sitting in the schoolroom. The cloak room was designed with shelves above, for lunch buckets, from whatever to ½ gallon sorghum buckets. Just below the shelves were clothes hooks for coats and caps, there was also: a school desk, table or something where the big crock water jar sat. It had a spigot near the bottom just push the button and the water ran out.

This was a one room school house. Any time you recited in front of the class you did it in front of the whole school! Embarrassing!!! Then there were the two paths and the out houses, and the stream of water that ran along the lower end of the school ground with the culvert where we raced to, to eat our lunch in the hot summer. I still have a scar on the top of my head from the time I didn't duck quite low enough.

Luff Memories

There were all kinds of games on the school grounds; and there were times when the teacher took us to the grove by the church, where we romped and played, some even carved their initials on the beech trees. Are they still there? When the weather was too bad to go outside to play we had a Victrola with its records which we enjoyed.

The Union Chapel Church also played a big part in our growing up. We had at least three Sunday school classes all in the small church. Sometimes it got a bit confusing, voices from other classes floating to your ears, sometimes you were mentally in someone else's class, but there were always the little Sunday school cards to take home. I remember the chowder days in the grove by the church. It seems that Jessie Goldman brought a huge iron kettle and meat; other families brought vegetables, bowls, spoons and their families. Everyone enjoyed a day in the grove making chowder, then feasting on it. No one went home hungry. It seemed to be an annual event in those early years. A great time with community friends.

Every summer there was V. B. S. to look forward to. Those teachers crowded a lot into those Vacation Bible Schools: crafts, scriptures, choruses, bible stories and a program at the end when all our parents came to see us perform. Some teachers I remember are Reverend Target, Florence Burris, Reverend Husk and Roberta Postal. They all had a lot to teach us. The church held revivals which sometimes lasted for four to five weeks. In these revivals some of our parents were saved, including my father. Then there were some in our age group were saved. From this group several were called into the ministry either as Pastors or Pastors wives, to name some, Sam Mills, Paul Mills, Hilda Mills (Tilley), Jewel Batman, Ernest Ray Batman, Betty Roberson, Myrl Luff (Frazier) Glen Smith, Cedric Wilson and perhaps others I have not known about. There have been others that have been very active in church work. When I think of Union Chapel Church I think of a small church with a BIG INFLUENCE.

I finished grade school and went on to Leavenworth High School graduating in 1944. In those days I felt Gods hand on my life. I sensed he had something special for me even though I didn't know yet what it was. After graduation I received a telegram from Jeffersonville for a civil service job. As I prayed I felt God's constraining hand, so I didn't take that job. I took a few short term jobs and helped my parents on the farm. In 1945 a door opened for me to go to Gods Bible School for the Ten Weeks Personal Workers Course. I stayed for some time at the school after my course was finished, working through the school in personal evangelism. Back home I did a few Vacation Bible Schools and helped my parents again, my mother wasn't well in those days and I was there to help.

In 1949 God definitely led me to go back to G. B. S. for more schooling; I took the Christian Workers Course and graduated in 1951. In the meantime I met Ralph Frazier. We were married in the fall of 1951 and went to South Dakota to Pastor under the Wesleyan Methodist Church. In 1955, after four years of pastoring in South Dakota we journeyed back to Indiana. Ralph pastored the Union Chapel Church for most of a year. In 1956 we took a church in the Kentucky district of the Wesleyan Methodist Church and for the next thirty nine years we served in the ministry for the Wesleyan Church. Ralph pastored a church for a year in Ohio before we were married making him forty five years in the ministry.

Our home was blessed with three lovely children, Jerry, Esther and Richard, they are married and serving the Lord and the church for which we thank the Lord. In 1995 Ralph, His Faithful Servant went to be with the Lord due to a heart attack. I am currently living in North Vernon Indiana near my daughter Esther. Myrl (Luff) Frazier 121 Platter Drive North Vernon, Indiana 47267

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