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Memories of Union Chapel & Roberson School

Knight Memories

Clifford Knight

As I remember the days of long ago at Union Chapel and Roberson School, it seems like a vapor. But I'm sure it was real. I remember going to Jesse Goldman's well to get water. Me and my buddy would go to the corn crib below the well and get some corn silk to smoke before we went back with the water. We might even have gotten some ashes from our homemade cigarettes in the water.

Grady Goldman made a bow and arrow for us boys. I had a cigar box of arrow heads that I wasted or lost while shooting my fancy bow and arrow. Now they probably would be worth five hundred dollars. I wish I had known some things then that I know now. My spelling never was very good, but it is worse now (It doesn't look that bad to me. Ed.). I remember some of the revivals at Union Chapel Church. Some of the older boys would stay outside and look in at the windows at the girls. I was too young to stay outside so, I just looked at them from the inside.

I remember these teachers: Will Jones, Sally Goldman and Therris Myler. One year when Therris was our teacher, about six of us spent most of the day looking for a Christmas tree for the school. Of course we had to try to find the perfect tree and play a little on the side. We got by with a lot of things. I remember swimming in the creek below Oscar Hammonds in March. It just so happened that my brother came through there and then went home and told my Mom and Dad. Whoee, I paid for that swimming experience.

I remember the pie suppers when the boys bought the girls pie and set with them and helped them eat it I remember the Peddler coming on Wednesday. We always tried to have a nickel or two to spend. I also remember the old wood stove that heated the school. There are many other memories that I have which I will not try to put together now. I'll probably remember a lot of them when I read yours. Clifford Knight 102 W. State Rd. 64 English, IN. 47513

Knight Memories

Millard Knight

I was born about a mile north-west of the Union Chapel Church. My Mother and Dad's names were, Floyd and Ora Knight. I had four brothers and one sister: Hazel, Arthur, Robert and Roman and Clifford. My Parents and three of my brothers, Arthur, Robert and Roman are now deceased.

I went to Roberson School from nineteen and thirty-five to nineteen and forty-three. I walked to school the first three years, and then got to ride the bus. I had some good times and lots of friends. I attended Leavenworth High School for two years.

I went to Union Chapel Church. I remember Mrs. Miller being my Sunday School Teacher when I was a little boy. In nineteen and fifty-three, I married Catherine Conklin. We had four children, Rhonda, Rita, Michael and Steven. We have six grandchildren to brag about.

My first car was a Model A Ford. I wish I had it now. I went into the army in February nineteen and fifty-one and was in for two years. I got to see a lot of country, Japan, Korea and a lot of the United States. When I got out of the army I worked at the Charlestown Bag and Powder Plant for awhile. I then got a job at Devoe and Reynolds which was later sold to Celonese Coatings Company where I worked for twenty-six years.

I retired in nineteen and eighty-four. I lived in Clarksville, Indiana for most of my married life. I now live in the new town of English. I think a Reunion of the "Chapel Gang" would be real nice. Just let me know and I'll try to be there. Millard Knight 349 E. St. Rd. 64 English, Indiana 47118

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