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Read at the memorial service of our parents and Grandparents.

May 26, 2001

Rev. Paul E. Mills

What an honor and privilege it is to be here today. We are here today because of those who have gone before us. There was a time when our parents were young and full of life and had great ambitions. Then, one by one we began to appear on the scene; the more of us that came along, the harder they had to work and the more they had to sacrifice to feed and cloth us children. There was one common bond that the young parents all had in common, it was their love that they had for their children. There was always enough love, food and clothing to go around. Mother's favorite pieces of chicken were the wings and the boney backs because her children didn't like them. That's unselfish love.

There was another thing that our parents did as a group. They brought their children to Union Chapel Sunday School and Church where they might learn about the gospel and how they must live in order to go to heaven at the end of life. They struggled to get their children an education, starting first by sending them to the one room Roberson Grade School, then on to high school. They had such high hopes for their children.

In earlier years they traded farm work, helped cut wood, plant crops or gathered crops especially when there was serious sickness. They visited and set up all night with the family when a loved one passed away. Our parents were a gracious, kind, loving, and caring group of people and we still miss them. One day while I was mowing the yard, I was thinking that it would be wonderful to talk to Mom and Dad. Then the thought suddenly struck me that, I could be in their presence within thirty seconds.

By the time they got their children through school and married off, they begin to slow up and want a smaller house or trailer. As the years swiftly flew by their health began to fail and one by one, they bid their families good bye, then slipped away beyond the reach of time. Each one of us felt the pain and loss of our parents as we followed their silent form to the cemetery behind the church. Each one of them was gently laid to rest to await Resurrection Morning when they shall arise again. We have hope of seeing them again.

Memory is a gift of God that death does not destroy. They still live on in our memories. We see their smile, we hear their laughter. Their teachings, their dreams, their faith in God, the Bible and the Church, hopefully, is now being lived out in the lives of their children. That's us.

Time did not stop or slow down with the passing of our parents. From their exemplary lives they have passed on to us the torch of love, truth, happiness and the ability to make the best of life's situations. For the most part we have passed on to our children and grand children the great heritage that was given to us from our parents. So today we look back on the lives of our wonderful parents and their ability to raise such a good group of kids. We didn't know just how wonderful they were till they were gone. Thank God for good "Old Fashioned Parents". Let us pass on those good qualities to others.

NameBirthDeathAge NameBirthDeathAge
Leroy Roberson1895196974 Ollie Belcher1884195773
May Roberson1889198596 Frances Belcher1888195163
Steve Patton1875194671 Glen Reasor1910198474
Molly Patton1876196690 Irnogene Reasor1918199274
Noval Patton1896197074 Oscar Hammond1894196975
Noble Miller1906197973 Rosie Hammond1901196867
Faye Miller1907198376 Lester Goldman1913194330
Martha Miller1867194780 Goldie Goldman1913199885
Rob Cole1864194682 Alfred Eckert1921198564
Hattie Cole1884196177 Ruth Eckert1922199977
Leo Goldman1916197862 Aileene Roll1933199865
Russell Goldman1920200080 Brian Adkins1972200028
Everett Mills1897197275 Floyd Knight18961997101
Dimple Mills1907198376 Ora Knight1896199498
Shelby Goldman1902198179 Orville Eastridge1896197882
Lola Goldman1915198974 Dessie Eastridge1907198780
Cecil McCutcheon1903199188 Virginia Mills1932199765
Lillie McCutcheon1907198982 Jesse Goldman1889198899
Willie May1876195074 Sally Goldman1886198296
Rosetta May1879193051 Alice Wyatt1911193726
Everett May1901198483 Vollie Belcher1899197172
Ethel May1909198677 Gladys Belcher1903200097
Grady Goldman1896197175 Orlando Culbertson1905195853
Helen Goldman1892198593 Ruth Culbertson1907195851
Ira Goldman1861194887 George Culbertson1933197946
Stella Goldman1870195181 Ben Batman1873195582
Craig Patrick1876194771 Minnie Batman1873193966
Bell Patrick1880195777 Lavern Roberson1920199777
Lloyd Patrick1884195975 Ferris Roberson1922200078
Alice Patrick1890197484 Farrell Roberson1924200076
Robert Sears1898195658 Rex Roberson1941199958


Union Chapel, Grantsburg, Indiana 2001

On May 26, 2001 they came, they laughed, they reminisced, they shook hands; they hugged friends they hadn't seen in some cases for fifty years. More than sixty people made their way to the Union Chapel Church about five miles south of Grantsburg, Indiana to renew old friendships.

They remembered playing together, attending school together, often trading sandwiches at noon, buying Smith Brothers cough drops from the "peddler", (Dutch Nash) each Wednesday and eating them for candy. Other memories included: pie suppers, cake walks, walking to school, carrying the drinking water from a well on Jesse Goldman's farm to be put in a five gallon crock jar with a spout on the side, home made bean shooters, pop guns which required the chewing of many sheets from the Sears or Wards catalogues for ammunition, childhood sweethearts, ciphering, geography and spelling matches each Friday evening, Ruberta Postle coming to school each week to tell Bible stories, riding to school in a covered wagon, attending Sunday School and Church in the greatest church in the world, at least that is what they thought way back then. Memories flowed like the waters of the Niagara.

They met and greeted each other between 10:30 and 11:00 then entered the church to sing, pray and to reminisce. They were welcomed back "Home" by Paul Mills acting as M.C. They were lead in singing Amazing Grace by Norma Woolems. Phyllis Luff Stepp played the piano. Those who attended Roberson School and Union Chapel Church were given time to reminisce more about their childhood. Rev. Glen Smith told of his conversion and prayed for the group. Beside Glen, there were three other ministers present who used to attend church there, Paul and Sam Mills and Junior Batman. A Memorial Service was held while in the church. The names of their parents and grand parents were read aloud with their birth date and the date of their death. Junior Batman dismissed the group. (Richard Scott videoed the homecoming).

During the winter months while they were waiting for May 26th to finally arrive, twenty-eight individuals sent in their "childhood memories" to Paul and Norma to be placed in a book. On the front of the book is a colored picture of the Union Chapel Church and on the back is a picture of the one room Roberson Grade School.

They had "Dinner on the Ground" Tables, set up in the church-yard, were loaded with "oodles" of good food. Every one kindly forgot that they were on a diet and dug into the home cooked food with great delight. Years ago they had a big black kettle measuring about four feet across and three feet high in which they cooked chowder for the whole community. As it always does, time put an end to their visiting and it was time to say good-bye again. Hopefully they will see each more often since most of them are retired.

There is a total of forty-five on their mailing list of which twenty seven got to attend the Homecoming with some family members. Each one received the Memory Book with their "old" picture placed in front of their memory section. They might meet again next year. If they do, it will be announced in the paper.

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