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Memories of Union Chapel & Roberson School

Belcher Memories

Fredia Maxine Belcher

I was born May fourteenth, nineteen and thirty-eight on a farm approximately one and one-half mile north of Mifflin, Indiana. My Parents names were, Vollie William and Gladys (Felker) Belcher. I have one sister, Ruth Marie (Belcher) Newton. I also have four brothers, Robert Wm. Belcher, E. Paul Belcher (Deceased), Chester Lee Belcher and Leon Belcher. Leon and I were the only ones that attended Roberson School; before attending the Roberson School, I attended a one room school at Mifflin. Since my older brothers were the janitors, I walked to school with them therefore there were no fires built in the school house before we arrived and was it ever cold till the fire got to going good.

The school bus came past our house and picked up my brother, Chester Lee and took him to English High School. A neighbor, Cecil S. Knight, Leon and I had to walk to Mifflin school. We were about the only children walking to school. Therefore my Dad, Vollie Belcher and neighbor, "Babe" Knight went to the School Trustee, Willis White and talked to him into transferring us to the Roberson school so we could ride the bus and not have to walk to school. I believe it was the third week into the school year before we were transferred to the Roberson school.

I believe it was the fall of nineteen and forty-seven when I started to the Roberson school as a third grade student. When I had finished the sixth grade, they closed the school. I think it was in the spring of nineteen and fifty-one. My third and fourth grade teacher was Thelma Newton; my fifth grade teacher was Iva Nash and T.R. Eaton was my sixth grade teacher.

After the closing of Roberson school, I attended the two room school at Grantsburg for my seventh and eighth grades. Robert Walts was my teacher for both of those years. I graduated from the eighth grade in the spring of nineteen and fifty-three. I attended my first two years of High School in the old school building in English. They closed it and built a new one. (I don't know that I had anything to do with school buildings being closed). Anyway, I finished my last two years of high school in the new building and graduated in nineteen and fifty-seven from the English-Sterling High School.

After graduation I stayed at home and worked in English as secretary at the County Extension Office until September nineteen and fifty-eight. Then I worked at the Crawford County Security Office until November nineteen and sixty-three I got married on May twenty-eighth, nineteen and sixty, to Dwight E. King, also a graduate of Crawford County High School. We lived in English until August, nineteen seventy-one Dwight was the manager of the Jay C. Foods Store.

In August of nineteen seventy-one Dwight was transferred to Seymour, Indiana where he was assistant manager of a new store for a year and a half; then he was made auditor of John C. Grubb Company, otherwise known as the Jay C. Stores. After moving to Seymour, I worked for seven and one-half years at Fidelity Savings and Loan Company as teller and also in the loan department before quitting. The next eighteen and one-half years I worked at Crown Supply Company, Inc. as bookkeeper and secretary. They made cabinets and counter tops. I worked there until I had to retire because of health reasons.

Our daughter, Karen Sue, graduated from Seymour High School and I.U. Southeast University in Jeffersonville, Indiana. She married one of her high school classmates, David Osborne. They have two children, Jessica Anne and Dustin David. They live at Holton, Indiana. David is the County Extension Agent in Ripley County. Life continues on and we are still making memories. Maxine and Dwight King.

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