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Making Preparations for the 2001 Welcome Home Event

Back in the good old days of 1948

Union Chapel and Roberson School Union Chapel and Roberson School

This is the School Bus that was used to transport school children the one room School house seen in the background. The sides were made of canvass and could be rolled up in the hot weather so that the air conditioner could work. It had a model "T" windshield so the driver could see out. The slot below the windshield was for the lines to go through. The driver occasionally spit tobacco juice through it too. It had a two mule powered engine, known as Kate and Jack; one black and one white. In the winter it was heated by a little stove.

Union Chapel and Roberson School

Also seen in the background is the rear end of a 1935 model Ford. Roberta Postal was a Bible teacher who came around every Friday and told us a bible story and sang songs. We liked to see her come. Though we were under privileged by today's standards we learned to read and write.

This is where a lot of my memories look place. You will read about my memories and the memories of a lot of others when they all get sent in and returned to you. After it was no longer needed for a school, John Goldman bought it and used it for a corn crib. The two windows that you see were not there when we attended school. He cut the windows in so he could use it for a crib.

There was certainly not that much grass when attended there either. We kept it wore down or wore off. Looks kindly sad and lonely, doesn't it? Here are a couple of young fellows from the Chapel area. They look like they are afraid of the camera. Probably thinking who they can take snipe hunting or they may have their sling shot in their pocket, just waiting on a chance to shoot someone. They look mischievous. Maybe they will tell you in their memories what is going on in their mind. Hurry and send in your memories to me. 8560 W. Red St. So., North Vernon, IN 47265 Paul Mills.

Rev. Paul E. Mills

April 9, 2001

Welcome Home Celebration
May 26, 2001
Union Chapel Church
Grantsburg, Indiana

Dear Friend,

Well...finally...and at long last your Memory Book is finished. It was just a simple suggestion that I made to Norman Goldman about sending in our memories of our younger years around Union Chapel and Roberson School. He had hoped to have a Reunion last fall but it didn't work out and that's when I made the suggestion. That's what we did for our fiftieth Class Reunion and it was real interesting.

Little did I realize what I was asking for. My sister, Norma and I began tackling the job last fall. We sent out letters asking for your memories with two or three updates during the year. Many of you were prompt and sent your memories back right away.

Others were a little slower, then some just getting in on time to be included in the book and still others just couldn't seem to get their pencil in gear to put it all on paper. Thanks for stirring around in your memory bank and coming up with some good ones.

It was good to read what you all had remembered. Probably the three things most of us remembered were, Martha Miller as Sunday School Teacher, the "Peddler" Dutch Nash selling us Smith Brother's Cough drops and Ruberta Postle coming to school to tell us Bible stories. (I already had her picture and misspelled name finished when she sent in her memories). She would be glad to hear from you. I wish everyone could have responded.

We had intended to have a company to put this all together, but felt it would be too expensive. It would have been hard to tell her what we wanted done, especially the pictures. So I purchased my own copy machine and scanner, as I needed one anyway. I got most of your pictures off of that old school picture. A few wouldn't come off very good, so I had to use your picture out of the yearbook. I didn't have a book for every year, so we gathered a few from here and there. I hate to even count up the cost, but here are some of the things I purchased to get the job done. Seven reams of heavy paper with 94 brightness, $7.57 each plus tax, the plastic covers for the front and back, $39.99, The colored fronts $42.56 plus tax, the school picture on the back $9.00, the combs on the back $10.00, envelopes and stamps for at least three mailings about $60.00, six copier cartridges, I get these at a bargain price at $20.00 a piece for each refill, but I have to go to Bedford to get them, plus mileage and phone calls and other things that I have forgotten about. I can't set a price on the books because some of you don't have your memories in them and you didn't ask for one anyway. Just let your conscious be your guide. If you can't afford one or don't want to, just consider it a gift.

Sometimes it was run, especially when reading them, then sometimes it was work. We had 67 piles of paper scattered around in the house and garage supposedly in alphabetical order, but it still was a task keeping them right. I hope we didn't leave any pages out I retyped them all except three I think. I may have added a few words here and there. We borrowed the hole-punching machine from the English Wesleyan church.

Our daughter, Pam took the picture of the Church with the beautiful blue sky and white fluffy clouds about six or eight years ago. The church was repainted last year and the steeple was rebuilt. The picture of the old school on the back of the book belongs to Lowell Miller. It's the one that burned down with his new books inside.

Thanks for sending in some of your pictures. It was hard to get them just right. Colored pictures and black and white don't mix very well. Even black and white have to be near the same shade. When you get one just right, then the other one is too dark or too light. So we had a time trying to get a few put together. I would liked to have had a good picture of all our parents and one all the boys who was in the service. I think they all came home safe with the exception of Lester Goldman. I guess we can't have everything like we want it.

Anyway, it has been a good experience. Someone else can do it next time. It is good to know that so many of our generation are still among the living. If all goes well we would like to have a Reunion of all of our generation who attended the Union Chapel Church and the Roberson School next month on Saturday May 26, 2001. I guess since it is to be on Saturday it will be all right to bring all your little "Fibs" to pass around to each other.

For instance; "You haven't changed a bit", "You are looking good", "I would have recognized you anywhere and I haven't seen you for fifty years". "How did you manage to keep all your hair?", and, "You sure get around good". Just keep your encouraging remarks in the "fib area", don't stretch them too far.

We will plan to meet at the Chapel at about 10:30 (Fast Time), visit for a while out side, stroll through the cemetery, then go into the church, find your old seat, sing two or three of your best remembered songs, have prayer, give everyone an opportunity to reminisce and bring us up to date on your children, grand-children and great grandchildren and future plans. The Lord willing, we plan to be there. Anyone is welcome.

Thanks Again,

Paul Mills


A Reminder for the 2001 Welcome Home Event

The excitement is rising as the time draws near. We are getting anxious to see "you all". It will be "Dinner on the Ground". We plan to have Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Barbeque Sandwiches Potato Salad, Baked Beans, Other types of Sandwiches, Chips, Pop, etc. We will have tables set up outside to hold the food. If we don't have enough chairs we will bring out some benches like we used to do. We will have cakes and pies for desert.

Before we have desert, we will have some cakewalks like we used to. (Depending on how many cakes there are). If we can coax someone to become an auctioneer, we might auction off some pies. The buyer gets to cut the pie and share it with the rest of us. If any of you ladies bake pies that you like to brag about, bring one.

During the time in the Church, we will have a short Memorial Service for our parents whose earthly bodies lie in the cemetery behind the church. We will read all their names with the dates of their birth and death and how old they would be now, then sing "Precious Memories". You will be given a chance to reminisce and answer some questions that anyone might have.

If you still have your wooden Top, Sling Shot or Pop Gun, bring it along. Hopefully we can have our picture and a write-up put in the Paper. Also we will have someone there with a video camera to tape the entire program. If you would want a video, we will let you know about the price when it is finished. We found out who owns the Chowder Kettle, but it is too big to bring to be put on display (even if it is empty). Maybe Merle will have us back this fall for a Chowder Cook-off I don't know what chowder tastes like.

Plan to be there if at all possible. Merle would have had some good memories. He remembers coming on a sled with his Dad to get the kettle after buying it from Henry Balding or some one. You might want to take a tour of our home places while you are in the county. You will thoroughly enjoy it all. The Lord willing, we will see you all at Union Chapel next Saturday Morning.

Paul Mills


Welcome Home follow-up note

June 19, 2001

It was such a joy to see all of you who attended the Union Chapel Home Coming on May 26th. Some of you I hadn't seen for over fifty years. Let me stretch the truth just a bit and tell you that, "You didn't look any older now than you did fifty years ago". Now that would be stretching it a little bit too far, but I thought we all looked in pretty good shape for the shape we're in.

Norma and I really enjoyed putting your memories together. Sometimes it got a little frustrating when we had to put it in alphabetic order and get the right picture with the right memories. We had about seventy piles of paper scattered thorough the house. Let me express my thanks to those who made it all possible. Thanks to my sister.

Norma, who got the names and addresses together, punched the holes and put the books together, gathering the names and dates from the tombstones in the cemetery for the Memorial Service, painted the family names on sign boards that was to be placed in front of each road where we used to live. We didn't get this done, so Richard Scott placed them in the right order in the church yard. She also hand delivered many of the Memory Books and got Paul Culbertson to bring his big grill for grilling hamburgers and hot dogs.

Thanks Paul, you did a great job. Thanks to Richard Scott for furnishing the Port-a-Jon and videoing the Homecoming. We will let you know about those later. Thanks to Phyllis Luff Stepp for playing the piano. Thanks to Norman Goldman who got it all started last fall. Then, a "Big Thanks" to all of you who attended. With out you, it would have been a flop. Thanks for your kind comments and gifts which covered the expenses.

1 haven't heard any negative comments, except my own. We failed to do three things. (1). We didn't have you to sign a guest book. (2). We didn't get a group picture. (3). We didn't ring the bell to call you into the church. Other than that, I think it was a great day. We failed to get Loretta Doolittle's name on the address list. She was disappointed because she would have come to the Homecoming. You will remember her Grandparents, Bob Doolittle and his Wife who drove a Model A Ford with a rumble seat. She lives in Indianapolis. She bought Goldie Miller's house in Grantsburg in front of the church where she also spends some time. We are sorry to have missed her. I probably should say "Thanks" to somebody else who helped to make it a great day. So "Thanks" to all who were there, to those who sent in your memories and to all who brought something to eat so that we could have "Dinner on the Ground". Maybe again sometime.

Enclosed is an article I sent to the paper. They only took two pictures, so I don't know what will come out in the paper. At least you will know what was supposed to be in it. Also enclosed all the Names of our Parents and Grandparents for the Memorial service. I probably have missed someone there too, but not being able to be there to collect all the material, it was the best we could do. I'm out of space. Gotta' quit. Sincerely, Paul Mills

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