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The letter I list of names

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(Igo), Blanch. 964, 967. d/o Samuel W. Igo and Nancy J. (Skidmore) Igo.

(Igo), Grace. 964, 967. d/o Samuel W. Igo and Nancy J. (Skidmore) Igo.

(Igo), Ida. 964, 967. d/o Samuel W. Igo and Nancy J. (Skidmore) Igo.

Igo, Lewis. 964, 967. Died 1885. s/o William Igo. h/o Loace (McCoy) Igo. f/o 9 children, including Samuel W. Igo sixth born.

Igo, Orin. 964, 967. s/o Samuel W. Igo and Nancy J. (Skidmore) Igo.

(Igo), Sadie. 964, 967. d/o Samuel W. Igo and Nancy J. (Skidmore) Igo.

Igo, Samuel W. Bio 964, 967. b.1851. s/o Lewis Igo and Loace (McCoy) Igo. h/o Nancy J. (Skidmore) Igo. f/o Blanch (Igo); Ward Igo; Ida (Igo); Grace (Igo); Sadie (Igo); Orin Igo; Veranda (Igo). Samuel came to Vermillion County, Indiana in 1872, from Ohio. His original purchase in 1873 of 40 acres was included in the total farm of 109 acres. Samuel put up a 16' x 18' log house then added to it. The first 40 acres in Bruellet Township were purchased for $12.85 per acre, or $35.00 per acre in 1889.

(Igo), Veranda. 964, 967. d/o Samuel W. Igo and Nancy J. (Skidmore) Igo.

Igo, Ward. 964, 967. s/o Samuel W. Igo and Nancy J. (Skidmore) Igo.

Igo, William. 964, 967. f/o Lewis Igo. William was an early settler of Highland County, Ohio

Inghram, M. 814, 817. h/o Nancy A. (Newcomb) Inghram. Mr. Ingram was a farmer.

Inglas, George. 723. Donated $30 to the Civil War fund of $8,000

Ingram, Chester. 907, 908. h/o Diana (Hall) Ingram. f/o Mary J. (Ingram) Bennefiel. Chester left Connecticut and moved to Indiana, where he had a mercantile business.

(Ingram), Mary J. Bennefiel. 907, 908. b.1819. d/o Chester Ingram and Diana (Hall) Ingram. w/o Robert R. Bennefiel. m/o Francis M. Bennefiel, deceased; Belle (Bennefiel) Reed; Addison L. Bennefiel; Laura (Bennefiel) Long; William Bennefiel; Clarence Bennefiel; Edward D Bennefiel, died at 14 months; Sarah (Bennefiel) died at 4 weeks. After husband Robert died in 1882, Mary operated the farm until 1886, when she rented it to her sons and moved to Paris, Illinois In 1888 she returned to live on 70 acres of her farm which was 4 miles from Metcalf, Illinois.

(Inman), Maria A. Downs 686, 689. w/o Leander Downs. m/o 3 children, 2 living: Lilly M. (Downs); William H. Downs, Bio 686, 689.

(Innes), Margaret Bruce. 196, 197. w/o Joshua Bruce. m/o Mary (Bruce) Bowling.

Inskeep, Rev. Daniel. 380, 381. f/o Maria (Inskeep) Henton

(Inskeep) Maria Henton, 380, 381. d.1876. d/o Rev. Daniel Inskeep. w/o Evon Henton. m/o Eliza (Henton); Clinton D. Henton M.D.; Rachael (Henton); Colman Henton; Samuel Henton; Mary (Henton).

(Inslip), (g/n/u) Sodowsky. 193. w/o James Sodowsky, m/o Harvey Sodowsky. Sister of Gov. Inslip.

Irion, Henry. 368, 369 h/o Elizabeth (Coffman). A farmer.

(Irwin), Mary F. Southworth. 258, 259 w/o John J. Southworth. Mary was a teacher. m/o Grace (Southworth); Walter Southworth; Ida (Southworth); Anna Mary (Southworth) died at 20 months. John was the first businessman to locate in Allerton around 1887. John and Mary were owners and proprietors of Allerton House.

Isleib, Jacob. 823, 824. Born in Germany. f/o Mary (Isleib) White. Jacob and daughter Mary came to the U S. in 1850.

(Isleib), Mary White. 823, 824. Born in Germany, died in 1883. d/o Jacob Isleib. w/o Henry White. m/o Philip White; Charles White; George White; Henry White, Jr. Mary came to the U. S. in 1850 with her father.

(Izard) Amanda Stearns. 422, 423 w/o Lawson Stearns. m/o 3 children.

Legend: CODE: b.=born d. died/age d/o=daughter of f/o=father of (g/n/u) =given name unknown h/o=husband of (m/n/u) =maiden name unknown m/o=mother of s/o=son of w/o=wife of ( ) = maiden name enclosed Names are listed alphabetically and each new alphabet letter is given a separate page.

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