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Crawford Co., Indiana Townships

The townships and sections are indexed based on the township's position relative to the initial point and the section's location within the designated township. Township, range and section are abbreviated as T, R and S, respectively, and cardinal bearings from the initial point by N, S, E, and W, and each principal meridian has its abbreviation. Thus, for example, S13-R20E-T1S MDM refers to: Township 1 South, Range 20 East, Section 13, Mount Diablo Meridian, or the 13th section in the first township south of the baseline and 20th township east of the principal meridian. The sections within a township are numbered boustrophedonically.

Crawford Co. Indiana Townships

A modern example of boustrophedonics is the numbering scheme of sections within survey townships in the United States and Canada. In both countries, survey townships are divided into a 6-by-6 grid of 36 sections. In the U.S. Public Land Survey System, Section 1 of a township is in the northeast corner, and the numbering proceeds boustrophedonically until Section 36 is reached in the southeast corner.

Crawford Co. Indiana Townships

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