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Edward BROOKS's other family: with Jessie Erskine HARRINGTON ( -1984?)

Family of Edward James Horace BROOKS and Florence Mabel NATION

Husband: Edward James Horace BROOKS (1905?-1970?)
Wife: Florence Mabel NATION (1902-1988?)
Children: Terence James BROOKS (1923?- )
Joyce Winifred BROOKS (1928-2001)

Husband: Edward James Horace BROOKS

Name: Edward James Horace BROOKS
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth Oct 1905 (app)
Death 1970 (app) (age 64-65) Port Macquarie, Australia

Wife: Florence Mabel NATION

Name: Florence Mabel NATION
Sex: Female
Father: Alfred George G E NATION (1872-1955?)
Mother: Annie Beatrice CONGRAM (1874-1912?)
Birth 15 Apr 1902 Fulham, London
Death 1988 (app) (age 85-86) Australia

Child 1: Terence James BROOKS

Name: Terence James BROOKS
Sex: Male
Spouse: Olive FLYNN ( - )
Birth 1923 (app) Lambeth, London

Child 2: Joyce Winifred BROOKS

Name: Joyce Winifred BROOKS
Sex: Female
Spouse: HOY ( - )
Birth 17 Dec 1928 Sydney, Australia
Death 1 Oct 2001 (age 72) Sydney, Australia