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Family of George T DISCOMBE and Cecilia Mary PERRYMAN

Husband: George T DISCOMBE ( - )
Wife: Cecilia Mary PERRYMAN (1910?- )
Children: Keith T DISCOMBE (1944?- )
Marriage Jan 1944 (app) Barnstaple

Husband: George T DISCOMBE

Name: George T DISCOMBE
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -

Wife: Cecilia Mary PERRYMAN

Name: Cecilia Mary PERRYMAN
Sex: Female
Father: Percy Harwood PERRYMAN (1886?-1952?)
Mother: Mary Jane DENNIS (1880?- )
Birth Nov 1910 (app) Barnstaple

Child 1: Keith T DISCOMBE

Name: Keith T DISCOMBE
Sex: Male
Birth Sep 1944 (app) Barnstaple