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George SIRIANNI's parents: Antonio SIRIANNI ( - ) and Marie GAULTIERI ( - )

Family of George Anthony SIRIANNI and Mary Veronica CONGRAM

Husband: George Anthony SIRIANNI
Wife: Mary Veronica CONGRAM (1928- )
Children: George Anthony jr SIRIANNI
David Arthur SIRIANNI
John Phillip SIRIANNI
Robert Nicholas SIRIANNI
Edward William SIRIANNI
Noreen Mary SIRIANNI
Raymond James SIRIANNI
Elaine Mary SIRIANNI

Husband: George Anthony SIRIANNI

Name: George Anthony SIRIANNI
Sex: Male
Father: Antonio SIRIANNI ( - )
Mother: Marie GAULTIERI ( - )

Wife: Mary Veronica CONGRAM

Name: Mary Veronica CONGRAM
Sex: Female
Father: George CONGRAM (1892-1964)
Mother: Honora COLLINS (1896-1973)
Birth 15 Jan 1928 Fitchburg, Worcester, Massachusetts

Child 1: George Anthony jr SIRIANNI

Name: George Anthony jr SIRIANNI
Sex: Male
Spouse: Mary Rose MARRA ( - )

Child 2: David Arthur SIRIANNI

Name: David Arthur SIRIANNI
Sex: Male
Spouse: Careny Mercedes SANCHEZ ( - )

Child 3: John Phillip SIRIANNI

Name: John Phillip SIRIANNI
Sex: Male

Child 4: Robert Nicholas SIRIANNI

Name: Robert Nicholas SIRIANNI
Sex: Male
Spouse: Margaret SIRIANNI WIFE ( - )

Child 5: Edward William SIRIANNI

Name: Edward William SIRIANNI
Sex: Male

Child 6: Noreen Mary SIRIANNI

Name: Noreen Mary SIRIANNI
Sex: Female
Spouse: Berkeley JENSEN ( - )

Child 7: Raymond James SIRIANNI

Name: Raymond James SIRIANNI
Sex: Male
Spouse: Kristen Leigh GOODE ( - )

Child 8: Elaine Mary SIRIANNI

Name: Elaine Mary SIRIANNI
Sex: Female
Spouse: Dominic RAMIREZ ( - )