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Family of Roger FLOOD and Laura CONGRAM

Husband: Roger FLOOD (1881-1972)
Wife: Laura CONGRAM (1882-1961)
Children: Harold FLOOD (1905-1983)
Bena May FLOOD ( - )
Edith FLOOD ( - )

Husband: Roger FLOOD

Name: Roger FLOOD
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 31 Mar 1881
Death 2 Dec 1972 (age 91)

Wife: Laura CONGRAM

Name: Laura CONGRAM
Sex: Female
Father: Samuel CONGRAM (1855?-1940)
Mother: Bena BRAGG (1856-1945)
Birth 4 May 1882 ,,oklahoma
Death 16 May 1961 (age 79)

Child 1: Harold FLOOD

Name: Harold FLOOD
Sex: Male
Spouse: Lou Ellen CONGRAM ( - )
Birth 4 Dec 1905
Death 31 Oct 1983 (age 77)

Child 2: Bena May FLOOD

Name: Bena May FLOOD
Sex: Female

Child 3: Edith FLOOD

Name: Edith FLOOD
Sex: Female

Note on Husband: Roger FLOOD

Listed as husband of Laura Congram in funeral progam of Louise Stevens byElizabeth Pearl Stevens (Emmerich).

Note on Wife: Laura CONGRAM

Listed in funeral program of Louise Stevens as a daughter of Sam and BenaCongram by Elizabeth Pearl Stevens (Emmerich).