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Ernest CONGRAM's other family: with Winifred BARTLETT ( - )

Family of Ernest CONGRAM and Muriel A LING

Husband: Ernest CONGRAM (1908-1977)
Wife: Muriel A LING ( - )
Children: Terence B E CONGRAM
Status: Separated
Marriage Jun 1936 (app) Croydon
Divorce "1960 (app)"

Husband: Ernest CONGRAM

Name: Ernest CONGRAM
Sex: Male
Father: William Henry CONGRAM (1864-1927?)
Mother: Ellen Eleanor OVERAL (1876?-1951)
Birth 27 Oct 1908 Croydon
Emigration 19 Apr 1952 (age 43) from England to Halifax
Death 16 Jun 1977 (age 68)

Wife: Muriel A LING

Name: Muriel A LING
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -

Child 1: Terence B E CONGRAM

Name: Terence B E CONGRAM
Sex: Male

Child 2: Marion B W CONGRAM

Name: Marion B W CONGRAM
Sex: Female

Note on Husband: Ernest CONGRAM

1952 April 19 Emigrated to Halifax, Canada onboard S.S. Canberra