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Martyn CONGRAM's other family: with Patricia H WHITE
Martyn CONGRAM's parents: Raymond CONGRAM and Betty Jean STUCKEY

Family of Martyn John CONGRAM and Susan Barbara MADGE

Husband: Martyn John CONGRAM
Wife: Susan Barbara MADGE
Children: Laura Jayne CONGRAM
Nigel Daniel CONGRAM
Neil Martyn CONGRAM

Husband: Martyn John CONGRAM

Name: Martyn John CONGRAM
Sex: Male
Father: Raymond CONGRAM
Mother: Betty Jean STUCKEY

Wife: Susan Barbara MADGE

Name: Susan Barbara MADGE
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -

Child 1: Laura Jayne CONGRAM

Name: Laura Jayne CONGRAM
Sex: Female

Child 2: Nigel Daniel CONGRAM

Name: Nigel Daniel CONGRAM
Sex: Male
Spouse: Alison Elizabeth DRURY

Child 3: Neil Martyn CONGRAM

Name: Neil Martyn CONGRAM
Sex: Male
Spouse: Ruth LOADER

Child 4: Paul Adam CONGRAM

Name: Paul Adam CONGRAM
Sex: Male
Spouse: Elizabeth A CLINCH