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Brady. Twp., Saginaw Co., Michigan
May 5, 1920

Edna Shuster

School Board
Carson Bennett     Director
Murice Griffus     Moderator
Fred Schmiege      Treasure
                       FIRST GRADE
         Agusta Alexander               Ruth Stearns
         Stanley Griffus                William Stearns
         Lyle Griffus                   Marcus Kelly
                    Alice Verhegghe

                       SECOND GRADE
         Roy Griffus                    Earnest Griffus

                       THIRD GRADE
         Kenneth Stearns                David Remster
         Raymond Hintz                  Ernest Kelley
                       FIFTH GRADE
         Margaret Hintz                 Lester Alexander
         Howard Griffus                 Ray Horton

                       SIXTH GRADE
         Miel Verhegghe                 Louis Hintz

                       SEVENTH GRADE
         Albert Remster                 Lorance Hintz

                       EIGHTH GRADE
         Glady Bennett                  Gracie Miller
         Leslie Griffus (Dick)          John Remster

I have two pictures.  One says NORTH BRADY CENTER No. 7 on front of building. Looks like a school picture.  Also note the above says SWIMMS SCHOOL DISTRICT No.7.  The other picture is the same one that you have on line but with other children.  Your saying Distict No. 10.  Are they the same?  I don't believe so as the roof boards look different.  If you'd like to email me your home address I'll send you copies.  My maiden name is GRIFFUS and I am related to all the above Griffus'.  I will scan and send what I have.  But I have a couple of questions.   First, do you know if there is any sign or anything marking the Griffus Creek on Peet Rd.?  Do you remember anything about the following names:  Griffus-Bartman-John Jones-Ismond-Krantz families?  I am looking for Griffus' that still live in Brant (or Brady) area now.  They are not listed in phone book.  Do you have any idea how I can get their address?  I am looking for the Griffus Bible.   Joyce Griffus Shaw