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Correspondence between John Munday and Richard G. Boyd concerning Anna D. Boyd

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 To: RichBoyd 

I am hoping someone will be able to help me with information about Anna Boyd born to John Henry Boyd and Minda (Bracy ) Boyd . My mothers birth certificate lists Anna's place of birth as Ohio doesn't name county or city approximate date of birth is 1910

Thanks in advance
 John Munday


These are my Boyds, Anna's father being my great Uncle,  John Henry Boyd, brother to my grandfather, George S. Boyd.
I found some pictures of Anna Delphine.  One is when she is about 14 and taken with my late aunt Dolly, her father John H. Boyd, and my grandfather George Boyd.  Second one is with Rudd Boyd, her uncle,  (John H. Boyd's brother) and my aunt Dolly.  3rd photo is with a group of relatives, including her grandparents, and some other cousins.  I'll get some copies made and send to you.  I also have some letters written by my aunt Dolly (Virgil Irene) Boyd which mentions Anna Delphine.  I'll look those up and make copies for you.

My address is
Richard G. Boyd
568 W. Friedrich Street
Rogers City, MI 49779-1315



Thanks for sharing what information you had.  I believe I may have some information that you will find useful. Anna gave birth to a child  on March 5th 1932 in Grand Rapids, Mich.,  place of birth was Bauer Maternity Hospital. My mothers birth name was Jacqueline Ann. The spelling of the last name on the birth certificate is Boid but after looking at the pictures I have no doubt we are related.  If you have any further information or additional pictures you would like to share I would be very grateful. I have some pictures of the family but do not have a scanner but would be happy to send you some copies. They are not old ones but they are fairly recent

  Thanks Again
   John Munday

From: Mundayfam at
To: RichBoyd


There is not a whole lot more about Anna that I know.  Her last place of residence that I know about is listed on my mothers birth certificate as 245 Barclay Grand Rapids, Mich.  I looked into this address but the house is no longer there, it was torn down to make Barclay a through street . The owner of the house was Dow Austin.  My mother was adopted by Mary and Karl Wright who were owner and proprietor of Meyer's Hardware.  She had two brothers James and David who were also adopted.  My mother had a total of nine children two of whom were still born and seven who still survive; they are Bob, Karl, Mary, Kathy, Jimmy, Pam, and myself I am the middle child between Kathy and Jimmy.  I was born April 28, 1961 I was married to Vicki Duncan for three years we had a daughter named Jessica lynn. I am currently married to Amy we have been married for ten years now and have two boys John Michael and Alex. I have located some excellent photos and would like to mail them to you if only I had your address.  I am curently living in South Carolina and will be going to Mich. to visit relatives and would be intrested in meeting you in person if it is possible if you are not comfortable with this I understand. My mother doesn't know about me searching for her family I am hoping that I will be able to surprise her with this information and pictures.

Thanks Again
John Munday


I thought I would let you know how my search for Anna was going.  She was born in Leipsic Ohio,  then moved to Michigan. I found a listing for an Emily Boyd in the city directory for Allendale but am not sure if they are related I could find no listing for any other Boyd or Bracy family. Through some deductive reasoning and research I have concluded that she was married first to Warley,  2nd to Lake and then to Clark. There are two Anna Clarks listed  but am not sure which one is which in order to verify death; am working on that now.  I was about to throw in the towel when I went to my grandmothers grave the other day to water her flowers when I looked up at a grave marker directly in front of hers that read Ann Delphine Rihanes I thought that was a pretty good sign.  I know that this person is not related but I found it pretty coincidental , also for your records my sister Mary Rodgers passed away June 25th 2001 after a two year struggle with cancer. I am working with my mother and an attorney to try and open my mothers adoption records which may offer some more clues to this mystery as I find out more I will pass it along.

John Munday


I received the pictures and letters yesterday. I really appreciate them. My mother was excited to see them and to learn that she has 2 sisters she really would like to know more about her mother but that is going to take some time.  I have left messages on several message boards in hopes someone will recognize any one of her last names or children's names and call. But I was wondering if you still had a copy of the article about Anna and Duff I would be interested in reading it. I am going to be sending out the pictures I promised tomorrow with the money I owe you. I almost forgot to tell you Mom was adopted when she was about one year old. There should be some pictures around that show Anna holding my mother.

John Munday


Anna Delphine Boyd was born in Wood County, Ohio, June 4, 1908, and died in Montgomery,  MI. March 2, 1988, she was married first to Erben Lake  He was born 1888 and died in 1967.  I don't know exact day and date but this information
was extracted from Allen Cemetery. He was disinterred in October of 1980. Anna was then married to Allen V. Clark.  I have no information on Allen Clark.  I did find him or someone with the same name in a city directory in 1932.   He lived 3 blocks from Anna.  Anna had 2 daughters;  one is Patricia Redding who still resides in Montgomery with her husband Dale and the other is Carolyn Mahn who resides in Toledo with her husband Edward. The obituary said that Anna was survived by the
daughters and five grandchildren and nine great grandchildren.  One grand daughter is Deanna who resides in Adrian.  I only know that part because my stepson from my first marriage used to date her and still maintains contact with her. I wrote her a letter and as of yet had no acknowledgment.  I gave my mother Patricia's phone number to call if she chooses to. I am a little scared to call her myself.   I am not sure I could handle the disappointment if I found out that I did all this digging around and it turns out to be a different Anna Boyd.  I am not sure how the rest of this story will come out. But I thank you from the bottom of my heart that you got me going in the right direction. Your website and your contributors were invaluable with their insight and  suggestions. I will definitely let you know if the connections with Patricia or Carolyn are successful,  if not, at least I hope I have been able to give you some useful information as to Anna's family. By the way I forgot to tell you that Minda remarried on April 11th 1964 to Frank Gottschalk he was born Jan. 1884 and died October 1976 in Union City, Michigan.

 John Munday  Mundayfam at

Photos of Jacqueline Ann Boyd/ Virginia Munday and family

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