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I bought a used 2008 HHR panel from McDonalds GM on State Street in Saginaw, Michigan
The car was advertised with Keyless entry, had a nice chrome trailer hitch, and a spare tire when I test drove it.
Mr. Charles Wyche is head of internet sales and which is where I first noticed the Panel for sale.

Hi Mr. Wyche,

I picked up my HHR on Tuesday, 9th October. I like it very much. Nice bunch of guys at the dealership.

One problem I have is with the Keyless entry. The car was advertised with Keyless entry. Upon delivery I was given just one key, no keyless entry remotes. I asked why and they said thats why you got a discount price. Well that was the first time I was aware of it. Also, when I test drove the car there was a trailer hitch and chrome ball with it. I didn't notice until I arrived home that the trailer ball was missing.

All in all I had a good experience at the dealership.

Richard G. Boyd

Mr. Wyche,

< style="font-weight: bold;">Yesterday I discovered I had no spare tire in my HHR recently purchased from your dealership.  I can't believe that! They took the spare tire! I am 70 years old and this is the first time I bought a car and didn't get a spare with it.

That means they took (1. the Keyless entry remotes; (2. the chrome trailer hitch ball and bar: (3. the spare tire.

I am 70 years old with health issues, I had a triple heart bypass, I have diabetes and COPD.  If they took all of the above I am wondering about the Airbags!

Today I am calling a local GM dealer to check to make sure all the airbags are still with the car.

< style="font-weight: bold;">I am a retired GM worker. I worked at the Buick in Flint, Michigan for 31 years. Being a retiree I am entitled to free legal services.  It won't cost me anything to see what people will think about a dealership that would sell an older person an automobile and covertly remove the spare tire and the other items.

Richard G. Boyd
Box 515
Elsie, MIchigan 48831

On Tue, Sep 25, 2012 at 12:25 PM, Charles Wyche wrote:

Richard, I’m not concerned with the odometer. I have had numerous conversations with the manager at the lot that you went to, as well as with your salesman Jesse Porter, and they’re really interested in doing business with you. I’d hate for us to part with a sour terms, or because of a misunderstanding. Please grant us an opportunity to complete what we’ve started. Give Jesse a call at 989-790-5155 extension 1404; from the conversations I’ve had with him I think a deal can be had.

I appreciate your time and I apologize for the miscommunication.

Charles Wyche
Internet Sales
989-921-3523 x1106  <